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February 7, 2012 | LaTonya

These are momentous times on the planet filled with changes on global, financial, economic and personal levels.  Personally, each of us is being called to clear old, stuck energies, raise our vibration or light quotient and boldly step forward into Divine Expression in the 5th dimension and beyond.  Globally, all nations are being called to resolve financial issues and govern in ways that are unified and truly reflective of government by the people and for the people.

Our personal ascension is indeed simple, as it’s about making simple shifts from wherever we are now to greater states of joy – for it’s through expression of our joy that our true Divine Nature finds life, manifestation and expression in our  reality.  While, the general process for achieving ascension is relatively simple, actually accomplishing it and making the changes within to allow that greater expression of our joy and Divinity is often more complicated.  Thus, it has been our pleasure to share, assist and support all in that endeavor, for we are all One and we each uplift ourselves, so likewise is the Wholeness made more complete.

As time has gone on, I’ve felt an increasingly strong call to step forward to share more of the wisdom and knowledge so lovingly shared with me throughout my life and have promised to share those gifts in ways dedicated to the highest and best good of all.  As I am feeling the call for greater expansion within – a stepping into greater expression of that which I Am – it is only natural that there would be an expansion of this site, as it too is simply of a manifestation of my own Inner Light and calling.

For the last five years here at, myself and our contributing coaches and writers have focused and dedicated ourselves to sharing tips, tools and support for calming the mind, healing the body and awakening the Spirit for more joyful, conscious and empowered living.  While nothing will change here at with that core, central mission, our expression of it will indeed be expanded.

The assistance, guidance and support of our Star Family (including our guides, guardians, angels, extraterrestrials, inner earth beings and our own future selves) is an indispensable and necessarily intertwined component for successful ascension on both personal and global levels.  At this time and in my heart, I feel called towards a mission to share the Good News of this great assistance and support from Star Family with all I can.  I have felt this call  so greatly and so strongly that I would dare say, second to my own personal energy work towards ascension, there is nothing more important for me to be engaged in at this moment.

So …  along with the usual great tips and support geared towards personal ascension, we’ll also be sharing more about both the financial, governmental and economic changes we’re all experiencing globally as well as the tremendous level of support and guidance available to us from Star Family during these times.  More channeled information that’s shared with me and others across the world will be presented, along with a greater sampling of informative articles about the global aspects of life on Planet Earth during these extraordinary, shifting times.  There are wonderfully talented and dedicated warriors of light across the globe who work tirelessly day and night to compile scientific, economic, financial and other information on the truth of our existence and reality and I will be sharing more of that information with you here through expanded newsfeeds on personal and global ascension-related topics.  I hope you’ll join us for these exciting times!

The time is now for the Great Awakening, we’re already in the midst of it and time is short to finish up all we need to do to accomplish it.  Each of us is called to honor the still, quiet voice within that encourages us to share and live in ways aligned to the highest calling of our hearts.  I’m choosing to answer this greater calling from within, knowing that by doing so, I’ll continue to experience higher and higher levels of the greatest of joys and hopefully serve Humanity as well in the process.

Therefore and towards that end, and for those who haven’t yet been introduced (on a conscious level that is), I’d like to share with you an introduction to one important part of our Star Family – Introduction to The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command.


To your and our continuously joyous unfoldment,

Love, peace and blessings,


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