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My November 11th To Do List – Top 10

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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Enhance your life  by taking time today to experience the enormous boost of energy flowing through both Mother Earth’s grid system and our individual energy fields today.  If you’re looking for something to do today, here are a few steps you can take both today and from now on to incorporate the maximum New Energy within for your glorious awakenings, expansion and ascension.

I call this list my November 11th Top- 10 -To- Do List!   Enjoy!

(Note: items listed in no particular order…)

Set Your Intent – to be open to receive all the New Energy currently flooding the planet and available to you in ways filled with ease and grace and for your highest and best good…

Rest and Relax  – as you go about your day, simply flow easily and in a state of openness knowing that the New Energy is effortlessly flowing into your being releasing and transmuting all that is ready for release and replacing it instead with the highest level of Love and Light energy …

Breathe – as you do so you could envision a magenta/pink color filling your entire being…Breathe in the magenta/pink and breathe out magenta pink.  As the Archangel Metatron meditation referenced below suggests, surrounding ourselves in this magenta/pink color today will enhance our ability to release old stuck energies and joyfully step into the New.

Spend Time in Nature – take a walk, sit against a tree, or just look up into the sky and declare to the Universe your intentions to accept in the New Energy for wholeness of being, joyful, empowered living and stepping forward into your I AM Presence.

Take a Bath with Sea Salt or Epsom Salt – You could relax in the water, add some lavender oil, put out candles, turn on your favorite meditation or relaxation music and really nurture and pamper yourself!  We’ve each come an enormous way to arrive where we are today and it’s okay to enhance our awakening by just relaxing, loving ourselves and basking in the high vibration energies available to all!

Call a Family Member & Tell Them You Love Them:

Many on earth who have been focusing purely on the physical or material environment that the illusion provides will receive a sharp shock or jolt [starting around November 11th and going forward] that will bring to their awareness a realization that there is much more to life than they had thought. There will be a large increase in the numbers of people embarking on spiritual quests as they experience “aha!” moments, giving them a sudden intuitive sense of the vast realms that exist beyond the physical and that, until now, they had thought were the unreal imaginings of the mentally unbalanced.
Saul, 11/09/2011 through John Smallman.

If you have family members that are not consciously aware of the significance of today’s date in Humanity’s history, consider giving them a call and simply telling them you love them, encourage them to breathe and relax today no matter what they’re doing and let them know you’re available if they ever want/need to talk.

Do the Metatron Meditation – This meditation is great for opening up your heart and consciousness to releasing the old and stepping in the New.  I did this meditation while in my sea salt bath this morning and came out of the bath feeling joyful, light, rejuvenated and refreshed.  This meditation was subtle, but surprisingly powerful and I encourage all to give this a try if it comes to you to do so.

Do the Envisioning and Creating your I Am Presence Meditation – The exercise shared in this video is great for helping bring the True You into Divine manifestation and expression in your life.

Participate in a Free Energy Blast – Click the link for instant access to a free energy blast session that will assist you in clearing your aura and energy bodies, balancing the chakras and opening up to incorporate as much of the New Energy within as possible.  It’s free!  Try it, you’ll like it!  lol!  It is our honor to share this free gift of energetic support with you today!

Attend the “Invisible to Invincible” Summit for Healers Event:
It has been shared that, at this free event, Archangel Michael will reveal how YOU can BE the Lightworker you came here to be and heal the planet while you personally thrive, shine and prosper!   Click Here to Learn More/Sign up.  (Note:  Although I’ll be attending this event today, I am not in any way connected with it and therefore cannot attest to anything regarding it.  It sounds fabulous though and I list it here for your convenience.)

Remember, you are loved, guided and protected at all times.  As we each take those steps to release stuck energies, balance our energy systems and incorporate more of our Divine Essence and the New Energy into our being, we’re helping open the pathways and make it easier for everyone else to do the same.  Take whatever action comes to your Sacred Heart to do today and you’ll be stepping directly into the Flow and helping to manifest our New Earth.

Congratulations on being here on this momentous day and time in Humanity’s history!

We are more grand than we know, more beautiful inside and out then we can presently see and more Divinely powerful than we can right now imagine!

Enjoy today… Enjoy Life!!

Love to you always and in all ways,


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