Are Beliefs about Money or Relationships Holding you Back?

August 28, 2012 | LaTonya

Are your beliefs about male/female roles or money affecting your life?  This message from the Arcturians (below) provides guidance for releasing two limiting beliefs that are still strongly entrenched in our consciousness, namely:  1) beliefs about romantic relationships and 2) beliefs about money.

The Arcturians share that we are all beginning to understand that, no matter which gender we are, we each  embody within us both the masculine and feminine qualities/energy of the Divine.  As we move forward in the ascension process, we’re bringing forth experiences to remind ourselves that we are whole unto ourselves and there is no “better half” or “other half” necessary to complete us.  For example, many in established marriages/relationships are experiencing “conflict” as the experience of daily life is forcing them to take on the responsibilities that were once believed to be the job of the opposite sex.  If you’re experiencing this or something similar in your relationship, know that this apparent conflict is all for the best as we must each move forward into the higher energies knowing that we are whole and complete unto ourselves and not half.  so we’re bringing this experience to ourselves as a gift in preparation for ascension.

The Arcturians discuss that the second area of strongly held limiting beliefs we’re working with now are beliefs about money. We are encouraged to understand that although many of us have moved through lifetime after lifetime amidst states of lack and limitation, such a state is illusory and not within Divine law.  We hold these states of lack and limitation in place in our lives by our belief structure, which we’ve carried forward lifetime after lifetime, but are now ready to release.  It is shared that to move out of this matrix of belief of lack and limitation, we must first allow the truth of our natural state of being – that of abundance – to become a state of realized consciousness.  Once we can come to know and realize that the Divine Consciousness and being that we truly are contains nothing of lack, we can THEN and thereafter go forth and take human action behind that new awareness and the abundance that is our birthright and part of our Divine Makeup will manifest.   Essentially, we have to truly claim our state of abundance to see it manifest in our lives.

I see the beliefs around relationships and money at play in my life and that of those around me.  How about you?  Are there any beliefs you currently hold regarding masculine/feminine energy and/or money that you would like to release?

Read the full “The Arcturian Group Message – August 26, 2012” below.


The Arcturian Group Message – August 26, 2012

Stephen: Summer in the northern hemisphere; winter in the south – although fall/spring is just but five short days away!

As channelled by Marilyn Raffaele

We come to wish you all a very happy summer. Much is coming to fruition at this time and we see the light of your dear planet earth becoming intense and awakened.

Much is soon to manifest as a result of your hard work dear ones, so do not be surprised as you witness many traditions begin to crumble. It is a time of transition and shifting to new ways of seeing, being, and living.

You will be pleasantly surprised when the world finally realizes that there is no need for war, separation, cruelty, and extreme power held by a few. These concepts are remnants of an energy that is now completing for those of you choosing to move forward.

This new world is represented through new ways of living and yet, it is not new at all, for you are simply now awakening to the realization that you are and always have been, One. All living things are connected by virtue of their being in and of the One omnipresent, One omnipotent, and One omniscient Consciousness.

As the manifestation of Source, you are also one with every Divine Idea within Divine Consciousness. Think upon that dear ones–you are actually one with Divine ideas of abundance, joy, peace, intelligence, completeness, wholeness, and much more. These Divine ideas are held in place by law. If there were disease or lack in Divine Consciousness, it would be held in place forever and could never be healed or changed.

Many of you are now experiencing painful endings; the leaving behind of people, places, and things that no longer resonate with you. These things as you have known them, are not held in place by Divine law but were the expressions of your state of consciousness at the time they were important to you.

Do not be afraid to lovingly let go of all that is finished, because this paves the way for new and higher forms of that which you love to appear in your experience–new friends, new activities, new joys, for nothing real can ever be lost and your new and higher resonance will draw that which is completeness for you, to you.

There are two areas of strong belief firmly intrenched in the third dimensional consciousness and both are causing pain for many at this time. These two are; 1.Beliefs regarding romantic relationships and 2.Beliefs about money.

In third dimensional energy (duality and separation) relationships are based on the concept that “I am half of a couple”. “I need you to give me the feminine energy” (male belief), or “I need you to to give me the masculine energy” (female belief) and “together we are whole”. This concept has been in place for lifetimes and is still being pushed upon you through books, movies, television shows, family, friends, churches etc.

However, as you awaken to your innate completeness, you begin to understand that you are already complete and whole and that as the manifestation of Source, you embody both the masculine and the feminine qualities/energy.

Those spiritually ready for this awareness but still needing to integrate their masculine or feminine aspect are now getting ample opportunities for practice through experiences of daily living that force one or the other to take on responsibilities heretofore believed to belong to the opposite sex.

You cannot move forward into the new and higher energies while still entertaining the belief that you are half. All have both the masculine and feminine energies. It is a matter bringing them into a balance regardless of what physical form has been chosen for this life time. This awakening is causing conflict in many established marriages and relationships as suddenly one partner realizes his or her completeness while the other chooses to stay in the old energy of being half of a couple.

The other area manifesting many problems now is the struggle to release the beliefs of financial lack and limitation. Mankind creates from its state of consciousness–personally as well as globally. The third dimensional consciousness always manifests as pairs of opposites because it is an energy of duality and separation. Therefore, the world as you have experienced it lifetime after lifetime, has always known lack and limitation, it has become the accepted normal. There is a human matrix of beliefs and it is filled with concepts of lack with more being added each day.

Your job is to stop claiming these beliefs as true and thus allowing them to become your state of consciousness. You are ready to move beyond this matrix of beliefs and it is difficult.

Abundance is held in place by Divine law and you are now ready to accept and embrace that. We are not guiding you to sit in poverty repeating over and over; “God is all” while doing nothing, for to “pretend a state of consciousness not attained, is human”. Truth must become a state of realized consciousness before it can manifest.

What we are saying, is that it is time to make the first step as you consider acting on a financial situation, a step of realizing that Divine Consciousness (which you are in your true essence) contains nothing of lack. Recognize that you have simply come under the influence of false concepts and beliefs because it is all you have ever known–no judgement, no guilt–just a moving into the new and higher awareness of abundance as being for all, held in place by Divine Law.

This is your journey, this is evolution–your work as you evolve. Remember, you chose to evolve through duality and separation and you are doing a fine job. After assuring yourself of the truth, then proceed take whatever human footsteps may be necessary at the time.

All is about to change very soon and this is why we guide you to let go of blindly holding on to things and ways that no longer work for you. You are moving into new awareness which in turn will lead you into a new and higher state of consciousness. When people try and hold to what is old and finished and no longer resonates simply because of family, friends, false pride or duty, they hold themselves back and cause themselves much unnecessary pain. However, there will always be free will and all can choose when and if they wish to awaken.

It is a new time dear ones, a time for celebration, for that which is real is beginning to manifest. You are not hearing about this through your media, but much is taking place behind the scenes. Hold to your center of truth as best you can with every experience of daily life while visualizing your energy field filled with Light.

You are being bombarded with much that is old and false as the clearing process within and without manifests chaos. The Light is forcing illusions created of shadow energy to surface in order that they be looked at and released. You are beginning to recognize this chaos for what it is– the manifestation of that with is old and untrue, creations of duality and separation.

Mankind as a whole is no longer resonating with ideas of war, in spite of the intense and ongoing efforts of those seeking to keep you in bondage to the belief that war is necessary for your safety.

You are now awakening to what is real and the understanding that real power lies within. We love you and congratulate you in your difficult yet necessary work of awakening, dear ones. All is proceeding according to plan.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

We are the Arcturian Group

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