Finding Compassion for the Cabal / Illuminati – Part 1

July 7, 2012 | LaTonya

What do you feel would be a just result or outcome of the soon-to-occur mass arrests and prosecution of members of the Cabal / Illuminati?

Lightworkers worldwide have been covering the mass resignations within the banking and finance industry in recent months.  It has been shared that these mass resignations are a precursor to mass arrests of those within the Cabal / Illuminati, which itself is necessary prior to distribution of the Prosperity Funds and the official disclosure of the presence of Star Family.

Those arrested and removed from power will face legal trials across the world and we as Humanity will serve as the jury in those actions.  It is said that one measure of the strength of a society is how they treat the disenfranchised and the powerless.  Members of the Cabal / Illuminati may indeed soon fall in this category.  Many eyes from across the cosmos are watching  to see what happens here on Earth regarding these folks.  Our progress as a society will be measured in part by how we as a Humanity go about meeting out justice with respect to the Cabal / Illuminati members who will soon be brought to trial.

The excerpt below discusses a bit about the planned and purposeful role the Cabal / Illuminati has played in all our lives.  I found it to be a wonderful reminder of the interconnectedness of all and the big picture. 

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Excerpt from:

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – 3/19/12 through Greg Giles:

The Cabal and all their minions are also tools of development, and they have played a very necessary role in your advancement. It is time more of you saw this and understood this, as to better understand why they are now being removed from your reality. They are being removed from your reality because they no longer possess a benefit for you; rather, they are now impeding your progress. They are now impeding your progress because you have reached a certain level as a society where you no longer need their friction and interference in your lives for you to learn from. The lessons they were designed to teach you have been taught, and many of you have demonstrated that you have successfully learned the lessons of these teachings and now it is time for you to move on to new lessons that await you.

The men and women of the Cabal and their many associates have also been learning lessons through these dealings. They have not in any way been used or tricked to only benefit you, but they have also benefited greatly, and we do not mean in their temporary and shallow monetary gains. Some of them have made great strides in their spiritual developments as well, as many of them are now seeing the error of their ways and how so much of themselves has been wasted in these pursuits for more power, more control, and more wealth. Many of them are now reflecting upon their lives and what could have been, and are making great strides in their levels of consciousness as well.

As we have maintained all along, you are all in this together. You are all one team, although it has appeared you were divided into two teams, the light versus the dark. You are all one. You are all one race, you are all one planet, and you are all on a journey together. The dark as well as the light are all learning lessons that were carefully developed and implemented into your reality to better assist you learn the essential lessons of your journey through existence. The time is approaching when this game that has pitted the light against the dark has reached its conclusion, and when it has, much will be revealed to you to shed more light on the members of these two seemingly opposing teams.

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