Celebrating the Transitions of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009 | LaTonya

This week, we witnessed the passing on of the well known individuals –

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

I’ve been longing to express on these passings, so I’ve decided to honor my inner callings…

For me, Farrah taught me about true grace and through her struggles she taught me about the beauty of the Spirit within us all that connects us all.  I see Farrah as an example of the goddess energy that will be coming forth even more now to share with us all about self-acceptance and self-love, for the “outer beauty” of the goddess energy is simply a reminder or representative of the inner beauty that lies within us.

My favorite songs of Michael’s were “The Man in the Mirror” and “We are the World”.   Through those he taught me about the importance of being the world I want to see and he showed me the power of speaking of Love and Oneness and Acceptance to the world without judgment or preaching. His messages touched a place of truth within so many, I believe, because we all yearn to hear and communicate those messages to everyone around us.  Michael had a platform to do that, and did that, and for that, I believe he will hold a special place within the hearts of many forever.

Ed McMahon taught me about the value of play and of service and of giving to others.  He showed the world that it’s okay to not be the front runner, the man in charge, the center of the attention.  You can still change the world, have an impact, and lighten the load of many, through kind, loving and dedicated service to others.  We all have our varied paths, and despite the prominence of some versus the other, we are each just as glorious, whole and complete in our eternal Spirit as the other, no matter which jacket we decide to wear this time around, this incarnation.

I know that while the physicality of their expressions in this lifetime has ended, their essence will be with us forever.  All is energy and so they have not died, but instead have simply changed form, passing from here to there.

The suddenness of their transitions reminds me to be vocal, demonstrative and unconditional in the expression of my Love for others.  It also reminds me to refocus and keep my focus on the truly important things in my life like “why am I really here”, “what did I come here to do”, “what unique talent do I have to share with others”, “what’s my big picture in all of this….”

It’s often said that part of the beauty of another’s transition is what it can help teach those who are left behind…

So, to these beautiful souls, and to the other, less well known but just as beautiful, souls who have transitioned recently, I raise my glass in honor of you…I say farewell, great job…I’m happy for you for having come here and done what you came to do.  What a magnificent job you’ve done and I see you now as having the joy of returning Home to decide on the next grand adventure of your infinite existence.

It’s time to celebrate…

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