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How to Connect with your Guides

by LaTonya October 5, 2018
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The message below includes helpful information on how to connect with our Spiritual Guides and the Angels.  These same tips can be used to connect with our own intuitive nature, Creator, God, Gaia, Star Family and/or our own intuitive nature. Note:  The end of the video also contains a recent message from JFK that I […]

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How to Go Within

by LaTonya February 21, 2017
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As we are each unique sparks of Divine Light, our individual paths to ascension may differ.   Thus it is important that we remember to go within and connect with our own Divine Essence to gain insight, clarity and support on our journey.  No one knows you next best step better than You. Below are a […]

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Why the "Fringe" TV Show is not so "On the Fringe".

by LaTonya February 21, 2011
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I watched the episode entitled ‘6B” of the Fringe TV show last week and thought it did an excellent job of portraying so much of what’s actually happening RIGHT NOW in our world.  Not the doom or gloom parts, but events, occurrences and actualities in our everyday lives.  Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come […]

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4 Steps for Activating Powerful Choice and Manifestation

by LaTonya August 27, 2010
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I’ve been thinking about the power of choice lately.  I, like you, have a magnificent creative ability.  To create, we have to choose.  I can exercise my power of choice to manifest that which is desired.  I often wonder, though, how can I more effectively use my abilities to choose and create to improve my […]

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Helping our Parents or Loved Ones in Financial Distress

by LaTonya June 16, 2009

Are you in a situation where your parents, a friend, or other loved one is facing financial distress? Looking for a way to encourage them, help them, support them? Then read here for some pearls of wisdom from a coaching client on this very issue…. Cathy’s Dilemma I’d like to share with you some of […]

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What Does Your Intuition Say About the Swine-Flu Situation?

by LaTonya April 29, 2009
The Human Body Chakra System

By now, you may have heard about the illnesses and deaths across the world associated with the Swine-Flu.  What do you believe has caused this?  Better yet, do you Know? When I first heard about it, my intuition kicked in and began sending me those oh so familiar signals. You know the ones…

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