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The Giving and Receiving Circle of Life

by LaTonya in Awaken Your Spirit

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We are co-creating life on Earth with Spirit.

There is a give and receive exchange process going on that forms a basis for the ever-present Circle of Life.

The Giving Part – We give our light to the consciousness of humanity.
The Receiving Part – We receive back high vibrations and wisdom from the consciousness of humanity.

Most of the time, this circle of exchange is not visible to the naked eye (or the brain that often looks for straight lines between cause and effect.)

Examples of the Giving & Receiving Exchange Process in my Life.

Here are a couple of examples of this exchange process from my own life experience:

Example: When a close friend went through a cancer journey, I was encouraged to go visit the person and touch them.  It was shared that the Healing Angels had shared “keycodes” with me that I would then facilitate being delivered to the ill patient by holding their feet sometime during the visit.

At the time, I had asked “Well, can’t the Healing Angels simply deliver the energetic keycodes to the person directly, without my being involved?”  I was told that there was something involved where the energies would need to run through a human being first before being delivered to my friend.  So I made the long trip to go visit my beloved friend, who was in a hospital about 200 miles away.  The entire process was rejuvenating for both my friend and me and I was glad I participated.

Another example:  When I first moved to Sedona, it was shared that I was encouraged to live at a particular home in a particular area in Sedona.  It was explained that there were keycodes within my energy field that were going to be delivered into the earth in the area where I was going to live. (This was around 2012.  It was shared that the home I lived in at that time had energy vortexes on it that were connected to other energy vortexes on the opposite sides of Sedona.)

By living in that area, I delivered those keycodes into the earth.  The Giving Part of this transmission was unconscious on my part.  By that, I mean I didn’t feel anything substantially different in my physical body at the time of transfer.   The transfer of the keycodes into the Earth enabled certain of the Earth’s energy portals to be opened.   The Receiving Part of the process occurred because once the keycodes were delivered and the portals opened, then back through those same portals came higher-vibrational energy that assisted Humanity and me to raise our vibration. [2]

It appears that alot of the energetic changes we’re going through on the planet right now are either inspired by or accomplished through energetic transfers invisible to our physical 5 senses.

Often, we lightworkers are energetic keyholders that contribute more to the upliftment and transformation of mass consciousness than we every imagined possible.

The same is true for our children.

Children Soon to Be Borne are Also Participating in this Giving & Receiving Exchange Process

It has been shared that children born in 2017 and beyond will come in with a greater merging of the physical and Divine Essence than we originally experienced when we were born.  Their I AM is going to be more physically present within than has occurred with children incarnating in the past.

These new children bring gifts to Humanity.

Mother Mary and Archangel Garbriel recently shared that the energy, light, love, codes and wisdom of these children will “be grounded from their soul into the consciousness of humanity and will, therefore, exist within the energetic fields of humanity as a whole and individuals.” [1]

So these new children are going to be giving from their energy system to the consciousness of Humanity.

The coming children will not necessarily be more spiritually evolved than those already borne. So we won’t always be able to look at their actions on earth and say “hey, there goes one of those spiritually evolved children”.

Instead, it appears that a silent transfer of energy is going to take place, just by these children being borne on Earth.

“Their simple birth allows them to impart sacred and necessary wisdom, codes and light which needs to synthesize with energies already present within the consciousness of humanity, thus creating a merging of the Creator to bring forth heightened states of awareness.”[1]

Just as these coming children are bringing energetic gifts to Humanity’s Consciousness (the Giving Part), Humanity has given gifts to these children that are allowing them to come in now with a greater level of merging of the physical and Divine.

Without the hard work of the “old guard” that resulted in a raising of Humanity’s consciousness, these new children would not be able to now come in with the new higher level of consciousness, or merger, they’ll come in with (the Receiving Part).

The Circle of Life is complete.

Thank you for Contributing to the Circle of Life

It was the great advancement and hard work of those on Earth right now and our ancestors that has “opened the door” for these new souls.

So we are all working together, the old guard with the new guard.

Neither is better or more advanced than the other.  Each forms a unique, critical and wonderful piece to the mosiac of All That Is.

Thank you to the children soon coming.  I thank you and I honor you.

Thank you to you, my friend reading this right now, for all you have done and shared with All that Is, just by being you.  We wouldn’t be here right were we are, in this perfect place, without you.

Natalie Glasson:  Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity

Here’s a message from Spirit explaining more about how the coming children will assist in transformation and how we can surround ourselves in love bubbles that will help us incorporate more of our own Divine Essence into the physical.

New Empowering Declaration for You

I’ve also created a Declaration from the helpful information in this tip.  It’s called “I am Surrounded in Creator’s Love Bubbles”.


Click the picture to the left or the Declarations Picture in the sidebar on the right to see the Declaration.


[1]  SOURCE:  “Shifts in Consciousness of Humanity”, by Mother Mary  & Archangel Gabriel through Natalie Glasson, 9/16/16 at

[2]  Note:  I shared the above experiences from my own life (the examples), not to boast, but to give examples of how incredible important each and every one of us are in these shifting times.  Some may feel they are not participating or not doing enough, when nothing could be further from the truth.  While looking at events externally with our 5 physical senses, it may seem like nothing is going on, energetically profound change may be occurring.

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