7 Tips for Effective, Direct Communication with our Star Family in the Skies

November 26, 2011 | LaTonya

I just had the most fabulous experience everyone!  Here’s the tale of my most recent communication with our Star Family in the skies plus 7 tips for calm, effective, direct communication with UFOs and our Star Family.

What Happened

Tonight, I suddenly felt called to go outside to look at the stars (at around 8:30 pm).  It was a gentle call, something I thought was just myself wanting to take a step outside.  Upon going outside, I casually (but now I understand it was very purposeful) walked over to a particular spot in my front yard and stared up at the sky.

Immediately I noticed one seeming “star” was moving, ever so slowly across the sky.  It was moving in different directions, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes sideways, so I immediately understood it was not just a star. I’ll call this object “Star Family A”.

Soon I noticed a blinking object  moving across the sky, coming from the left and moving to the right towards Star Family A’s position.  This blinking object was blinking like a plane does, only much slower.  I’ll call this object “Plane A”.

Soon it was evident that the blinking light coming from the left was on a direct intersection course with Star Family A.  I watched on in amazement wondering what was going to happen – were the 2 going to crash?  Seemingly at the last moment as Plane A that came from the left was about 2 inches from Star Family A (which was right in front of me), the Star Family A object jetted upwards out of the line of travel of Plane A.

The Flashers

Plane A continued moving across the sky to the right of Star Family A and I soon lost track of it in the trees.  Around this same time, I noticed 2 other seeming “stars” begin flashing on and off intermittently with a bright light that seemed about 1/2 inch wide in diameter from where I was standing and looking up at the sky.

Both of those (I’ll call them “Flashers”) were originally to the right of Star Family A when they began flashing.  One of the flashers over the course of about 2 minutes, moved to the left and then moved straight up.  This Flasher 1 traveled in a path that would look like an “L”.  Flasher 1 moved to the left, then moved straight up from the horizon to the middle of the sky (I had to bend my head all the way back to see where it went).  This Flasher 1 then stopped it’s intermittent flashing and either disappeared completely or became a “twinkling star” again.

The second Flasher, Flasher 2, just stayed to the right of Star Family A the whole time and stopped flashing before Flasher 1 did and seemed to become just a twinkling star again too.

I had a friend over and excitedly called them out to check out what was going on.  By the time they arrived outside, the big flashers had settled down, although the Star Family A ship was still moving slowly in different directions across the sky.

The whole scene was absolutely fabulous!

Soon everything calmed down and everything looked like just a bunch of regular twinkling stars in the sky.  Since all had died down, I figured it was now the perfect time for communication with the energies on the ships.

My Messages to/from our Star Family

I connected in with my heartspace and beamed feelings and energies of love, appreciation and gratitude to our Star Family.  I thanked them for showing their presence to me, welcomed them to the area, and thanked them for all of the assistance they have been providing to both me personally and our world.

I also thanked them for “brightening up” and flashing in the way they did so that I would be able to notice that they were there. When my friend came out, the great flashing and moving around had suddenly stopped and I received the message that their prior display had in part been just for me so that I would have a greater comfort level in understanding that I am a unique, precious and valued expression of Creator on my own and, I, like you, was worthy of direct and personal communication  our Star Family.

(This was not surprising to me as I have had several experiences where a knowing has taken place when I’ve seen the ships in the sky. I think one thing and right at that moment, the ships move in such a way that the inner knowing within me is triggered and I know there’s a direct, two-way communication going on between myself and the  energies on the ships).  There are no coincidences folks, so when you see our Star Family up in the sky, many times it’s going to be your Star Family attempting to make a direct connection and communication with you individually.)

I then declared my request and choice to incorporate more Universal Light into my being and asked for both their and Lord Melchizedek’s assistance with that. ([1] See Note below re: importance and benefits of connecting with “Universal Light” at this time).

I began feeling a pressure and clearing going on within my heart space that is still present right now even as I write this. I opened up and did some breathing and filling up of my being with divine love and light being sent to me from the energies on the ships.

I also noticed that Star Family A and the 2 Flashers would occasionally and suddenly send out blue clouds of energy.  Each time this happened, it it looked like an energy burst of blue light.

It was shared with me that the energies on the ship were sending out this energy to assist with clearing and raising the energy and vibration within the Sedona area, just as many other ships and Star Family across the world are doing the same thing at this time too.

