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What Does Your Intuition Say About the Swine-Flu Situation?

by LaTonya in Heal the Body

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By now, you may have heard about the illnesses and deaths across the world associated with the Swine-Flu.  What do you believe has caused this?  Better yet, do you Know?

When I first heard about it, my intuition kicked in and began sending me those oh so familiar signals. You know the ones…

The ones where when you think about a topic and you get that odd feeling in the pit of your stomach that says “something’s not right here”, but you’re not sure what.

Have you ever known people that just “knew” things and when you’d ask them how they knew, they’d give the customary response of “I just know”, all the while holding their hand on their stomach? Some call the stomach area the “seat of the soul”. It’s where our “gut instinct” sits and is also known as the 3rd chakra or willpower chakra.

The Human Body Chakra System

The Human Body Chakra System

However, as Humanity matures and evolves, so does our interaction with our chakras. Where once many of us relied upon the instinctual feelings in the pit of our stomach to guide us, now more and more of us are connecting on deeper levels with our upper chakras. So, a while ago, I started doing the following. When I get those feelings in the pit of my stomach, I take time to really go within and FEEL inside about what I might be trying to tell myself. When I get that feeling in my stomach, I “move it on up” and try to analyze the situation from a wider perspective.

We are all connected at the core and our Hearts are our connection to God, to Spirit, and to each other. When I speak of our Hearts – I’m referring to our Heart of Hearts, our Sacred Heart. The part of us that, knows no fear…only love, knows no limits…only infinity. Our Sacred Heart never leads us astray.

I’ve also run across an excellent exercise for connecting the heart and third-eye chakras . One way to look at it is that the Heart Chakra is where our ability to manifest Unconditional Love springs forth from and the Third Eye is the seat of our spiritual vision. By connecting the Heart and Third-Eye Chakras, our ability to understand what is going on in the world is enhanced. We become more able to see what is really going on through the lens of Unconditional Love, thus giving us wisdom about a circumstance, versus simply a vision of it. This exercise takes only a bit of time to do and, to top it off, always leaves me feeling energized and more peaceful and calm afterwards. Let me know if you’d like a link to the exercise and I’ll gladly send it to you.

As the times become more challenging, I believe it’s more important than ever for us all to learn how to go within to find our own answers. What does your Heart of Hearts, your true Heart, your Sacred Heart, tell you about how you should react to the swine-flu situation?

If you haven’t done it already, I invite you to take a moment right now and consult your self – put your hand on your chest, in the middle of your chest, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself a question – a question about the swine flu situation or anything else that may be challenging or concerning you at the moment. What answer did you receive?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with this or anything else you’d like to share. I have this sneaking feeling many sincerely going within and asking about the origins/purpose of this swine-flu situation may come up with surprisingly similar impressions….

Love, peace and blessings,


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JaneRadriges June 13, 2009 at 6:56 pm

I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?


LaTonya June 14, 2009 at 1:12 pm

Hi Jane! As I’m a writer, I guess I need to say yes, the post is copyright protected (my words I mean, the photo is from photobucket). If you want to use a portion of it though, feel free to do so, but please just be sure to put up a link linking back to this post or site. Please email me at to inquire about including the entire article in a more formal publication. I am really honored that you found the post interesting enough to ask about, so thanks!

As an aside, and to be frank, practically all that I say and do on this site comes through me from Spirit, so I guess I’m still figuring out how I want to handle these types of things. As my essence is also part of the Spirit that guides me, as is yours and everyone else’s, I guess we’re all actually authors of this!

I’d love to hear more about your feelings and ideas generated from reading this post, so feel free to comment more on that if you like. We’re all on this journey together and I appreciate hearing about the experiences of others!

Love, peace and blessings,


CrisBetewsky July 6, 2009 at 12:38 pm

Where did you take from such kind of information? Can you give me the source?


LaTonya July 6, 2009 at 6:46 pm

Hello CrisBetewsky,
You can find the full exercise for connecting the Heart and Third-Eye Chakras in the following article: “Living in your Heart Source”, by Amma through Cathy Chapman, in the January 2009 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Click here for the Link to that article. I am not affiliated with the Sedona Journal, but read it every month as I find the information contained therein really helpful.


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