How to Expand your Divine Spark into Full Expression

November 4, 2011 | LaTonya

This is a beautiful time and we are shifting into a new way of being and living right now!  As you continue to connect with the Divine Spark within, it will grow, expand and radiantly light up your world and experience.  Read on for how we can handle some of the ups and downs experienced as we expand our radiance into full expression…

The Divine spark is who you really are and shines with a radiance for all to see.  Your Divine Spark resides within your Sacred Heart Center as a radiant spark of light surrounded by cloak of flesh.  It goes with you always, endures and retains its brightness, magnificence and divine power always, no matter what form we’re incarnating as.  Your Divine Spark is the true you!

Allow Old Energies to Release from the Heartspace

The ascension process is about clearing and being.  There are no rules.  Simply allow the heart to clear and release lifetimes of experience that with such clearing will allow a brighter, more clear expression of our true selves. As the new energy continues to stream to the planet, some may experience discomfort within the physical, especially around the heart chakra or Sacred Heart Center.

If you’re feeling this discomfort around the heart, know that this is normal and occurs as the clouds of film around our Divine Spark are presently releasing and the New Energy flooding the planet assists with a release of the old.  In most cases, this discomfort is a physical manifestation letting us know that we’re releasing memories and energies of the past that are no longer serving us.  As we release these energies, our Higher Selves, New Energy and the Divine can step closer to us and merge for a greater expression of the Oneness that Is.

Just yesterday, I felt this myself along with a whole host of other symptoms of healing such as tiredness, body aches and flu-like symptoms.  I used a combination of techniques to feel better:  breathing in different color vibrations (sea foam green throughout entire body, magenta into the heart), body tapping for the knee aches, meditation, energy blasts and walking the vortexes/portals on the Sedona property.  Today I feel magnificent, awesome and a whole lot lighter!  My discomfort yesterday was certainly worth it!

If you feel discomfort or pain during this releasing process, connect with your Sacred Heart Center and then ask yourself if the discomfort comes from a release of energies or a medical condition that requires treatment. You will know and feel the difference between the two.  Know that all is well and this discomfort is just part of the process of releasing we’ve waited so long for.

Expand your Own Divine Spark

Focus on the love within your Divine spark and it will grow and expand.  “Your heart is your compass.  It will guide you well.  Open it wide and let all the beautiful light energy that is streaming down to earth fill you up and expand out in an every widening flowing circle like ripples on a pond.  As it meets others, it just expands wider until it’s such a force of deep, deep and all encompassing love, spreading wide.” [1]

Continue focusing on clearing and releasing and incorporating in the New Energies.  Love those parts of self you’ve chosen to transform before ever arriving here and allow the stagnant energies to release.

This will not only help release these energies and lighten you up, but will assist others by clearing the energy of mass consciousness and opening a path for others to awaken into their Divinity as well.

Love the Divine Sparks of Others as Well

Love yourself first and then reach out and connect to the Divine Spark of others to help elevate all of humanity to a higher and greater level of vibration and understanding.  Remember always that even those with whom you have conflicts have that same divine spark within and those who cause you turmoil are merely projecting for you what you’ve wished to examine within yourself.

Let your Divine Spark speak directly to the Divine Spark of others, let your soul part of you speak to the soul part of another.  Recognize the Divine Sparks within all that surround you and thus focus on the divine connection with all.

Your Divine Spark is the Love that exists in purity and perfection throughout the Universe.  Share it.  Our Divine Spark, Love, is the answer to everything.  Where you see pain in the world, pour love through it.  Where you see trauma and injustice pour love through it.  When your body aches and you wonder what the heck is going on, pour Love through it and watch and feel the discomfort release and your understanding, enlightenment and radiance increase.

Being willing to explore and expand your inner essence, the Divine Spark within you, is essential along the path before you at this time.  Connecting with your Sacred Heart, releasing the old energies within, incorporating more of the New Energy and sharing and recognizing your Divine Spark and that of others will allow your guides to step closer to you, will expand your light quotient and will ease the ascension process for you and us all!

If you require any energetic support along the way, know that your guides/guardians, the Divine as well as Charles and I are here to assist. Just email us and we’ll contact you back quickly. Tools Available to You for Energetic Support:

You are not alone in your expansion and ascension process.  If you’d like some energetic support along the way, know both Charles and I are here to assist and support you.  Here are some options that can help take your self-healing and expansion to the next level:

15Chakra Energy Blast System Membership – a fun, affordable and convenient way to clear, cleanse, balance and uplift your 15 Chakra energy system from the convenience of your own home.

Schedule a Single Chakra Energy Blast – a quick and easy way to take charge of your energetic healing and expansion.

Schedule an EFT/Body Tapping Session – Learn and experience a method of immediately releasing physical or emotional pain and discomfort.  You deserve to be pain free!


[1] Source:  Archangel Zadkiel, Galactic Federation of Light, October 27, 2011

Source:  High Council of Orion, October 27, 2011


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