Containment vs Mass Arrest – Which Would You Prefer?

July 19, 2012 | LaTonya

There’s been much discussion lately about the idea of utilizing mass arrests or “containment” to put an end to the harmful activities of the Cabal / Illuminati.

There’s been discussion through Archangel Michael through Linda Dilion of the use of containment versus mass arrests as our track record as Humanity with “arrests” has been less than lackluster and the containment process is a means by which the negative behavior of the Cabal can be eliminated in a manner that allows for true rehabilitation and not just punishment and incarceration. [1]

In considering my view on containment versus mass arrests of the Cabal, I find it important to always remember that there are pieces and parts of me scattered across the cosmos.  Thus, the possibility exists that parts of me and my energy are indeed participating in Life as the Cabal and in Cabal activities.  Because I don’t know what all my aspects are doing or where they are, the possibility exists that a part of me is off doing something this part of me would find objectionable and reprehensible (the same goes for me and my “past” lives).  I find that once I open up my view and reflect on the fact that the Cabal is a part of me and I’m a part of them, my viewpoint softens and expands as far the allowable possibilities right now.

Don’t forget, many members of the Cabal are highly evolved spiritual beings who volunteered to come down to Earth and play the “bad guy” in order to allow millions upon millions of souls the opportunity to wrap up 3rd density karma quickly before these ascension times.  The plan was that these Cabal beings would play the “bad guy” for a while and then at the appropriate time “awaken” to their Divinity and connection with All and then have an about-face, so to speak, and begin using their vast resources and often ill-gotten wealth for the good of all humanity, instead of just themselves.

However, like many of us at various times, myself included, the veil of forgetfulness has been strong and many Cabal members have become trapped in the illusion of their world and either forgotten or just plan reniged on their previous agreements to move from “dark” to “light” at this time.

Just like you and I, members of the Cabal are still loved and treasured parts of Creator no matter what they’ve done.  [2]  They have simply lost their way – albeit they’ve moved off the path in a major way that has caused harm to millions – but they’ve lost their way just the same as I have on many occasion during this life and others.

There is no question that the activities of the Cabal must be stopped NOW and they’re influence and shackles upon our lives must be freed NOW.    The question of the day is “How do we go about doing that?”  What is to come of the Cabal members after their influential and allowed power has been removed?

So an understanding of these issues begs the question – If parts of myself are possibly members of the Cabal (unknown as a certainty but possible) and if parts of myself (as the Cabal, for we are all One) have indeed fell off the path in a massive way – what would I want done about it.  My answer to that is really the answer to the question for myself –  “How would I want to be treated if I were the Cabal?”.  “Or even if I wasn’t the Cabal and had just messed up the living of life in an utterably horrible way, how would I want to be treated?”

How would you want to be treated?

Would you wish to be jailed away indefinitely with no hope of rehabilitation?

Or would you wish for someone to extend a loving hand to you and allow you the chance to discover your mistakes, reconnect and change? 

Which do you choose for the Cabal members – containment or mass arrest? 

Remember, the choice we each individually and collectively as Humanity make for the Cabal right now is really the choice we’re making for ourselves and speaks to how far we’ve come as the human race.

Below is the transcript of an interview by Dave Schmidt on Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond on July 10, 2012 with Sierra Neblina discussing her knowledge of and participation in the containment processes.

Additionally, to review the July 2, 2012 discussion with Archangel Michael on containment, go here:


[1]An Hour with An Angel radio show, July 2, 2012 –

[2]  Indeed, there are some members of the Cabal who have shown an unwillingness to change in any way.  My understanding is these beings are simply being removed from the planet.  The containments or mass arrests are for those beings deemed capable of rehabilitation and change.  So our discussion here is related to those Cabal members who have not allowed such a drastic diminishment of the divine spark within so as to be incapable of change.


Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond – July 10, 2012

Dave Schmidt and Sierra Neblina

Dave Schmidt: Why don’t you go ahead and introduce us to the topic. Tell us about what it is that we’re going to talk about tonight.

