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How to Release Low Vibration Energy the Easy Way

by LaTonya in Heal the Body

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You are deserving of the miraculous, high vibrational frequencies flooding the planet at this time.  Ascension is “movement” and we can accomplish the Shift or ascension much more quickly and easily by choosing to allow these New Energies to ground into our being and uplift our vibration to a new, higher level.  The time is now! So if you’re ready for more, if you’re past ready to encompass all that is your birthright, then read on to find out simple steps you can take to ground this new way of living and being into your daily life right now!

PART I: Ascension is happening now.

High Vibration Energy is Flooding the Planet at this Time.

Ascension is characterized by the new input onto the Earthplane of lifeforce energy, consciousness units called akash, or adamantine essence. Before the dimensional expansion of ascension began, a stepped down version of these adamantine particles were being transmitted and received here on Earth, perceived as electromagnetic energy.  Now the purer forms of adamantine particles are being delivered and received on the Earth and this is what is known as the New High Vibration Energy, or New Energy.

Ascension can also be described as the ability of humanity to rise into the crystalline dimensions previously unavailable to us. It’s a return to our natural, true God Selves.  The forward movement of the ascension has been dramatically sped up by the Harmonic Convergence and the replacement of the magnetic grid with the crystalline grid.

The grids across the planet are our support structure for the level of energy that passes across and through the planet. Planet Earth has been kept vibrationally low for eons, with the grids being kept from working at maximum capacity. In fact, some of the grids were barely functioning at all and this has resulted in much being kept from the human race.

This is all changing Now!  We’ve Evolved!

Meteors, solar flares and other astrological events are continuing to flood the planet with higher vibrational energy to assist in the Earth and our ascension process. The astrological events deliver the energy to the Earth where it is absorbed into the crystalline grid. We then absorb this energy from the grid into our being, including our DNA, to assist with our own ascension process.

So the good news is that as more of this high vibrational energy hits this planet, both the level of consciousness and the ease of the process of ascension increases. The time we’ve been awaiting is here, dear ones.

The challenge presented at the same time though is that, as this New, High Vibration Energy hits the Earth, it triggers the lower vibration energies we’re still carrying in the physical and we begin to feel uncomfortable because the low vibration and high vibration energies are not compatible and can’t occupy the same space within us.


As New Energy Arrives, Low Vibrational Energy within must Exit!

The rate of an individual’s ascension is determined by his/her intent, light quotient and ability to absorb enhanced energy.

To incorporate more of this New Energy, we must set our intent and devote time and energy to opening up space within to receive it. One way we can do this is by releasing low vibration energy that is no longer serving us. That’s the space all of Humanity is in right now. We must release the low vibration energy to allow in more of the new.

What is this Low Vibration Energy?

We entered the 3rd dimension with many different energies which have steadily accumulated over our numerous lifetimes of experience. These energies make up our energetic body which consists of emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

Each of our emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs carries its own frequency and, whether we’re aware of it or not, all of these frequencies are aligned with our healing purpose. Thus, even low vibration energy is here to serve us.

However, much of this low vibration energy is stored within our chakras and this time of ascension is about releasing and/or transmuting this low vibration energy which no longer serves us into high vibration energy that matches the vibration of the huge amounts of New Energy flooding the planet at this time.

Low vibration energy contributes to anger, sadness, depression, confusion, pessimism and anxiety, etc., as well as increased physical pain and discomfort in the body.  The low vibration energy stored within can be difficult to release without focused intent and action on our part and, without release, these energies attract more low vibration energy to us, completely disrupting our sincere efforts to raise our energy and ascend. Additionally, if we have too much low vibration energy stored in the cells of our body, the New Energy flooding the planet right now can’t get in!

How to know when it’s time to let the low vibration energy go.

When you become aware of feelings of dissatisfaction or unhappiness with your life, that’s a sign that you are ready to release these old frequencies and reground into the New Energy.

Feeling stuck is another way we experience this because when we are grounded in the old energy, there is little movement in our life. Feeling stuck is our soul’s call to transform, to release what no longer has a place in our energetic body. It’s our soul’s call to allow new energies into our reality and shift into new paradigms so that we can be free to experience life on a whole new level.

Feeling pain or discomfort in the physical body is another clue that it’s time to release low vibration energy. As the waves of New Energy hitting the planet continue to increase, the amount of pain or discomfort we experience when low vibration energy still exists within is going to increase as well! It doesn’t have to be that way!  We can take effective steps to let the low vibration energy go!

Here’s the catch though. The process of releasing low vibration energy can be challenging because, as humans, we often feel most safe and comfortable with the familiar. Even if the familiar is not really comfortable or secure for us. There is a certain security in knowing where we are, even if that is not where we really want to be. Have you experienced this?

PART III: What We Can Do.

Commit to Letting the Low Vibration Energy Go!

Here’s a recent message from the High Council of Orion regarding the need for release of low vibration energies on the path towards stepping out of illusion and into ascension ( ) …

When you are shown how to live the fullest then you are being shown a route out of illusion and into the freedom that is there in front of you…We note how many cry out in despair from within illusion seeking a way out. We can guide at all times dear ones, but we cannot do the work for you. That is down to you.

Merely reading our words will help you to see the illusion you struggle to gain a footstep out of but it will not take you out of illusion. For that is down to you.

Do you see how you are further disempowered by illusion and the thinking that just reading words of guidance are the way forward? We seek to empower the human race for the human race is only now beginning to wake up fully to all that it can be.

