Heroes Behind the Scenes in Containment

September 5, 2012 | LaTonya

Ever wonder who’s behind all the whistleblowing going on these days or how those that speak out find the courage to do it?   This message from Saul explains why and also does a great job of explaining more about the loving process now known as “Containment“.


Excerpt from:

Saul: You Are on the Edge of a Massive Disruption to Normal Life

As channeled by John Smallman – September 5, 2012


… Pay close attention to the amazing plurality of information that is being increasingly promulgated all across the world, as more and more who are in positions of trust disclose much secret knowledge that has been hidden from you in order to disempower and control you.

This dictatorial secrecy can no longer be enforced, or even maintained, because those employed to file and organize information of any kind are being permeated by the divine Love field. They are awakening to the need for transparency in all interpersonal, interdepartmental, inter-organizational, intergovernmental, and international communications.

As a result, they are feeling spiritually inspired, motivated, and encouraged to take into their own hands the responsibility for releasing information that previously they would have absolutely refused to divulge in this manner to anyone unless expressly directed to do so by a very senior member of the corporate structure or organization for which they work.

The authoritarian and Byzantine groups who have been running the world and controlling its citizens are disintegrating. They never truly trusted one another, and have always taken enormous precautions to ensure their interdependency through dissimulation and concealment.

There was never just one controlling authority, and now, as more and more secret information is released into the public arena, their distrust has intensified to such an extent that they no longer feel safe in supporting each other, and are going their separate ways. Confusion has become endemic and is leading them rapidly to their ruin.

You could say that the end game has commenced and that it is turning into a rout — a defeat of unimaginable proportions for those who would control and suppress you. They know neither where to turn nor where to run – indeed there is nowhere – and what is happening is totally beyond anything they could have foreseen or prepared for. They are in total disarray.

As you have been frequently told and frequently reminded, Love is the power, the energy, the wholeness of God. There is no judgment, vengeance, punishment, or restitution in Reality, for there is no need. Everyone is in total harmony and agreement, being one with each other and with God in an eternal state of transcendental superconsciousness. No one is lacking, no one wants to see another harmed or called to account, because no one would or could do anything to arouse such a desire in another.

Within your illusory unreality this is not the case. Your laws were framed to judge the wrongdoers and to provide restitution for the wronged – if they could afford to engage attorneys and employ the law! This inequity will change. The divine energy field enveloping your planet and intensifying is causing a realization to dawn that the old ways were self-perpetuating – your laws have been very harsh at times, and people nearly always fought back against unfavorable judgments – and could never bring true peace and harmony.

Nevertheless, while the illusion is dissolving, a means of containment is necessary to prevent those who control and punish you from continuing to do so. Containment means just that. It does not mean judgment or punishment, but merely the discernment and the competence to harmlessly hold and restrain those who intend to harm others.

While contained they will be lovingly cared for, like the apparently abandoned children they feel they are, and offered endless opportunities to understand why they are being contained and to understand that the way forward for them is to release their vast amounts of dammed-up pain and suffering about which they are in total denial.

They will have all the time they need to do this, and they will succeed. When they have completed the release of all that toxic waste buried deeply within them, there will be an enormous space within their hearts that will fill very rapidly with Love.

Remember, that every sentient being is one of God’s beloved children, and that He never gives up on or abandons anyone. All will return Home. However, those very badly damaged ones, who are or who will become contained, will not interfere with the mass awakening towards which you have all been working so enthusiastically and determinedly. A marvelous and amazing future awaits you.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  1. Lightknight says

    Containment is not as we are led to think. It is important to get this message out. Don’t go into dispair, however the containment misunderstanding has caused some active in the fight with the cabal to doubt their missions with ill affect.
    Channelling is not easy and it is possible for the ego to sometimes superimpose on the channel, especially if it is thought we already know what is being said. The ego can be extremely cunning.
    I certify that I have seen a firefight between dark and light forces, this IS a war.
    *Please check this link and wake up* there is nothing to gain in this message and there are no services being sold. Your role is to awaken people to the realities. It’s too late to hedge.

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