ETs Phoning Earth…Will you Pick Up?

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

I’d like to share my experience of last evening with you.  Here’ what I’ve been up to with our off planet friends!

Unable to Sleep

Each night before I go to sleep, I like to read something inspirational and uplifting.  Something that helps remind me of the bigger picture of why I’m really here.  After doing so last night, I couldn’t get to sleep.  The jubilant energy was coursing through my being and I just couldn’t settle down.  So I decided to head outside and look at the stars, one of my favorite things to do these days.

I’ve had numerous experiences lately of witnessing our visiting friends in the sky, seeming stars, suddenly moving and jetting, this way and that, saying hello. Seemingly saying, I see you seeing me.

Anytime I want to contact our ET visitor friends, I initiate the process by dipping down into the heart chakra, sending love to myself and then beaming it out from my heart chakra to space.  As I did this, my attention was drawn to what appeared to be the northern star, at about 12 o’clock on an imaginary clock in front of me.  I began having a conversation with the beings in the sky that ranged from the exchanges of hellos, to who are you, to are you really a ship or just a star, to I’m being crazy and making this all up.

All of a sudden, I heard “you’re not looking at us, dear.  If you want to see us, look over to the right and up”.  I decided to play.  I turned my gaze to the right about 45 degrees and my eyes became locked on what appeared to be just another star hanging out in the Earth sky.  It was blinking like all the others in the sky – just a little bit differently.  I can never put my finger on it, but this star, like the others I’ve seen that really aren’t stars, seemed different.  It felt as if it was awake and aware of me.

You found us.  You’re good at this, you know,” a voice said.  As I continued staring at the star, I began to see the telltale signs that it wasn’t really just a star – I could see little “mini stars” flying on and off the main star – like small shuttles landing on a large craft.

I spent a few minutes checking in with my heart to get a gauge, feel the intentions of those I was speaking with and just quietly observing the show.  But still this star, like the last, hadn’t moved.

Am I being sillyI was talking to the incorrect star before; maybe I’m doing that again?  Can you move, that way I’ll know I’m not just crazy and making this all up.

(I go through this same rigmarole almost every time I have these contacts.  My friends that night later shared with me that the doubt was okay, but encouraged that I connect back in with my heart and feel and, thereby, would I find the comfort and understanding regarding the truth or falsity of what I was seeing and feeling.)  Right smack in the middle of my doubting questions, the stationary star began moving purposefully to the left a distance that measured about a ¼ of an inch in my vision.  Wow! I felt a blast of joy in my heart and my stomach jumped.  That supposed star just moved!  I’m not crazy, what I was feeling was correct!)

(I bet that anyone who’s witnessed UFOs knows this feeling well – you just KNOW the beings on the ships are connected to you and can hear your thoughts, as they often respond instantaneously and in line with whatever you might have been thinking or projecting at that very moment.  I have found my repeated contacts to be intensely magical and empowering experiences!)

I spent the next 20 minutes or so watching this little “star”, i.e. starship, moving occasionally to the left and stopping, or to the right and then stopping, or up, or down, and sometimes in a circle.  They always returned to approximately the same spot and had lots of still time between movements.  My vision suddenly seemed a bit blurry and so I kept adjusting my glasses when the star would fizzle in and out of my focus.  Here came the doubts again.  Maybe I need new glasses?

More Contact

Okay, watch this, watch what happens in about 10 seconds.  10…..9…..

The countdown is supplied for me.  Little voices dropped it into my head in very slow, evenly spaced intervals.  Now this is the life, I think to myself.  I don’t even have to worry about counting down.  They’re so kind as to do it for me!

Oh, I don’t know if I can wait!  I’m so excited!  What are they going to do?


Maybe they’re going to light up like a bright, white orb in the sky like that last ET visitor I saw last week did?


Keep looking.  You won’t want to miss this, but you have to keep looking or you will.  We must keep our movements to a minimum…


Something catches my eye.  I start seeing intermittent flickering shadows seemingly taking human form along the pathway off to my right.  What!  What was that!  Oh, you’re just imagining things, LaTonya.  Ok.

Back to watching the interesting starship.


Wait! Hey!  It’s happening again! What’s that over there again?

My head is jerking to the sky and then off to the right and back again, back and forth.  Inside, I’m waiting for a being to appear right there on the sideway.  I imagine it would walk up to me, extend a hand in greeting to me and say “Hello, LaTonya, nice to meet you”.  What would I do if that happened?  A little bit of fear begins creeping up my back…

Breathe dear one, breathe.  Center and balance.




What?  Where it is?  What’s happening?

Nothing.  No movement at all.

Dang, you’re a silly fool LaTonya.

Then, just like the Holy Cow! final shabang of a July 4th fireworks show, the starship suddenly jets to the left, then boldly back to the right, then around in a circle three times and then jerks back to the center, original position and stops.

How did you like that, says a voice.  That’s it for what we can do right now.  We have to remain stationary for the radar and detection purposes…

How did I like it?  I loved it!  Thank you so much for the movement!  Now I know I’m not just making this up!

Although the sky was completely clear of clouds, I at one point had thought, hey, maybe it’s just the clouds moving over the star and that’s what’s making it look like it was moving.  That was quickly discounted now though, because I recalled that clouds move in the same direction all the time (unless I’m witnessing a tornado or something like that).  So while thin clouds that I couldn’t really see clearly might disrupt my view of the star as they passed over, or could make it look like the star was moving in one direction (kind of like if you are sitting stopped in a car and another car next to you moves, it seems like you’re backing up), passing clouds could not make a star looking like it’s moving to the left, then to the right and in a circle all in one continuous motion!