We guide all to release the lower vibrations and to actively work at balancing and recentering at all times. For in the balance and the silence, you can hear the voice that resides within helping you to step out of illusion.

Are you ready?

Did the above message from Spirit resonate with you?

The New Energy flooding the planet at this time is helping us and presenting an opportunity for ascension. The mere availability of this Niew Energy though does not mean that everyone will immediately grasp the opportunity presented. The choice to release the old and incorporate the New Energy  remains with you.  However, ascension requires that we release the low vibration energy within FIRST, to open up space for the new.

Ascension is like a newly opened frequency doorway that we each individually must choose to enter when we’re ready.Regrounding into the New Energy requires conscious intention, courage and support. Reading about ascension and New Energy is not enough. Spirit cannot and will not do this for us. It’s up to us individually to set our intents and exercise the focus, dedication and action necessary to release low vibration energy and welcome in New Energy and incorporate it.

Ascension is about the incorporation and movement into higher crystalline, adamantine particle energy. It’s about the expanded ability of each of us to rise into the crystalline dimensions previously unavailable to us to make that long-awaited leap into expression of our True, Divine Nature.

So how about you?

Are you ready?

Are you going to delay acceptance of this Divine New Energy?

Are you willing to put your freedom on hold yet again?


Is your desire for change greater than any fear eased by remaining where you are?

Are you ready to release old energies so that you can open up more space to accept in the New Energy that will assist in a smooth and graceful ascension process?

November 11, 2011 is one of the two remaining triple date portals before 12/12/12 and promises to deliver a huge upgrade in energy to the entire planet.

Will you be ready to accept that New Energy in?

Have you released the low vibration energy within to open up space for the new?

If not, the time to do so is now.

If you’re reading this, we say, you are ready! Perhaps your Divine Essence has even led you to this page to learn how we can support you in this process!

Release low vibration energy the easy way!

One quick way to quickly release low vibrational energy is to clear the chakras!

Do it the easy way and Join the 15Chakra Energy Blast System today!!


What are Chakras?

Stated plainly, chakras are energy centers in our bodies. They are openings for lifeforce energy to flow in and out of our body and energetic field, or aura. Each chakra contains data (energy) referring to our past, present and future thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. Chakras nourish and vitalize our physical body and aid in awareness of our consciousness level and the level of low/high energy we may be carrying within.

Traditionally, we’ve had 7 main chakras and hundreds of secondary chakras open and active within the physical human body. In the traditional 7 Chakra System, each chakra vibrates at a different speed and has a particular color associated with it. Your 7 main chakras are connected to and work hand in hand with all the vital organs and other chakras in your energy body system. When one chakra become out of balance, the body becomes out of balance and the related organs and your physical being can become vulnerable to pain, discomfort and dis-ease.

It is important to take care of your chakra system with the same love and concern that you do your physical body. Anytime there is something going on in the body that shouldn’t be, it is due to an underlying blockage or issue in the corresponding chakra that requires attention.

Also, did you know that our chakras can be tuned up just like a car? This will help us release low vibration energies stored in the chakras and can help even the most stressed out person regain their sense of calm, peace and inner serenity regardless of what is going on around them.

We invite you to consider accepting an Energy Blast to help clear, balance and re-energize the traditional 7 Chakra System. Doing so will help you release low vibration energy and allow your chakras and entire energy system to function in harmony thereby restoring peace, health, happiness and vitality to your life.

Guess What? Our 7 Chakra System has Expanded!

A new and interesting change as a result of the New Energy now flooding the planet is that our traditional 7 Chakra System has expanded. We now have 15 core chakras instead of just 7!

Let’s take a moment to congratulate ourselves on how far we’ve come! Just think … the shifting energies on the planet have been so dramatic that even our energetic chakra system has had to shift, adapt and multiply to handle the influx of New Energy coming onto the planet. We are magnificent and this is the time we’ve been waiting for!

The current 7 Chakra System helped us develop a connection with earth and our physical body. The new 15 Chakra System will help us raise our energy level and develop a deeper connection to our Higher Self, the Universe, the Divine Will of God, Ascended Masters, our Star Family and many other Galactic Beings of Light.

15 Chakra System Diagram

Additionally, as part of the ascension process, the lower 2 chakras (root chakra and sacral chakra) are gradually moving up into Sacred Heart Center (which is currently composed of the willpower chakra, 3 heart chakras and the throat chakra).   The Sacred Heart Center will be our new “root chakra” upon ascension. Source: Archangel Michael, Master Kirael and the Galactic Federation of Light.

These transformation has already begun to occur in countless lightworkers. If left alone without our active involvement, these new chakras CAN and WILL eventually activate, open and merge on their own. But without our active participation, this could take years! Why not get actively involved and speed up the process and your ascension through your focused intent!

Many of us still have lots of low vibration energy buried within our chakras and bodies, and, as a result, much of the New Energy being beamed to the planet can’t get in! It’s just sitting OUTSIDE our bodies, perhaps even in our 3 New Top Chakras, just waiting to come in and assist us.  So for many, this New Energy can’t flow in until we release the low vibrational energy.

How can we do that?

How can we release low vibration energy and uplift our entire energy body system at the same time?


The 15Chakra Energy Blast System

Release any Remaining Low Vibration Energy holding you back PLUS Clear, Cleanse, Balance, Activate, Anchor and Merge the energies of your entire chakra system, including the new chakras!

By actively participating in the process of releasing low vibration energy and installing and activating your new chakra system, you’ll open up space to receive more New Energy, thereby smoothing your way during these current, shifting times and ensuring your ascension process is the peaceful and joyful experience it can be!


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