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Intuitive Readings

Do you want:

… 2016 to be your best year yet – the start of the greatest chapter of your life?

… A more joyful life without all the constant struggling?

… Greater clarity on what’s happening in your life – so that you can take action to get the results you want?

… An authentic life filled with harmony and happiness that reflects, supports and expresses who you really are?

You can have that life!

You deserve that life!

An Intuitive Reading can help you claim it and much more!

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What is an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading is a private session with Charles and/or LaTonya  focused on helping you gain clarity on your life including life purpose and path, health, energy, prosperity, business and creative goals, career direction, relationships, etc.

An intuitive reading session can help people gain clarity about their direction in life, current blocks to greater happiness and fulfillment and steps you can take to merge and integrate your spirituality with daily life so you can joyfully express as the divinely creative and powerful being you truly are.

Readings are delivered via email and include multiple modalities according to your personal circumstances such as intuitive guidance and support, coaching, energy, pendulum and angel card readings.   We combine our intuitive, coaching and  other transformative techniques to provide you with a fantastic combination of answers, support, guidance and real-life approaches, tools and techniques so that you leave with not only more support and information about the energies and circumstances affecting you and your life, but suggestions for what you can do about it right here and right now to effectuate true, positive, lasting change and upliftment in your life.

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Gain the Clarity, Answers and Support you’re Looking for!

During your reading you’ll receive guidance in areas such as:

Career: What career path would bring you the greatest happiness and fulfillment, and what can you do right now to create, re-create or transition in your current career so that you are aligned and expressing most powerfully with your life purposes and passion

Relationships:  As hard as it is sometimes, relationships are the primary method of expansion and growth in our lives.  An Intuitive Reading can give you greater clarity on steps you can take to create amazing, loving, mutually supportive and expansive relationships both with self and those around you.

Life Purpose:  Each of us has multiple life purposes, passions and missions during this our most influential incarnation of all.  The clearest and most accurate guidance regarding your life path and purpose flows through you.  A reading will help you connect with that inner knowing you already possess on your life purpose and passion in ways that will assist you in sharing the unique, divine soul lightsong you came here to express!

Health:  You are entitled to a joyful, pain free life!  Take a step forward to claim it!  Are you ready to move past what’s having an unfavorable effect on your health? Want support and guidance on what you can do to resolve a chronic or acute pain or discomfort that’s hampered your life for far too long?  Wondering which herbs are best for your current condition? Book an intuitive reading and take a step forward to claim the pain-free and discomfort-free living that is your birthright!

Energy Mastery:  As you may be aware, everything is energy and everything you desire in your life you can get through energy management.  Wondering which of your chakras are functioning well and which need some extra attention?  Are you ready for DNA activations and, if so, which of the 5 levels of DNA activation are right for you?  Having trouble clearing your energetic space?  An intuitive reading can assist you in these endeavors and much more.

Spiritual Expansion:  This is an incredibly transformative time on planet Earth.  Are you ready to step further into Divine Expression at the highest level?  Looking to establish a closer relationship with your highest self?  Wondering which path to take to accomplish all this most easily and quickly?  Book an intuitive reading for clear, fast energetic support for your ultimate expansion.

Here are other topics we can cover in your intuitive readings:

  • Getting unstuck
  • Making Decisions
  • What’s waiting for me in life?
  • What factors are impacting my life at this time?
  • Which gemstone, color or metal is good for me?
  • Bringing Balance to life
  • What’s waiting for you in life
  • Financial abundance and prosperity
  • What chakras or other energetics is impacting my prosperity at this time?
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Is X a good partner, friend or companion for me?  (Send us pictures)
  • Emotions
  • Self-confidence/Self-esteem
  • Self-expression, expressing your inner truths
  • Joy
  • What stands in the way of my happiness at this time?
  • Creativity
  • Connection to others and humanity
  • Psychic Development
  • What would help me expand my health, energy and dynamism the most right now?
  • What, if anything, is holding me back from connecting with others at a stronger level?
  • Intuition
  • Spirituality

Why Now?

Are you tired of going in circles?  Confused about where to go or what to do next to accomplish what you desire out of your life?  Looking for guidance or support on how you can take things up a notch?  You are in charge of your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  If you’re feeling stuck right now, let us support you through integral change and transformation during these magnificent times.  Book a reading and get quick, clear, accurate guidance and support for enhancing your life.  It’s that simple and truly effective and life changing.

Our rich, Spirit-guided, heart-centered intuitive readings provide spiritual support and guidance through multiple modalities for increased manifestation, prosperity consciousness, relationships, energy mastery, and spiritual awakening and expansion and will enlighten and empower you to express as the totally conscious, abundant and powerful divine being you came here to be, without sacrificing your values or playing small another minute.

Book your reading now and let’s get started!

Book an Intuitive Reading

You’re just a click away from having a truly energizing, life-changing, eye-opening experience!  Trust in the fact that you’ve been guided here to this page for a reason. Let us share with you positive, helpful messages of joy, upliftment and empowerment that you can use right now to expand your life.

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