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January 25, 2017 | LaTonya


I asked artist Kathleen Beening at Linda Dillon’s The Bridge to Now, Sedona, if I could post her “Cities of Light” painting and she kindly allowed me. She writes:

My intention for this painting was to offer a sense of ‘Hope and Joy’ as our lives unfold in order to raise our vibration and give us what we need to move forward.

The process I followed was to create this painting with the guidance that came directly from Source.   Insights that I received are offered to the person requesting the painting.What comes forth when doing this type of painting are symbols and shapes in colors that the Divine chose to assist you in all that matters.

The colors and their placement were also guided. When I closed my eyes, I was directed to use techniques and medias  in a particular sequence. There were five different watercolors that were divinely chosen, indicating that “Changes  Are Coming.”

Nine additional colors were layered over the watercolor background. Colored pencils and pastels were used to embellish the vision that I saw in my mind’s eye.

According to numerology, the number nine is a number of completion, completion of your experiences in this reality as you continue to release old patterns, bringing your mental, physical and emotional bodies into alignment.

There were five layers of color that were used to create the visual effect that is present in this painting. Each layer was allowed to dry before a new layer was applied.

Some of the layers consisted of spritzing droplets of water over the colored background which gave the appearance of different colored modules or orbs.

[Analysis of the colors saved for another time.]

While I did this painting, I experienced a “new freedom,” which gave me permission to explore this new dimensional space, as each color was painted.

I was also told that most of the insights about the painting would be revealed after the painting was complete.   It would be like no other painting I had ever done before!

The paper was wet before I applied the colors. The colors fused together and reminded me of what moving through the cosmos was like.

You may sit quietly, meditating upon this image, asking questions by focusing on one of the elements, while trusting that the answer you are receiving is coming to you from Divine Source who is there to hold your hand as you allow this forward movement.

Blessings as you move into your next present moment!

For more information, or to obtain your own Divinely Guided painting, contact:

Kathleen Beening (Intuitive Artist)



A great summary of the Cities of Light:

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