Can Seeing the Gift Heal the Body?

June 8, 2011 | LaTonya

Seeing the gifts present in our experience allows us to raise our vibration, transform energy, heal our body and awaken the Spirit within.  Is there something in your life you’re looking to heal, change or transform?  Did you know that our outlook on what’s happening in our lives greatly affects that state of our physical health and what shows up in our personal experience?

Today, my friend, Larry, sent me an email that contained an article by Rama Jyoti Vernon at  In this article, Rama shared her inspirational views on healing the physical body and how to see the goodness and gifts present in all that surrounds us, even those occurrences that some might view as the worst imaginable.

I’ve shared an excerpt of Rama’s article below.  I hope you find Rama’s words as encouraging and inspirational as I did.

Love, peace and blessings,



Japan, Radiation, and Spiritual Emergence
By Rama Jyoti Vernon

(…) I have received calls from Yoga teachers throughout this country who know of my exposure to radiation and depleted uranium in Chernobyl, Kosovo and Afghanistan. They want to know what I have learned about living with radiation after enduring damage to my health and surviving two near death experiences as a result of this exposure. The greatest piece of knowledge I can share with you I learned from the Soviets during my eight years working in the former Soviet Union.

Some of my Soviet colleagues were working with the children whose lives were shortened since the fallout of Chernobyl. They built salt rooms that looked like crystal caves for the children to remain in for a specified length of time. They used medicinal herbs indigenous to their region. Yoga was a mainstay for strengthening bones, balancing the endocrine system and raising the blood count on those little beings dying of leukemia.

Before Chernobyl, the Russian children had strong bones, strong bodies and thick lustrous hair. After Chernobyl, I was shocked to see the children with their wispy hair, weak limbs and alarmingly thin weak bodies. Some children would be fortunate to reach the age of 15, diagnosed with illnesses of many names but all traced to the aftermath of Chernobyl.

A group of doctors and healers were having success with their groups of children. I inquired into what they were doing. They described the environmental conferences they held with their affected neighbors of the Scandinavian countries. They were concerned about contamination to the fish in their seas, to the grass-fed milk cows, to the lands, rivers and lakes. They were concerned about the air they breathed and the earth itself. They shared all of this, and then said they would tell me their secrets of offsetting the effects of radiation. I moved forward in my chair totally attentive to hear of a miraculous substance.

They told me that radiation is light and has a high vibratory frequency. Through their spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, Yoga, eating less dense foods and faith and love of God, they could raise their own cellular vibration to that of radiation to offset the harmful effects. They were smiling and even joyful. “

You see,” one Russian doctor bubbled with excitement, “We are using radiation as our spiritual guide. It forces us to be more fully conscious each moment of every day. If we have a negative thought it reduces the vibratory frequency of our cells and we become more susceptible. If we are angry or critical, our cells vibrate at a slower pace and we can become ill. If we become lighter, we become light and become one with the light of radiation. You see,” they beamed, “radiation is our spiritual practice.”

I was reminded of this profound statement last September in a laser light seminar. I shared the stories of my exposures to radiation with the seminar leader and he responded, “You’ve received the light. Now it is time for you to give it out.” It was a profound moment for me and reminded me of the wisdom of the Russians I had forgotten; it was time to raise the cellular vibration to the speed of light.

Renewed health and energy began changing my life from that moment on. After using the laser, I felt energy streaming into my cells creating greater balance and strength. Now I feel better than I have in 30 years…have greater strength, energy and enthusiasm than ever before. Perhaps the greatest gift radiation can give us is a trim tab shift in perception. Instead of seeing radiation as destructive to health we can use it as an opportunity for spiritual evolution.

While we work with radiation effects from a spiritual perspective, it is also important to work with it in the physical. (See other articles in this newsletter for information on offsetting the effects of radiation)

Perhaps this incident with the plants in Japan will shed light upon our dependence on nuclear energy and allow the alternative energy technologies to surface with greater rapidity. However, I just met a man who was traveling the country to spearhead the building of 300 nuclear power plants and he assured me they are safe and self-contained.

I can tell you from my own sensitivity, they are not. It is difficult to trace growing health challenges related to the radium tipped bombs and nuclear waste in armaments used in other countries. (1)

Now the news of Japan is being eclipsed by the escalating changes (called “crises”) in the Middle East. As one “crisis” is highlighted by our media the other becomes old news and is no longer mentioned. We then assume that it is over. But for the people in the regions, it is only the beginning of their rehabilitation.

These “crises” are heart-wrenching but also heart opening. Each rescue attempt is a testimony to love and caring. Strangers reach out to one another in their grief and shock. Rescuers risk their own lives to help others and to prevent greater nuclear meltdowns. I will never forget the image of two surviving dogs in Japan. The wounded dog lay unable to get up. The other stood over him and would not leave his side. As the wounded dog tried to raise its head the one guarding put his wet and bedraggled paw gently on its head as if to say, it’s all right just rest, help will come soon.

As I write this, my heart is filled with compassion and love for all peoples of Japan, the Middle East, and all those who have ever been impacted by the earth, fire, tornados, hurricanes and physical and spiritual starvation throughout the world that remains unfed. If we cannot be there, or send aid, we can give the radiance of our own growing light into the atmosphere of our world, loving and embracing those near and far.

This is an emerging spiritual “crisis” for all. We are all moving through intense life and earth changes together. Perhaps we can individually and collectively speed up the cellular vibration to match that of light so we can live a long and healthy life and thrive spiritually as our hearts expand to hold all peoples everywhere in its petals like a parent embracing a lost child. If we truly believe in our unity with our brothers and sisters of the one humanity, we know that we affect each other just as the butterfly affects the whole world with the flutter of its wings. (…)

(1) There is a theory among some commentators that the reason some proponents are so enthusiastic about nuclear-power plants is that they are used to produce depleted uranium. DU is the most potent component of the most powerful anti-tank, artillery and bombing weapons – depleted-uranium armaments.


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