Hilarion: This is The Time of the Merging Process with Your Higher Aspects

June 11, 2012 | LaTonya

Below is an informative message from Hilarion with tips for navigating through these times of clearing, release, transformation and ascension, including:

  • Keep the highest vision of yourself in the forefront always.
  • Stay grounded and connected with Mother Earth.
  • Drink plenty of pure water to allow the higher frequencies to more easily travel through your meridians.
  • Trust that all is well and allow energies coming up from within for release to flow through without holding onto them.
  • Allow others their process of release knowing they, like you, are seeking release of long held energies that are no longer serving them. These releases can at times mimic explosions, but must be expressed for effective relief.
  • Let those around you going through the release, transformation and transmutation process know that this is occurring in every Human Being upon the Planet and that resistance makes it seem more intense. Advise them to just go with it and to give love and compassion to themselves during this process.
  • Above all, let’s be loving and compassionate to ourselves as we continue our own processes of release and step forward to assist others just awakening who may be unfamiliar with the process and what’s really happening.

I found the message from Hilarion to be a wonderful and comforting pick me up.   It was like a warm hug from Star Family.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy it too.

Love, peace and blessings,


Hilarion:  This is The Time of the Merging Process with Your Higher Aspects

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

June 10, 2012


Beloved Ones,

This is a time of staying grounded and connected with Mother Earth. Plan to spend as much time out of doors as is possible for you.

Allow yourselves to open to the higher energies of your Higher Self and be in quiet contemplation as much as you can.

For those who are ready, this is the time of the merging process with your higher aspects.

Let the cares and concerns of this world just be what they are and keep the higher vision of yourselves in steady view. This is most important.

You are being prepared for the greater opening of your consciousness to the remembering of who you are and your reason for being here in these times of Now.

There are many loving Beings from the higher dimensions who walk by your side and give guidance and counsel as the transmutation and transformation within you takes place.

You will be experiencing the heat that rises up your spine with greater frequency now and it is important to consume great quantities of clean, pure water. This will assist in moving the higher frequencies through the meridians of your physical body in greater comfort and ease.

Keep a steady course on the Path that you have chosen and trust that all is well. Everything that comes up for review is just passing through your consciousness – bless it all and gives thanks that it is leaving.

As this process continues, it is refining your thought patterns and ways of expressing to a higher, more loving and all encompassing level.

Be aware that those around you who have awakened might begin to express that which needs to be cleared from them and since you have already gone through this process, you can be understanding and patient with the ways in which these manifest through them.

Above all else, keep the love of the Creator first and foremost in your hearts and remember that each Dear One that is before you is an individual spark of that greatness and magnificence also.

Help them to own everything that wells up from within them and to accept themselves as it flows through, or in many cases, explodes or erupts from within them.

The fires of transmutation can be overwhelming, especially when the process of it is not understood and the reason for it is not comprehended. Let them know that this is occurring in every Human Being upon the Planet and that resistance makes it seem more intense.

The cleansing and transmuting energies of greater Love brings out long hidden and unacknowledged feelings and thoughts that must be allowed to express, no matter how intense the expression.

Advise them to go with it and to give love and compassion to themselves during this process. Your calm acceptance and understanding will help tremendously.

You have all been there and done that as you stepped into the unknown and blazed a path for them to follow and now you turn back and offer a helping hand where needed. And so it is.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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