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Natural Vision Remedy for Eye Floaters

by LaTonya in Heal the Body

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Are you experiencing “eye floaters”?  You know those clear, irregular shaped objects that seem to run across your vision?  Wondering what you can do about them?

I went to the eye doctor recently to get new eyeglasses.  As an aside, I am nearsighted and many around me have opted to lasik surgery on their eyes.  So far I’m holding out on that.  While my lenses are thick, I feel that  the new energies arising on the planet are going to help with improving my vision.  I’ve already noticed increased vision without my having done anything and I look forward to a restoration of my natural vision.

One of the standard questions on the eye exam questionnaire related to eye floaters.

What are eye floaters you ask?

Eye floaters are those tiny spots, specks, flecks and “cobwebs” that drift aimlessly around in your field of vision. While annoying, ordinary eye floaters and spots are very common and usually aren’t cause for alarm.

Floaters and spots typically appear when tiny pieces of the eye’s gel-like vitreous break loose within the inner back portion of the eye.

When we are born and throughout our youth, the vitreous has a gel-like consistency. But as we age, the vitreous begins to dissolve and liquefy to create a watery center.

Some undissolved gel particles occasionally will float around in the more liquid center of the vitreous. These particles can take on many shapes and sizes to become what we refer to as “floaters.”

You’ll notice that these types of spots and floaters are particularly pronounced when you peer at a bright, clear sky or a white computer screen. But you can’t actually see tiny bits of debris floating loose within your eye. Instead, shadows from these floaters are cast on the retina as light passes through the eye, and those shadows are what you see.

You’ll also notice that these specks never seem to stay still when you try to focus on them. Floaters and spots move when your eye moves, creating the impression that they are “drifting.”

Natural Vision Remedies for Floaters

Note:  An article I ran across shared that “If you see a shower of floaters and spots, sometimes accompanied by light flashes, you should seek medical attention immediately.”

A friend of mine is a Natural Vision expert and shared with me a few natural approaches that have worked for her and her clients to decrease the normal, non-emergency type eye floaters.  Here’s what she shared:

Yes one of my vocations: I have been a Natural Vision trainer for over 30 years. There is a process called “palming” developed over 100 year as ago by Dr William Bates MD of New York.

What to do:

You rub (in circular motion for a few seconds) the palms of your hands and cup each hand together side by side over the eyes. Fingertips on your forehead and eye sockets totally free of any pressure from the palm.

Rest your elbows on a table on a pillow and rest your head gently into your warm hands.

No pressure, just letting that natural vortex energy from the healing palm of your hands relax, soothe, and warm the eyes. This is good for everyone.

I no longer have floaters and no longer need glasses and used to wear bi-vocals and contacts.

Stress, emotional and mental along with wearing glasses and contacts is a primary cause of most issues and eye strain and floaters can calm down quite quickly. The more we wear them the stronger they get due to how these distorted lenses stress the system over time.

When: the more frequently you do this every day the better the results. Soldiers in WW1 palmed in the foxholes in order to keep their vision sharp under that stress with great results.

Palm in the AM upon waking, and before bed for 10 or more minutes, and throughout the day as you can. You will begin to find that the eyes will respond, floaters diminish and vision often improves.

There is a wonderful book by a former trainer of mine: RELEARNING TO SEE by Thomas Quackenbush and it is available on Amazon.


You can also take Eye Formula or Eyebrite, (anything with with bilberry) and health food stores have many products. Occupier is another product on Tremendous organic and pure health products are on that site. Massage is a tremendous help as well for we hold so much tension in shoulders and neck.

It is fun and so beneficial and the vision students over the years who palmed the most had the fastest return to greatly improved or restored vision. Relaxation is the key and returning to natural vision habits along with reducing dependency upon glasses and contacts all work together to restore vision naturally.

Author: Globalmuse


I used to practice Dahn Yoga.  It’s interesting that this practice of “palming” was an everyday technique used by Dahn Yoga during their yoga sessions.  It was always one of my favorite parts of the yoga session because it was always very warm and relaxing on the eyes, just as Globalmuse above stated.  Another tip I picked up from Dahn Yoga while doing this was to “breathe in through the eyes”.

Standard disclaimer applies. This is not medical advice.  Please see your doctor for treatment and diagnosis of any medical condition.

I hope you have enjoyed this information. Please feel free to share your suggestions or remedies for eye floaters in the comments section below.


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Harry madi April 4, 2015 at 3:31 pm

…”all you need is love”…the beatles… hey thank y’ll…for the goodly advise about the “eye-floaties”. It twas helpful. And remember that ” Edward Snowden is a true international hero, and is deserving of a Presidential Pardon; so he can come home.” All Peace All Peace


LaTonya April 12, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Hi Harry,
I so agree on both counts. All we need is Love. And I’d support a Presidential Pardon for Edward Snowden. Love, peace and blessings, LaTonya


many names December 26, 2017 at 8:13 am

hey LaTonya,
Should the eyes be open or closed?


LaTonya February 5, 2018 at 11:06 pm

Hi Many Names, I encourage you to go within and use your own discernment as to whether to have your eyes open or closed when doing the palming. Or ask your Divine Self or your angels or guides for suggestions. You could also just try it both ways and see which one feels best for you. For me, I have my eyes open when palming as I love the feeling as that warming, nourishing energy from my palms hits the eye. Blessings!


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