Thank you God, for this most magnificent experience!

Helpful Sharings!

That wasn’t it though.  While the magical nature of the movement display of the starship was entertaining, empowering and a joyous experience, it was not the most beneficial part of the experience for me.  After the starship stopped moving and my doubts about what I was seeing relieved by the movement demonstrations and passed instead into a settled peaceful feeling, much other very important communications took place.

Here is what my star friends and I discussed:

Q:  Thank you so much for saying hello to me.  What can I do to help you?

A:  We are thankful to share this experience with you as well.  Please share your experience with others.  Let them know that we are here and that we come in peace.  We are your friends and wish to share and assist you.  We will wait until you, Humanity, are comfortable with our presence. But please now that we have been here all along and will continue our efforts to assist, waiting until the time is right to make our presence more known to more of you.

This particular message requesting that I share my experience with as many people as possible was repeatedly repeated over the course of my discussions with these friends.  It became like a mantra that was continuously repeating in my head and heart and could not be ignored.  This continued even into the next morning, until I finally sat down to record this article and share my experience.

Q:  Can’t you move around more so that I KNOW what I’m seeing is extraordinary and not just a star?

A:  We must keep our stationary spot for [radar or detection purposes].  (What they conveyed in terms of an imagery and information download was as follows:  This ship is one of many stationed INSIDE and on THIS side of the earth atmosphere for monitoring and protection purposes.  Each state in the United States and other areas across the world have these ships and the beings upon them stationed in the sky, sitting in plain sight, looking like a star, sitting, on guard, so the speak.  These ships are in place to serve various protective purposes in case certain other energies are able to pierce the protective energy barriers surrounding the planet.

[Please don’t let the above message engender any kind of fear on your part.  There was more shared energetically with the message that conveyed that this ship was more like a lookout ship serving a variety of purposes, not just protective ones.]

Q:  How can I get to know you better?

A:   Connect with your heart and feel us there.  Hear us there.  Talk to us through your heart.  We can hear you and we can share with you through the means of heart to heart communication.  While we may not have a similar chakra apparatus as your being, we are able to generate the same energetic flowstream and exchange energy with you by beaming it from our ‘hearts” to yours.  We are your friends.  You are a part of us and we are a part of you.   Parts of you are on this ship with us even now.

Q;  Can you help me get to sleep?  I’ve been feeling so energized and excited that I couldn’t get to sleep.

A:  If you like, please sit up a bit straighter and we will beam down energy to you.  This will help you to balance.  You will feel our contact and then you will quite quickly feel sleepy and ready to go to bed.  We’ll contact you more in your dream tonight.  Are you ready to start?

A  (LaTonya):  Yes, I’m ready.  Inside was hesitant to believe though.  (Yet again!)  This intensified as I sat for while and still felt nothing.  Then I noticed a feeling of energy gradually building up in my chest, until it felt like a solid, heavy block or hand had been placed on top of my heart chakra.  It felt like an approximately 4 inch circle of energy was placed on and connecting with my heart.  Then I felt a peaceful, sleepy feeling slowly making its way through my being and I felt ready to go to bed.

As I left to go to bed (after first going from my patio to the front yard to invite my cat friend, Ebony, to come inside), I extended feelings of thank you and gratitude to my friends in the sky.  I went to bed immediately after that and did indeed have a very intensive dreamtime that night.  The next morning, I was visited by Hatonn (of the Galactic Federation of Light), a grey and others who continued to share messages of inspiration and assistance with me.

I look forward to continuing explorations with my friends who inhabit our skies and hope you found something helpful from this sharing.

If you witness visitors in the sky and sometimes doubt what you see:  Relax.  It’s okay.  Our friends are aware of our doubt and are very patiently announcing themselves in a slow and easy manner so that we can all get used to their presence on a more conscious level.  This time is about moving through our fears into a greater understanding of who we truly are.  To do that, we must honor ourselves and treat ourselves kindly and compassionately as we blossom into full awareness.

As part of my own journey within that process, this is what comes to me:

We are not alone in this universe.  We are eternal beings of Love and Light, borne of Creator’s Love and Light who are having a magical experience of life in human form on planet Earth.  Each of us is eternal and chose to come to Earth to play at being Human with our angel wings still attached, yet simply not visible to the naked eye.  Other parts of ourselves exist in other times, dimensions and spaces, and what we supposedly fictionally create for TV shows about time travel does indeed exist.  Parts of us and who we are are returning from our future and from our past to connect with us in our here and now, to assist and enable Humanity’s shift into the Golden Age of Love and Light.

Thus, each of us is being called to awaken from the slumber, to awaken from the dreamtime of this life and reality into the true reality of our eternalness, our divinity, our divine essence.  We have plenty of help and assistance along the way.  Not only from the other angels who surround us in the cloaked form of our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors or plant, animal or mineral friends, but also from our companions and compadres who travel the skies and journey across the seemingly infinite boundaries of time and space to come here to Planet Earth, to the blue planet, to greet us, to share with us, to support us, to love us and to assist us as we journey Home while still in Human form to the oneness that we are.

What will you do when greeted?  How will you and we react when our friends pick up the “phone” and initiate communications with us in a clear, loving and up front manner?

ETs Phoning Human Earth Angel that is you…Will you pick up?

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