God: HeavenLetter 5736 – Follow your Own Star

August 30, 2016 | LaTonya


Heavenletter #5736 via Gloria Wendroff: Follow Your Own Star

August 9, 2016



God said:

Look to your success.

Just as your mother might have told you: “Don’t walk in the mud on your way to school. Don’t play in the mud on your way home,” I tell you to stay out of the mud of your thoughts. Don’t bog yourself down. Don’t muddy the water of your thoughts.

Stay away from downtrodden thoughts. Look to success. Don’t give credence to all the reasons why a project of yours could fail. Failure isn’t your business. Don’t discourage yourself from what you desire. Don’t dally in the world’s advice. Don’t listen to accounts of how many people have failed. Don’t listen to statistics. Don’t listen to all the realism in the world. Forswear being realistic as the world defines realistic. The world seems to desire to keep you down on the farm.

How many times did Christopher Columbus hear No? He did not take to heart all the refusals the Queen gave him before she said yes, she will finance his trip to prove that the Earth is round! Columbus set sail for India. He did not reach India, yet he discovered the Americas and thereby, he revealed that the Earth was round.

If you desire success, listen to the success stories. If you don’t desire success, or you don’t even really want to go for success, then you would do well to listen to all the non-success stories. There is an overflow.

Watch the company you keep.

Inevitably, dawn rises every morning. All night, dawn does not come. A minute before the dawn comes, there is no dawn. Then, there, before your eyes, an inkling of the sun appears.

Does this mean that every desire you work for will be realized before your very eyes? No, it doesn’t. Why call this failure? What the world might refer to as failure has also led to success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is not a requirement that you be an overnight success.

Trial and error also have their place.

And yet all dreams do not come true. Ah, but going for the dream is a success all by itself.

The idea of failure is an external concept. If you don’t know how to solve a math problem, that doesn’t make you a failure. Who says so? Be sure that you do not say so.

If others want to sell you short, never mind. You are to never sell yourself short. You are never to take the world’s standards for you as your standards. The world makes assumptions. The world mashes too many opinions together and presents them as true. Let’s say it outright:

The world too often doesn’t know what it is talking about. The world itself has even admitted that it has made mistakes. It was once sacred that the Earth was flat. The Earth is what it is regardless of what the world says it is. The shape of the Earth is not dependent upon the world’s say so. Earth does not need the world’s approval.

Nor do you.

Don’t let others’ opinions gang up on you. Be your own soothsayer. Be your own appraiser. Be your own thinker, your own decider, your own seeker, your own Star in the Sky.

What matter all the opinions in the world?

Two opinions in the world matter — yours and Mine. My opinion is not an opinion. What I say you are, you are. I say that all the possibilities in the world and beyond are yours to claim and commit to as you desire.

When you desire something with all your will, who dares to say that you cannot achieve it? Who dares to say that the world knows better than you? Hey, you may well see a-right, and the world not. Anything that limits you is unfounded. You are a miracle worker. Be it, then.


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