Finding Compassion for the Cabal/Illuminati – Part 2

July 7, 2012 | LaTonya

In Finding Compassion for the Cabal/Illuminati – Part 1 , we shared a message from the Galactic Federation of Light explaining the interwoven paths of humanity and the Cabal/Illuminati and the importance of staying out of negativity and judgment as we come to learn more about just how deeply each of us was affected personally by the activities of the Cabal (and our choice to allow it).

As we’re further along the process of containments of the Cabal, soon more and more information will be coming to light about the effect of the Cabal’s actions on our lives. Let’s spend some time now ahead of time focusing on how we’ll respond personally and energetically to this information. Responding instead of reacting to what may indeed be devastating, eye-opening information for some, will allow us a greater peace, joy, growth and ultimately ease of ascension from the process.

Towards that end, below is an excerpt from an interview Geoff West of Cosmic Vision News conducted with Bill Brockbrader on Monday, July 2, 2012 discussing a way we can approach the mass arrests/containments that allows for a greater positivity and a focus towards the future.

Additionally, below that, is n excerpt from the July 4, 2012 message from the Arcturians through Dr. Suzan Carroll, explaining more in detail how anger against the Cabal or seeking punishment or revenge against the Cabal can affect our energy system and ascension progress in a less than beneficial way.

Lastly, If you haven’t yet read “Finding Compassion for the Cabal/Illuminati – Part 1”, you can read that here:

Through these and other messages of Love and Light, we are encouraged that after we inform ourselves as to what has happened and how it to happened that we thereafter express forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love to the Cabal, allow the containments to run their course and remain focused on the oneness of all, our own personal expansion into ascension and the incredible transformations occurring on our world right now leading to our glorious loving, peaceful, joyful, light-filled future on Nova Earth.

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CVN (Cosmic Vision News) 7-2-12 [Interview] with Geoffrey West and Bill Brockbrader

GW: Right. Now, I can appreciate that you haven’t had much opportunity to get familiar with the type of newscast that I’ve been delivering. And I do focus on bringing in the galactic and the celestial perspectives with regards to all that is happening. And on the show previous, just before Cosmic Vision News this evening, Archangel Michael had indicated that the idea of participating in the mass arrests is still of a three dimensional perspective, and if we really wish to make the changes, the celestial realm has indicated that they have the potential to put the — anybody who they deem necessary into a container, what they call a containment field of light in which they are … any energies that they put out are immediately bounced back to them. And, in essence, I guess, it’s like a spiritual Chinese water torture, kind of [ ? ].
And the messages from the galactics have indicated that no significant events of major destruction will be allowed to occur. Have any of your sources commented on that, or do you have any personal comments on that?

BB: I would agree with that comment, because I do believe that we have galactic brothers and sisters out there looking out for us. But metaphorically speaking, you can’t teach an infant to walk by constantly carrying them. I believe that according to universal law we need to exercise our free will and show that we’re ready for this next step in the evolution of consciousness.

Now, when we do exercise our free will in accordance with universal law, the goal is met. Do the mass arrests necessarily need to happen for the [stuff? step?] to move forward? No. Because if we’re all ready to do what it takes to change the three dimensional environment that we exist in right now, that’s the parameter that really needs to be met, is free will, choice. Once everybody’s prepared to lay their freedom on the line, to change, the change will happen.

And it’s kind of like the last hurdle that we need to get over as far as our fear, because we do prevent this change happening because of fear. We get in fear, and our consciousness is creating the fear in the world. And as soon as we eliminate that fear, we’ve satisfied that requirement of universal law, by choosing peace.

I personally think that the mass arrests are real enough and maybe could happen, but at the same time, do I feel that they’re necessary for the kind of change that we need? No. I think it would be a giant waste of our time to focus on trials and convictions of people that are essentially our brothers and sisters. And once we realize that they were the force that showed us that there was a problem, so we could come up with the solution, we’ll understand that everybody had a role in this change that is necessary for humanity to realize their full potential.

And I think a good example of humanity having that realization is what happened in my particular situation with my release. Nobody thought I was getting out of jail prior to my trial. Absolutely blown away when people used their free will to literally get me out of jail. And, I mean, that’s something tangible that I can point to and say, “See? This is how powerful we are.” All this fear that our government tries to create in us, and we didn’t let it happen. They — we — I mean, thousands of people got together and trumped the fear of incarceration, and I was out, just that quick.

And when we do finally really flex our, you know, metaphysical muscle and show what kind of unique and special entities we are as a human race, then we can realize how important it is for us to join our galactic community and our universal community and not be focused on the silly little three dimensional things that we are.

So, I do believe in a much greater spectrum of what’s about to occur. And right now we’re just taking the first few, unsteady steps. Very soon we’ll be walking and running. And I don’t think anybody can really get their head wrapped around what that is going to look like. But it’s going to really fast from here on out, as soon as we break the bonds of the enslavement that we suffer ourselves to.

