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Energy Blast Sessions

What is an Energy Blast Session?

Energy Blast sessions are like an energetic pick-me-up!

Helpful, Divine Energies surround us at all times. We just have to tap into it! Divine Spirit surrounds you always awaiting your permission to shower you with Divine Energy for great joy, upliftment and fulfillment!

Charles, a coach and energy facilitator here at has a spiritual gift in which has agrees to open himself up physically to allow transformative, healing, Divine Energies of Creator and Spirit to flow through him and out to others. When serving as a channel of Divine Energy in this way, Charles pulses Divine Energy out through his wholeness of being for healing, clearing and the upliftment of vibration of all.

How Does an Energy Blast Session Work?

Basically, when Charles does an energy blasting session, he and Spirit will work cooperatively with you, your full Divine Essence and your guides to sense the state of energies surrounding you at any given moment. Some of these energies may have been traveling with you for lifetimes and are awaiting release! Through the setting of intent, Charles only works with Divine Energies of the highest vibration coming forth in Love and Light for the highest and best good of all. Charles then open himself to these Divine Energies flowing through him and thereafter transmits healing energies through his hands and being to clear, heal, transmute and release negative, congested and stuck energies impacting your life.

When working with Charles in these energy blast sessions, many experience a lightness of being in the head and heart, a release of anger, sadness or pessimism, and increased joy, optimism, energy and vitality. The energy blasting sessions are available in group or private sessions and can be conducted remotely (at a distance), or in person, your choice.

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The Energy Blast sessions bring up energies that are no longer serving you for release and transmutation and can assist in clearing past life karmic energeis that may be holding you back from living the joyful, empowered life that is your birthright. Here are just a few areas that can be relieved, resolved or expanded through Energy Blast sessions:

  • Release of astral energy attachments
  • Coordination and upliftment of aspect energy
  • Easing and release of pain, grief, and emotional trauma energies
  • General clearing, releasing and transmutation
  • Home Energy Balancing and Clearing
  • Personal Healing, Animal Healing
  • Clearing of your energetic space so that you can relax, expand and thrive.

For many years now, Charles has been blasting energy in this way to assist clients both near and far and the world. Now you too can receive the benefit of these Divine, healing energies personally without ever leaving your own home!

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