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Joyful Journey Webinars


It’s Webinar Time!

What are Joyful Journey Webinars?’s 2014 Joyful Journey Coaching Webinar Series consists of complimentary or fee-based 30 – 60-minute coaching or energy blast webinars on a variety of topics that support you in calming the mind, healing the body and awakening the Spirit for more joyful, conscious and empowered living.

Most Joyful Journey Webinars include:

  • 30 – 60 minute webinar
  • interactive question and answer sessions
  • energy blast, EFT body tapping, guided meditation or mini-coaching session
  • random drawing for free 1 hour energy blast/coaching/eft session or opportunity to book healing, energy blast or coaching sessions at significantly reduced rates!

Upcoming Joyful Journey Webinars:

Ongoing Webinar – offered daily at 9 am, 11 am and 6 pm YOUR TIME
“The Coaching Experience Jumpstart”
An informative glimpse into how you can use the transformative magic of
coaching to jumpstart your life!
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Ongoing Webinar – offered instantly by video
Introducing…The 15Chakra Energy Blast System

Experience sample energy blast sessions showing how the
15Chakra Energy Blast System can enhance your life – for free!
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Ongoing Webinar – offered by video webast
“Universal Light Explosion” Online Energy Blast Event
If you’d like to expand consciousness, connect with cosmic energies or
rejuvenate your energy and being,  attend the “Universal Light Explosion”
Online Event for an opportunity to connect with the healing, expansive,
energizing “Universal Light” brought forth through Lord Melchizedek in a
group energy blast setting. Come fill your heart with love & help anchor
this Love and Light energy within and on the planet!
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On Demand Webinars:

11/11 Divine Energy Download Telecall/Webinar”
Connect with the 11/11 energies and your own I AM Presence
during this guided meditation and receive Divine Love and Light
energetic downloads for greater love, joy, peace and abundance in your life!
Past webinar held 11/11/12.
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Day of Decision Spiritual Blueprint Activation Telecall/Webinar”
Join with others across the world in Day of Decision activities
Work with your own I AM Presence to download 5th Dimensional energies
to activate your own Spiritual Blueprint and 12-Strand DNA.
Past webinar held 10/21/12.
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Other Upcoming Webinars:

“I Can’t Stand it Anymore.. I Need Divine Nourishment”
Interactive workshop where you can Participate in exercises to
release toxic thoughts and emotions for good so that you can
accept more high vibration Divine Energy into your being.
(Coming Soon)

“Have More For Less” ~ Master the Art of Joyful, Balancing Living
(Coming Soon!)

Self-Love Maximized” ~ How to fill your own cup till it runneth over!
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