Calming your Mind for Greater Peace Regarding Recent Tsunami in Japan

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

I, like you, watched the scenes unfold regarding the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan this past week. I love the ocean and especially watching the waves roll up upon a beach shore.  But as I watched the waves of the tsunami roll in on Japan, they seemed like thick, dark, sludge, full of debris, ominously rolling onto the land of Japan destroying homes, cars…lives….people.  My heart went out to those in the area.

As I watched, I noticed how easily we can fall into a state of hopelessness, despair and fear regarding what is happening and will be happening in our world during these shifting times.  Scenes such as this can become overwhelming, if we let them, for our minds begin to question:

What will those poor people do…
I have loved ones there…
Is that going to happen here…
Mother Nature is out of control…
I’m afraid…

It is here in our moments of despair, when we can’t understand and all seems lost and hopeless that our internal wisdom and guidance kicks in to provide insight and understanding regarding what is happening in the world around us.

Greater Understanding can Help Calm the Mind

As we gain greater understanding with our minds on any given topic, our minds can then relax and then our heart of hearts, our Divine Self, our Sacred Heart, that’s been sharing with us the entire time, can finally be heard.  Our Sacred Heart connect us to the All, including the One Mind – eternal, all-knowing Divine Wisdom.

This Divine Wisdom, which is present within us all, will lead us to comfort and answers for whatever challenges we face.  Sometimes the route our Divine Wisdom takes to share with us is not a straight line –  it’s often circular, diagonal and full of zig zags.  But it gets us there if we have the patience and courage to get quiet and go within to listen to our hearts.

I’d like to share with you a PART of what Spirit and Divine Wisdom led me to last Friday as I watched the scenes unfold in Japan and began to feel overwhelmed by it all.  Although at first it may seem like this video is unrelated to the scenes in Japan, but please be sure to watch the entire video and, by the end, I’m trusting that the message will hit home with you just as it did me.

If you like, before watching this video (courtesy of, take a few deep breaths into your stomach and ask yourself to help you understand more about what has happened in Japan (or with any situation that’s troubling, you for that matter). Then after the video, be sure to come back here for the wrapup.

Reversed Laminar Flow


A Calm Mind Leads to Greater Creativity and Solutions to Life’s Challenges

Okay, so did you watch the video?

Did you, like me, gain a greater understanding of that which has occurred?

Here’s what I was reminded of after watching the video on reversed laminar flow:

While what has occurred in Japan may seem chaotic, out of control and composed only of disaster, heartbreak and despair – as we connect with out internal, Divine Wisdom, we can gain a clearer understanding of the silver lining mixed in with the apparent turmoil.  This greater understanding of the mind, can lead us to greater peace regarding all that surrounds us.  Once we’ve achieve a quiet mind and inner peace regarding any situation, it’s from this place that we can springboard to manifesting creative solutions for life challenges.

Come back here later this week and I’ll share more of what’s been shared with me about how the apparent chaos in Japan, is in fact, part of an ordered plan that will, upon conclusion, be for the highest and best benefit of everyone on the planet.

Until then,

Love, peace and blessings,


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