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Your Choice: Are we One or are we Separate?

by LaTonya in Calm the Mind

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My recent post entitled “Albert Einstein Quotes: Which One Moves You the Most,” included a video montage of several quotes from Albert Einstein. In that post, I shared that my favorite quote on that day from the video was the following:

“Nationalism is an infantile disease.
It is the measles of mankind.”
Albert Einstein

Nationalism Defined

Wikepedia defines “nationalism as involving a “strong identification of a group of individuals with a political entity defined in national terms.”

To me, this quote expresses how the minute we begin to establish barriers between ourselves and others, dis-ease results. I think it starts earlier than “nationalism” though. I feel it begins at the stage of birth into a world in which it appears to us that we are separate because we have separate bodies. And by seeing separate bodies, we can mistakenly come to believe that we are indeed separate, when we are not.

It is said that there’s a point early in a child’s life, where the child  begins to learn of its own identity as separate from that which surrounds it.  Here’s how the picture can go from there, IF WE LET IT:

I’m separate from you.
We are not on the same team.
There is not enough for both you and me.
You must remain separate from me so that I need not share what is mine with you.
I will create a separate space for just me so I can be safe from what is not me.
I will allow my friends to join me in that separate space (until my sovereignty is threatened, then they too must leave).
My family, my seed, is separate from yours.
My race is separate from yours.
My community is separate from yours.
My NATION is separate from yours.
My identity as an Earth HUMAN BEING is separate from yours, Mr. Extraterrestrial Alien.

Are these statements true for you?
Does your mind believe these statements are true or not?
Do you sometimes act as if you believe these statements are true or not?
What does your Sacred Heart share with you about the truth or falsity of the above statements?

What’s Your Truth?

These statements are indeed the truth of reality for some. For others, including myself most of the time, they are not. On some days, however, I notice that in some ways, I’m acting as if they are. So I try to catch myself on being out of alignment with my truth and try to re-balance. Yet, I’ve discovered that when I’m yo-yoing in and out of alignment with my truth, life becomes more challenging for me.

For if in our Hearts, our Divinity, our Spirit, we are all aware of our connectedness, our Oneness, our birth from and through the same Source, then if our minds and bodies think and act in ways opposite to this truth, an imbalance or “internal struggle” is created.

One of the keys to joyful living is an alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit. And so if our Mind and Body pulls us one way, and a way opposite to the calling of our Spirit, dis-ease can result from the internal struggle taking place within.

So it comes down to a choice on my part. What will I choose for myself as my Truth at any given moment? I say “at any given moment”, because my truth tends to change over time as I evolve and continue my journey through life.

To decide what truth I want my Mind and Body aligned with, I go within to check with my Heart, my Divine Essence, to see where it’s at, what its truth is at that moment, so that I may align Mind, Body and Spirit as one. For if I know what the truth of my Heart is, then I can more easily align the thoughts of my mind and the actions of my body with that and thereby gain a greater balance, joy and ease of living.

What if We all Knew that We are One?

So as an alternative to the scenario described above, this is how our world can be if we let it, if we choose it:

I am at one with God.
I am at one with you and all beings and energies on Planet Earth.
All of Humanity is my family.
I am at One with even my extraterrestrial friends as we are all borne of the same Source.
I am at peace for I AM.

On the day enough of us make that choice to say I choose in Mind, Body and Spirit to know, experience, live, express and share in our Oneness, as if we are One, knowing we are One, then that’s the day, that’s the very moment, the very second that HEAVEN ON EARTH will instantaneously become our reality.

Are you ready for that? I AM.

Here’s some musical inspiration for you along these lines. It’s a beautiful song I ran across recently, called “If Everyone Cared”, by Nickelback

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