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Last Step:  Email us a photo of you

Your FREE Pure Energy Mini-Diagnostic Report will be completed remotely using a photo of you that includes your skin (e.g. hand, foot or face). To complete your registration for your informative, FREE Pure Energy Mini-Diagnostic Report, please:

1. Complete the form below,
2. Attach a photo of you that includes your skin (e.g. hand, foot or face), and,
3. Hit the “Send Photo” Button.

What photo is OK?

Having a photo of you helps us tune into your energy at a deeper level when completing your Diagnostic.

  • Your skin needs to be visible in the photo. It doesn’t have to be your face. It can be a photo of your hand, elbow, foot etc.
  • The age of the photo doesn’t matter. You can use any new or old photo as long as it’s you.
  • You can use a color or black/white photo.
  • Photo should NOT include skin of other people.

Upon completion of the Diagnostic, all photographs are removed and destroyed.

Don’t forget to hit the “Send Photo” button at the end.

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