Dog Swims with Dolphin

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

Aren’t our animal friends just so beautiful!

Like me, have you ever seen those often emailed pictures of the horse and the rabbit playing together, or the dog mother that nurses the baby deer who has lost its mother back to health.  Or how about the most recent one Ive seen of the polar bear giving the dog a kiss?

I have a dog friend named Lucky Lady who lives with me and loves to go run and play at a nearby wash and ravine area.  Sometimes she runs into javelinas; other times she might encounter coyotes.  She tries to play with them all!  Rabbits are Lucky Lady’s favorite, I think most likely because knows she has not a chance of catching them, but sure has lots of fun trying!  I suspect that if Lucky Lady ever did catch a rabbit,  she’d just spend the time licking it into oblivion!

Lucky Lady’s loving explorations with these other animal friends reminds me of our connection with each other and really inspires me to open my heart to all the different forms of living energy that surround me.

How about you?  Do you have an animal friend who’s openness, kindness and ability to unconditionally love all around them inspires you?  What has your animal friend reminded you of lately about connection, about giving without expectation, about unconditional acceptance…about love?

I ran across this video of a dolphin and lab spending some quality time together and it was  just too wonderful for me to pass up posting and sharing it with you!

I hope you enjoy it and that it stirs your heart in all kinds of wonderful ways!


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