I am experiencing a tremendous amount of change at this time, both personally – mentally, spiritually, physically – and in the expansion of the endeavors here on SimpleAscension.com.  The energies on the ships communicated to me of their Love, our oneness, their willingness to continue providing support for all of Humanity at this most magnificent time in our experience.  They also asked that I continue taking whatever steps were necessary to remain in the physical location that I live in and confirmed that this and my presence here in this area was important for reasons that I would come to understand later.

I then felt more intense pressure within the heart space and I knew our Star Family was continuing to send me uplifting, Divine Love and Light energy.

Again, this was a most fabulous experience and I just wanted to share it with all of you.

Tips for Communication with our Star Family

If you are interested in connecting with our Star Family in the skies too, here are some suggestions based on my experiences.  Please feel free to leave comments below regarding your suggestions and experiences too!

– Set your Intent.

Set your intent for the communication and witnessing of our Star Family in the skies in a way that is easy and graceful for you and leaves no doubt in YOUR mind that there has been contact.

– Heed your Inner Calls

Heed the inner calls to head outside and look up at the sky when you feel it.  If it happens for you like it most often happens with me, it’ll be a soft, quiet, gentle nudging or idea that you might at first think is just your own mind coming up with something for you to do.

– Relax your Gaze while Star-Gazing

As you look up at the sky, relax your gaze, connect in with your heartspace and then just softly gaze and notice what moving in the sky in an  irregular fashion.  I’ve noticed that the minute my gaze falls upon what is truly a ship in the sky, my heart immediately confirms for me whether that’s a ship or just a star. That deep, inner knowing that comes through often tends to come through more easily and quickly the more experience one has engaging with our Star Family in this way.

Your Peripheral Vision

Often you can see “more” when looking out of the corner of your eye than when directly staring at something.

In my experience tonight, for example, the Star Family A ship just looked like a softly twinkling star the whole time.  It  just moved a great deal and in different directions over a short, short period of time (just 2 minutes initially in this experience.  I ended up looking at and communicating with the ship for about 20 minutes total).

When I would look away from the Star Family A ship (say looking to the right of it at the Flashers), the Star Family A ship would look like a 1 inch or so wide cloud of bright white and blue light in my peripheral vision.  When I would then turn my gaze to directly look at the Star Family A ship, it would just look like a twinkling star.  In fact, if it had not been moving so much in such a short period of time, I would have just thought it was a star.

I have not figured out yet why this occurs, but I’ve noticed it quite often that my intuitive sense can “see” the ships in a different format as I’m looking at them out of the side of my eye (indirectly) using peripheral vision instead of straight on vision.  So you might consider keeping an eye out for what’s appearing bright and different looking in the sky using your peripheral vision too.

– Let Go of Expectations about Looks

I have come to believe the old ufo look of the”flyer saucer” is old news.   Here’s a great picture summarizing how the ships may have looked in the past…

UFOs the Old Way

Nowadays, I’ve found that the appearance of our Star Family often takes on a different appearance – orbs, bright lights, objects that blink like planes do, lenticular clouds, cloudy mists, lines of light, etc. along with the normal craft or ship like appearance.

UFO Jerusalem 2011
UFOs the New Way

As you engage in directly contacting our Star Family in the sky, try to let go of your expectations about how the energies should appear or look. Many of us, such as Charles on SimpleAscension.com for instance, do not even rely on the physical eyes to know when our Star Family is around in the skies.  Many will experience a shifting in their energy or heartspace that lets them know Star Family is in close proximity.

Remember that our Star Family has the ability to connect with us telepathically, they are aware of whatever fears you may have about their presence, if any, and will always appear to you in a way that is beneficial for you and least likely to instill fear.  This may or may not jive with the appearance of ships in the past.  So I encourage you to remain open and release expectations about how and even when our Star Family will show up in your experience.

– Say Hello and Acknowledge our Star Family!

If you see our Star Family in the sky – consider acknowledging them.  I most often like to connect in with my heartspace and then send the words and communications as a beam of light out of my heartspace directly to the ships.  (Think: “I’ll feel and speak the words out of my heartspace, instead of my mouth.)  I did that tonight, but was so happy to see them that I also waved and blew them kisses along with the verbal communication from the heart.  Our Star Family is engaging in activity and assisting us on monumental levels right now that the majority of our world is not even aware of.  I feel such gratitude and enjoy sharing that with them.  The way I see it, our Star Family are beloved energies just like us, and just like us, I’m sure appreciate a “thank you” and our acknowledgment.

– Develop a Relationship  (Yeah, just like here on Earth!)

My favorite youtube site for keeping up to date with what’s happening with our Star Family and the ascension process in general is the “Komurosan” channel on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Komurosan.

