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Thank you!

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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As I continue opening up to greater aspects of both my own being and the All, so too does my understanding of the grand magnificence of the Divine Plan I live in continue expanding…

So too does my gratefulness for all the beauty and joy of my life expand. I understand that every day is a day upon which I can grant myself the gift of living from my Sacred Heart, in joy, in peace, and in abundance.

So today and always, I share my gratitude and say thank you…

Thank you to my mom and dad and my most immediate biological family for choosing to give birth to me and for loving, nurturing, challenging and supporting me through life…

In fact, thank you to all who have challenged me, criticized me, condemned me or hurt me … you have helped me on a continual journey of understanding that we are the same – we are one – you have helped me to understand the me expressing as US better, which has yielded the heartfelt Knowing that I can share ever greater love to receive it.

Thank you to all the readers, members, participants and supporters. This platform has allowed me a means of growth and sharing with our world and I thank you for joining me on the journey.

Thank you to all of Humanity for joining me on the joyous ride of life and for choosing together with me on the Harmonic Convergence (11/11/87) to Go For It, to go for expansion rather than destruction and together manifest higher vibrational living and ascension, on planet Earth.

Thank you to my guides, guardians and angels for your lifelong, and lifetime after lifetime, dedicated service, assistance and support as I unfold like the beautiful lotus flower into the galactic being of light that I AM.

Thank you to my I AM Presence, that greater part of me that is me as the ALL…thank you for sharing, beaming and extending to me the Love and Light energy enabling my ascension to be a joyful, loving and graceful process.

Thank you to my Galactic Star Family for being here for so long, sight unseen, without praise or any significant recognition at all… thank you for so lovingly, gently, assertively and passionately assisting in the upliftment of us All…

Thank you to Gaia for being in such a state of self-love and connectedness so as to put out that call for assistance some 70 years ago, not only on your own behalf, but on behalf of all Humanity who at the time was blind to both the errors of our ways and the true divine, creative power within.

Thank you to Creator or granting us all the freedom to live, explore, learn, grow and expand at our own pace yet unconditionally loving us through it all and constantly nurturing us in the cradle of everlasting peace, love and joy.

Thank you to the All…for all the Love.

Blessed be. And so it is.

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