GW: Right. So, if I’m hearing you correctly — and please, correct me if I’m off base — we as humanity should be taking our steps to exercise our free will and standing up and speaking out and doing what I personally call peaceful resistance, without fear of being arrested, so that we begin to apply pressure to the system and we begin to support each other in that process.

But as we witness the potential — and I’m going to lean towards “containment,” but many people aren’t familiar with that word yet, so I’m going to use “mass arrests” — we want to avoid stepping into judgment of those who have acted against us. We wish to try to avoid participating in actions directly related to negativity, so that we are starting off the creation of the new Gaia on the highest positive energies possible.

BB: And that is 100 percent correct. That’s where we’ve continued to stay in this cycle of three dimensional. Because once the victor, you know, in a battle, you know, achieved a goal, they became the new tyrant, eventually. And we need to break that process. We need to understand that no matter how out of line, you know, the individual was, we need to find it in our hearts to forgive and to let go of the anger and the perpetual cycle that that anger is going to create.

Once it’s all said and done, and once we’ve achieved our goals, there’s going to be better things to focus on — free energy, resource abundance, whatever you want to call it. Instead of spending our time, you know, enslaved to televisions and video games, we’re going to be able to reflect on massive amounts of knowledge and spend our time doing exactly what we want to do without the worry of needing to earn money. And I think everybody will be genuinely surprised, when you don’t need to earn a living anymore, because a living is a right of every human being, how fast we can grow — grow our knowledge, grow our spirituality, grow our understanding of what’s possible, because what’s possible is infinite.

And when we start to make those choices to move past the perpetual cycle of, you know, punishment and negativity and fear and anger, we’re going to see that there’s a lot more out there. And that’s kind of what I want everybody to think about during this mass arrest period, is, okay, mass arrests happen, the criminals are, you know, arrested and tried and convicted. Then where are we? We’re still in this cycle, a cycle that needs to be broken. The only way to break that cycle is to find forgiveness for what everybody would consider the most violent, detestable crimes of humanity so we can get past the negativity and only focus on the possibilities of the future.

And that can easily be done if we all realize that no matter who we are we all came from the same energy. Whatever you call it — most people call it God — but we were all created the same way from the same energy. And just because we happen to live on the same level of dimensional reality right now doesn’t mean we aren’t a bigger part of something else. And I think everybody understands that they have a soul, and your soul is infinite and progresses long after, you know, it leaves this reality. So, that’s the part of us that we need to focus on, and that’s the part of us that’s part of everybody else on the planet and the planet.

GW: Right.

BB: So, we need to just kind of come up with a better way of doing things. And I just am very, very confident that once the fear disappears from our minds, that this big wonderful thing will take over that fear and show us, you know, infinite possibilities of hope and love.

GW: Excellent. Well, we’re certainly — it certainly goes beyond merely the spiritual perspective, too, because certainly many think in scientific terms, and there is abundant scientific evidence at this time to show that we are all energy and that we are all very profoundly connected as One. And the energies of One spread out to impact the energies of all things around us, not just humanity, but the plants and even our planet, and even beyond that.




We Hear You Call

The Arcturians through Dr. Suzan Carroll,
Multidimensional News, July 2, 2012


Those who have been victimized must release the emotional polarity of fear, anger, grief and sorrow to find their Center of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of a game well played. On the other hand, those who have been the victimizers must find their own wounding that pulled them from their core and into the depths of de-evolution of a being who needs power-over others in order to experience their power within.

These deeply wounded ones must go inside their core to find the original wounding in which their own inner power was stolen. They then must forgive themselves for being too afraid to steal their power back from that thief, and instead turning their attention towards those whom they could dominate. The light has made them realize that none of their ill-gotten gains have given them any joy, love, or even power-within, as they are still under the domination of those who stole their inner self and programed them into the dark being they have become.

We remind all of you, our ascending ones, to KNOW that these broken ones have no power-over you, for they are leaving the system. As information is released as to just how much power-over others these lost ones have taken, and just how much suffering of others they caused, it will be a great temptation for the ascending ones to want revenge or punishment. However, these desires will only serve to lower the ascending ones consciousness. Furthermore, punishment does not alter behavior. It only makes the behavior go underground where is can actually cause damage.

Behaviors can only be altered by detached compassion and unconditional love. Punishment of another is a third dimensional concept. Hence, it lowers the consciousness of those who seek it and activates emotions of anger, sorrow and fear. The containment of these lost ones is currently being untaken. Therefore, they will be unable to have power-over any of you again. Consequently, we ask that you do NOT become distracted from your true Mission of being Openers of the Portals and the Trailblazers of the Light.

Read the full message here:

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