Are you Feeling the Energy Changes Upon the Planet with Full Moon on 8/13/11?

September 11, 2011 | LaTonya

Is anyone else feeling the huge uptick in energy today?

My understanding is that the planet is receiving a large surge and boost in energy today to assist all of Humanity as we increase in vibration into higher levels of Love and Light.  The 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination event to take place at 7:30 pm PST this evening is just one of the many ways in which this massive energy is being delivered to the planet.

Some that I’ve connected with are feeling some of the following:

  • “Higher levels of Strength and determination…”
  • “A new and different type of energy…”
  • “A Fine tuning of the physical body…”
  • “Don’t know what to do but feel like I want to do something to get us moving…”
  • “Relaxing energy”
  • “Feeling very motivated like I have a surge of energy blasting through me…

Are you feeling anything similar to this today?

Spirit has shared with me a message of comfort and encouragement regarding the energy happenings of today and I’d like to share it with you.  As always, I encourage you to use your discernment and go within to determine the truth of this message.  And if something shared does not resonate with you, simply set it aside.

First and foremost, understand that the increased energy levels being experienced today are being brought about in co-creative action between Humanity, Spirit and the Divine – the Oneness.  You are bringing this energy to yourself in connection with ALL as a means of change and increasing the vibration of all upon the planet.  Calm the mind and do not fear these changes as they have been invited by you and for the benefit of you and ALL – not only those upon this planet but throughout the cosmos.

Some may be experiencing the feelings listed above such as restlessness, great energy boosts, impatience and sense of feeling the need to encourage or force the opening and expansion of Humanity.  Understand that all is well dear ones.  There is nothing you need do.  Know that, if anything, Humanity is ahead of its time for the Great Shift.  Such is why the brave and courageous incarnating upon Planet Earth as so honored.  We are in Love with you!

Know that the energy being cooperatively beamed to the planet at this time is of such a level as to assist those still resistant to or just awakening to the coming changes.  The energy infusions of which we speak will provide all who choose to accept it with a boost of Love and Light energy in these remaining stages of transformation.

Simply be with the energy, dear ones.  There is nothing you must do in response to what you are feeling.  Simply relax and allow the energy to flow through you and allow it to be shared with all upon the planet. What you are experiencing today is just the start of yet another increased level of vibration that will only continue to increase as Humanity marches steadfastly into greater experience of the Golden Age of Love and Light.  We are with you always.  All is well.  Know that you are Loved.

Love, peace and blessings,


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