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Story: Increasing the Peace on a Down Day

by LaTonya in Calm the Mind

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My Dilemma

Yesterday started off as a down day for me. I’d just spent the greater part of last week doing a great deal of writing – on both my upcoming book, as well as this site –  and the highs from being in the “zone” for so long eventually caught up with me… and I went sliding from high heaven back down to ground zero. I experienced what many of us experience after the holiday season…the expectation builds and builds and builds, then the big holidays end and some feel sad or look around asking “what now?,”  “What’s there to be excited about now?”

The Choice

So yesterday, started off as a downer day.  However, I remembered to remember that I was not alone, and I reached out for support and also went within and then took action to recraft my mood into a more pleasant one.

One of the things I love to do to improve my mood is to write.  When I’m feeling down for whatever reason, I’ll often just pull out a piece of paper and just start writing about whatever’s happening.  I find that no matter how negative I start out, eventually, my Higher Self comes to my aid and begins comforting me and counseling me on how to improve my situation.

Here’s an excerpt of the freeflow writing I did yesterday to reclaim a state of peace for myself…minus the beginning paragraphs which I haven’t included for the sake of brevity…

So, in case you were wondering…this is the part of my site that’s “LaTonya Harrison…writing.”  🙂

Have a great day everyone!





I have so many thoughts going on inside.
So many jumbled feelings surrounding these thoughts.

What can I do to release this…
Writing it down and getting it out of me is a good start.

I feel sad because…


What do I choose in my life….

I choose freedom…
I choose joy…
I choose excitement…
I choose Love…
I choose peace.

Above all, I choose peace.

Peace with myself…
Peace with my life…
Peace with others in my life…

Peace with what’s coming…
Peace with what’s around the bend that I know nothing about.

Peace with whether the business fails or succeeds….
Peace with the role I have to play within it…

Peace with myself for the live I’ve lived….
Peace with my heart knowing it’s always been in the right place…
Peace with the moon, the sun, the stars and Mother Earth…
Peace with my God knowing I’ve never been alone…

I choose to see the Peace within to see the Peace without and all about.

Is there something in your life about which you’re seeking peace?


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