Sierra Neblina: I’m going to be talking about the issue of containment. I know that for a couple of weeks now we’ve been switching and focusing from the word mass arrests, to arrests$$$, to containment, and something has just gently unfolded over time as more information has been coming to light. I have been personally involved with some containment issues in my dream time work, of which I wrote and posted an article on the 2012 blog site today, (1) and I wasn’t at liberty, until this moment, to actually share my involvement in that. So it’s a pretty exciting topic. …

We just haven’t been reliable as a species in the past to bring groups together to address any kind of issue with justice in any way. Unfortunately, it has been that things have gotten out of hand and violence ensued. You know, there was new ground through the Occupy Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy across the United States, and they’re trying to launch it across the world to where we could start to gather in masses and demand peaceful change in the world, and we saw how that was met, which was the beating of the occupants and the tear gassing and removing them even though they actually had permits to be where they were, to demonstrate where they were.

And so, we just show time and time again that in the third dimension duality the old model just doesn’t work anymore. So gathering in this way and trying to demand change either causes or elicits the violence to start. So it just hasn’t been reliable to this point. …

I volunteered, after the walk-in experience, to be an ambassador for humans on the planet, and so with my particular gifts in the dream-walking world, I was approached several months ago by the galactics, and they asked that I help them start to locate some of the negative ET presence that are on the planet, and they needed somebody on the ground, because they have a policy of no interference, so they can’t just come down and remove beings without the interaction and the partnership of some human ambassador or representative on the planet.

Now, I wasn’t the only one that they contacted. There are many light workers out there, Starseeds, walk-ins, that have similar abilities, and so there were certain teams put together all over the planet to help with the removal – and you heard some rumblings of this, about four, five, six months ago. It had to do with underground bases being terminated and, it rippled through the groups of light workers, and people would write about it, and there were certain reports and things on it.

So little bits of information that leaked out that basically – starting especially at the beginning of the year in January, the galactics were in full swing with removing, first and foremost, negative extraterrestrial presences on the planet that had been impacting, and sometimes even for a very long time, our free will here on the planet.

And so it started to trickle down. And what started to happen then is once those forces were either removed or neutralized, then it started to trickle down into the cabal and the Illuminati and the humans that had been working with these negative extraterrestrials that have been operating on the planet, whereas – anything that had to do with the technologies and – anything. So there’s been a lot of action put into place to neutralize these certain things.

So I’ve been helping out with location on and off at certain projects, and then again a couple of months ago, I was approached and asked that I start to help to locate on the planet some of the cabal and the Illuminati because they’ve been doing several different things like cloaking themselves or resigning from their jobs and disappearing. You’ve seen it in the media. (2)  This stuff has been leaked out over time, about people resigning from their positions and letting somebody else take over. Well, they’ve just been kind of packing their bags and trying to disappear because they saw what was happening.

DS: Sierra, you’re saying that this happens during your dream time. How does that happen for you? How do you know who they are? How do you know that that person is a cabal? How do know that it’s someone that you have to help assist in removing, if that’s the right term?

SN: Good questions, Dave. Everybody’s soul has an energy signature, and everybody’s body has an aura and a particular color that they put off. And I have the ability to locate a soul’s line. It’s sort of like, if you can imagine a long, thin, silver line, it’s the soul’s line. And there’s this whole web around the entire Earth, and just imagine this very intricate criss-crossing of lines with all the souls that are participating on the planet, and it’s anchored into this mass nest that surrounds the planet. And so at any time I can locate a particular line and follow it to its location.

So by knowing the person’s name or being given a picture of the person – I assisted for many years in Colorado, when I lived up in Summit County, with the search and rescue efforts there, and I was registered with the local police and law enforcement, so if someone went missing, they would come to me and tell me to locate, and a lot of times – unfortunately, I’d say about 50/50 – it was locating bodies. But it was a service that was invaluable, especially to the people, the family, to get closure when people [disappeared].

So I would trace these lines, and so when this particular task force was put together, they came to me and they basically knew – between the angelics and the galactics – they knew where these people were. They just needed to have a human emissary lead the way.

So in my dream time work, I would go in and start to locate these people, and the ones that they had me start on – because now there’s a lot of different teams out there doing similar work – the ones that they had me starting on was kind of the – ooh, the dark – we should say the ones that were basically directly operating right with and underneath the negative ET’s. So these were just not very nice.

