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The Dance of Life Reflected

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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Life … I’ll take the ups, the downs, the pain, the joy, the frustration, the exhilaration…
I’ll take the rain for with it comes the rainbow.
I’ll take it all and use it to help me reflect more of what I AM – Divine Love and Light Incarnate.

This video really appealed to me today and so I wanted to share it with all of you…

I love Life!

I dedicate this video to my Star Family on planet and off ….
I dedicate this to you and me traveling together on waves of Love and Light …
Thank you for joining me on the wonderful journey of Life!

We are One!



Video Credit:
Youtube: TakeSomeCrime’s channel:  My Excellence – Rain on Me

Why I love this video…

The rain for me is the new high vibrational energy flooding the planet that is really you and me…

I’ll take all the rain I can get for with that rain comes the rainbows…

Even though we may not be able to see it with out physical eyes or hear about it with our ears, Humanity is indeed making great strides forward at this time.

The flowing, intricacy of this dance of this beloved soul in the video to me represents the Dance of Life…it also represents the dance of us lightworkers in tandem with all of Humanity as those around us participate and contribute to the upliftment of all in their own precious, indispensable way…

Love, peace and blessings to all!


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