If you like, you could begin developing a specific and direct relationship with particular energies in our Star Family by checking out this channel regularly and listening to our Star Family’s communications to us about what’s going on from their perspective.

Then if you find you resonate with a particular energy, as you go into meditation, connect into the heartspace and then send a request to communicate directly with the energy of your choice.  We can all do this and have a direct line of communication with our Star Family.  It’s just up to us to open that line of communication through our intent and take the direct action of asking to connect.  (See Note [2]).

– Most Important – Connect and Move from Your Heartspace (Sacred Heart Center)!

As I’m writing this (20 minutes after the event occurred), our Star Family is still interacting with my energy.  They have now moved to assist me by clearing energy from the head area and I feel this as a lightening of the energy in my head, and smooth, flowing, joyful energy throughout my head and entire body.

In fact, right now as I’m writing this, I suddenly feel so joyful and want to begin laughing out loud.  They’re joyfully playing with me, they say.  But it has a purpose.

They have asked that I communicate in this space in this writing that the single most important, beneficial and helpful step that any of us can take in connecting with our Star Family is to open our hearts, connect with our heartspace and be in a state of love – love of self, understanding of our connection to All, including them, and an openness and curiosity to exploring and learning more about that which we are.

They share that We are all so very much loved and have no idea of our gloriousness or the many thanks of Star Family across the Universes to US – the human, divine angels, for OUR efforts,  endeavors and willingness to travel this often challenging journey of being on planet Earth.

They say that what we are doing – even as we cry out loud in despair or silently cry within our hearts – what we are all doing here on Earth is of the utmost service and assistance to the All.  We are greatly loved for OUR dedication and willingness to assist.  Many have no idea how much they are assisting in increasing the Love and Light here on Earth and throughout the Universe and it is our Star Family’s joy to assist us likewise, for we are all One.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

We are glorious, magnificent beings of Light.  You are a glorious, magnificent being of Light.  I wish most for you to know that and to experience that in your daily life.  If you would like any support with what’s discussed here,  feel free to email me at latonya@simpleascension.com or just book a private session.

Love, peace and blessings,



[1]  Connecting with Universal Light or Universal Logos energy (brought forth  through Lord Melchizedek who oversees Earth from a Universal level) can help us explore the energy and essence of Creator within, understand more of how we manifest as Creator on the Earth, what aspects of Creator we currently hold and those our soul is striving to accept. We can connect with Universal Light to see more of our complete journey, not just our Earth journey.  The Universal Light energy has a very healing and pure quality because of its connection with Creator and can help you focus on restoring your energy and being.

We can all connect with Universal Light ourselves through meditation and energy work. If you would like any assistance or support with this, feel free to email latonya@simpleascension.com or charles@simpleascension.comhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=T8eMcnpCdVI

[2]  Regarding direct connections with Star Family:  Note that many beings are attempting to connect with us telepathically at this time, so be sure to take the normal precautions for setting your intent and protecting your energetic space when engaging in activities of this nature.  Please feel free to email me if you would like any assistance with how to do this.

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  1. Simon Markov says

    I am the blue key to star communication you must use 11 senses of the body all combined into one they speak in groups yes like 100 echoing voices at once threw the one star you are focusing on threw feeling translated threw light you havent made connection yet but keep trying dont conentrate on the movement as much focus on one main star they all move and sparkle with emotion direct into your eyes close your eyes then focus on the energy spot recognize accept and connect with emotion and listen with your heart they are all our guardians of the universal garden like one big intergalactical motor I have communicated with them they are all in position for the new age of Auquarius the universal evolution is upon us

    • LaTonya says

      Wonderful! Thanks for sharing those helpful tips. I love how you share about the group energies we’re dealing with. And we’re each part of that group consciousness whether we know it or not. So when we’re connecting in with Star Family, we’re so often just connecting in with other parts of Self we’re just not aware of yet! And as you so wisely shared, listening in and through the heart is so very important. Our hearts can take us places our brains know nothing about! Love, peace and blessings to all!

  2. Cynthia says

    I shaed Pure love with a starship the first time on Sept. 15/15. I’d been sky watching for a few years but on recent certain occasions I was compelled to look at a particular star. It began dancing so to speak, on one ocassion they dropped down in my view and began moving in infinity symbol several times over. I was filled with incredible joy love and chakra solar plexus spinning spinning. I slept for hours and hours after our first communication. It occurred nightly for weeks dependant on visibility of course. I’m determining if I was communicating with a star of triangulam or almach. Love my star family can’t wait for more visitation. They are my world!!!

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