And so this worst of the worst – and whatever we want to call them, label them, whatever label you want to put on them – have been scattering for a while because once the negative ET bases and technologies were neutralized at the end of last year, they started to scramble around, and so they’ve been doing everything they can to try to run and hide. But the task force guy was involved in finding them first.

So I could speak to containment from my perspective. I was to preface it.  I can’t say that all containment is the way it is that I’ve experienced it, but what I can do is speak from my own experience, and my own experience about containment is that it’s likened to a bubble being put around – so, let’s just walk it through from the beginning.

So I helped them locate this particular soul, and that particular soul is then brought aboard ship, and it’s usually the time when those people are sleeping, so we want to minimize the fear that’s already present in the world. We don’t need to add to that.

DS: It’s not an actual, visible, physical abduction; is that correct?

SN: Well, yes, in some cases it is, and I’ll get to that. First and foremost, that person is visited while they’re in their sleep and their soul is taken aboard ship. And the angelics and the galactics are present during this process.

This person is told that what they’ve been doing will no longer be allowed and that they are basically being put under house arrest. And their soul is encased in a white sphere, and then they’re told that, okay, well, you can’t do what you’ve been doing, and you have a chance to rehabilitate. We’re going to give you a chance. You are a human. You’re in a body. We’re going to give you a chance at this. So they encase this person’s soul in a white light – an envelope of a containment vessel, and then they allow the soul to go back down into the body.

But say that person wakes up and they decide that they’re going to take action that’s consistent with their past actions, they get a jolt. It’s an actual, physical sensation that they get, where it’s a shock, and it’s a warning that they have violated the contract and they’re being reprimanded. But the thing about it is is immediately following that jolt is an intensive – a very intensive force of love. And I’m not talking about – I’m not a very touchy-feely person, and anybody that knows me knows I’m just not a touchy-feely person. I like to deal with (inaudible) real things that exist.

And this is the kind of love that has the capacity to change the hearts of people on the planet. I mean, it’s just – if you can think of the most moving, miraculous show of change of heart that you can ever think of, whether it be a movie or a real circumstance happened in life where a person is headed down a path, they’re doing wrong, and all of a sudden they have this hundred and eighty degree turnaround because their heart has broken wide open and they feel love, and they feel what it’s really like. …

[Dave reads from the article “Containment as a Benign Rehabilitative Mechanism.”] (3)

People are going to be like, oh, my God, does that mean if I’m a light worker or a starseed or something like that and I do something wrong I’m going to be contained? No. What we’re talking about are people who have been in positions of power over anyone, any teacher, any guide, any lawmaker, a governing body, those types of people we’re talking about, people who have had power over others or a say or a governing over others that should be reminded how you have to have honor, love and humility when you’re in a position of power over people. Those are the types of people we’re talking about.

But what we don’t want to do is exclude anyone under that, because as you all know, we’re all human, and even some of the lightworkers make poor choices, and this, as a result, ends up hurting people, either physically or emotionally or their wallet. You know what I mean? It’s out of greed or fear.

But right now what we need to address with that statement, Dave, is that there’s a real intense energy that’s coming and radiating at the planet right now, and nobody is immune to this, and so it kind of amps up all the places in our lives that we haven’t shown the light or we’ve done our personal workaround. And it could be that (inaudible) those people are also light workers.

They’re good people. You know them to be just really loving, gentle, beautiful people, and all of a sudden they’re doing something completely and totally out of character, and it just – and you’re just like, wow, where did that come from? I mean, besides feeling the hurt from that, how can you do that? You call yourself a light worker, you call yourself a healer, you call yourself a shaman, you call yourself a psychic, why are you doing this to me?

And this is the thing that we’re talking about right now, because as the energies are ramping up, as we’re working through own shadows or our own weaknesses or our own dark spots, people, anybody, can have a really powerfully negative reaction to that and do something to hurt other people in the process.

Now, that’s something to be aware of. But you give compassion to everyone that’s going through anything of this magnitude. Compassion is the key so that we can give people love and compassion and love them through the different steps. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re going to stand there and let somebody beat on you or try to take advantage of you or do anything like that. Of course, you know, stand up for your own sovereignty and draw the line, but we can still love people.

But let me give you an example. My family – I was down in (inaudible) helping out my family because my grandmother fell and broke her arm. And my grandfather, who is a very loving, compassionate man and has been known to be all his life, lost his mind last week – this last weekend. He just stood up, he starting throwing things. He came after my mother physically.

I was like, wow, what is going on here. And so instead of engaging in that behavior or that drama, I just stepped in and said, whoa. Because when you address a violent situation or a potentially violent situation, then you, just by bringing your love and your observation to that and not engaging in that drama, dissipate the drama itself. …

If someone is in containment, they have been fully made aware of the situation that they’re in. It’s not like sometimes in our own dream work we go into sleep and we have the dream and wake up and we don’t remember that dream. No, these people, they have to know what’s happening. So they are fully aware of the containment that they’re experiencing. …

When a person’s been put in containment, they have been told that they’re put into containment. And so there shouldn’t be a mix-up of when you’re experiencing ascension symptoms and if you’ve been put into containment. …

And they might not even know the terminology, but they do know that something – they’ve been taken aside and talked to and told that things are going to go much different and that they have choices to make.

So the other delineation that I wanted to add on to the end of that, that the galactics and the angelics, the angelic realm, are working hand in hand in this containment issue. So after the soul has been put into containment, they are assigned an angelic presence to be present with them so that when the rehabilitation is happening, they’re not just left there to try to work this out by themselves.

They literally have sort of an angel on their shoulder that if they have a tendency or urge to want to go toward a specific direction, then they hear a presence, they sense somebody else talking to them about the other side of the coin. So they’re not left out there unattended. …

What I would add to that is that sometimes it’s hard, especially with our loved ones because everybody’s at a different evolution of their own heart and soul. And so that’s why we have the resources that we do and that Steve Beckow has created the 2012 Scenario blog site.

Start to use the resources out there that you trust, things that you look at, that you use your discernment and you figure that that has some truth to it, and encourage your family and loved ones to go look at those sites and to inform themselves and to engage their own soul’s growth, because first and foremost, they need to start that process themselves.

They need to engage their soul’s growth and their own evolution and start the conversations with themselves, you know, what’s happening in the world and what is my place in it. It’s kind of hard to just jump straight into containment with people who haven’t even started to address those questions for themselves. ….

I’ve witnessed the containment process and have an ongoing conversation with the beings that are involved with it. From what my understanding of it is, is first and foremost, the entire planet has got the same kind of love shroud around it now, the light, and the same kind of idea as the containment that’s happening for certain souls. So that’s another reason why people are feeling things kind of amped up and things are coming back very quickly.

But we want to be careful here because everybody has got the opportunity to have amazing leaps and growths in their soul, just amazing evolutions of their soul at this time, but I’m cautious in saying that containment is for everybod.

As I just said, the whole world has got the same envelope around it right now but some people are just being amplified in this particular containment process because every soul has got their own guide and their own support team here, and they have their own avenue towards their source into the light, into growth and to help and assistance. They don’t necessarily need to be put into this containment field.

Now the next thing that I want to talk about, and we’re probably going to need to leave for next week’s show, is that this the beginning of – and it does correlate and tie in to the new cities of light that are going to be happening in the new world and that are showing up all over the different areas of the planet right now. But this is a step towards the healing chambers that are going to be available in the new cities of light. It’s a step towards that process. …

You know [people] by the fruits they bear. So as a rule of thumb across this entire containment issue is if they’ve been going down one path and they have turned 180 degrees, there is something at work there. It’s either containment, it’s a walk-in, it’s a clone, it’s a something that has been – there has been an involvement with the light. So that’s probably just a good rule of thumb moving forward during these times that if these people have been kind of nasty down this way and all of a sudden they’re 180 the other way, containment, walk-in, replacement is what has happened. There you go.


(1) Sierra Neblina, “Night Time Work in the Containment Process,” at

(2) See for instance, “Banker Writes Suicide Note, Disappears, Perhaps with $17 Million,” at

(3)  “Containment as a Benign Rehabilitative Mechanism,” at

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