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Love, Awareness and Intention – Essential Keys to Transformation

by LaTonya in Calm the Mind

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Here are a few things I know:

  1.  We do not need spiritual gurus.
  2. Awareness and Intention are keys to transformation.
  3. Love is the answer to EVERYTHING.

The post below entitled “One plus One” from expresses these principles in a wonderful, clear manner.

Before we get to that, please allow me to share more about these three ideas that have so often been proven out in my experience that they are now a  knowingness for me.

1. We do not need spiritual gurus.

In the past, we might have looked to another person to tell us what we needed to do to heal or to ascend.  Religions were established to do just that.  In the past, we looked to religion to tell us how to find favor with God and others.

We’ve moved past that now.

Nowadays, more and more are looking for a fellow traveler, a friend, an equal, to share the journey of transformation with, instead of someone to tell us what to do.

Working with our Higher Self and I AM Presence, we could each sit inside a closet and transform if we wanted to.  By working with these parts of ourselves, we can accomplish whatever transformations we seek.

2.  Awareness and Intention are keys to transformation – whether it be mental, physical, spiritual or emotional transformation.

Once we become aware of something being out of balance in our lives, that awareness most often leads to an intention.  That intention is then passed on to our I Am Presence automatically, and then our own I AM Presence works with us, our Higher Self and Spirit to bring about the transformations needed to allow our life experience to match that of our intentions.

3.  Love is the Answer to Everything

We are each so loved.  We are constantly watched over, guided, supported and protected by Spirit, our own I AM Presence, our Higher Self, the angels, etc.

The fullness of you has great Love for you.  Your I AM Presence loves you.  Because we live on a free will planet, setting your intention gives Spirit, the Angels and your own I AM Presence the permissions needed to step in to assist you in getting where you wish to go.

We have to ask for their help though and one way we do this is by setting our intentions.  It is our own self-love and the Love of the One for us that jumpstarts the whole process that leads to us setting these intentions.

These intentions can be held consciously or unconsciously.  I am convinced that if we but love ourselves, truly, then these sacred intentions kick in automatically on either the conscious or unconscious level and Spirit has all that’s required to begin assisting us.

An Example

Here’s an example.  I was walking down the street the other day and noticed myself getting irritated that someone had parked their car in what I deemed to be my assigned parking space.

Instead of beating myself up for getting irritated, I decided to simply notice my reaction to this life circumstance.  In doing so, I noticed that I was reacting from a “there is not enough” mentality.  I noticed I was acting from a poverty consciousness and contracting my energy in fear, instead of expanding my energy knowing that there was enough and I could not be hurt.

That simple awareness that I was irritated and reacting in fear led me to set an intention.  I decided that I would now meet everything in life with an “I am safe and abundant” attitude.  I decided to meet life with an open, flexible, expansion of my energy, instead of contracting in fear.

Did all of these magical changes in me happen in an instant.  No!  The irritation did not stop immediately. I began to notice other situations in which I was contracting my energy.  I discovered this habitual reaction of contraction was happening much more often than I had previously noticed.

But over the course of a week, something magically happened and I no longer experienced someone parking in my space anymore.  This was after the issue having gone on for weeks before.  It was the same person parking in the space each time.  Instead of being angry at them thinking they were hurting me or victimizing me, I was able to see them as an angel bringing me a gift that encouraged me to look within for resolution.

I did nothing but work on myself and my response to a life challenge.  After that, my own I AM Presence and Spirit or the Universe worked the issue out for me.

My awareness, led to an intention which led to a transformation.  This particular transformation amounted to a very tangible, physical change in my outer life experience (that person is no longer parking in the space I perceived to be my assigned parking area.)

I have experienced this same type of transformation on other issues from physical health challenges, to recurring negative mental thoughts, and even nonbeneficial habits I have.

When we have the courage to simply observe ourselves and our reactions in life, the self-love kicks in and we begin setting positive intentions for ourselves and our lives.  Our own I AM Presence picks up those intentions and works with us and the Universal laws of creation and manifestation to bring about the transformations we seek.  These transformations start within us and we experience the effect of the changes within us by seeing changes in our outer life experience.

Stated Another Way…

Here’s that wonderful sharing from Steve Beckow on that I mentioned at the start sharing more about the importance of love and awareness.

One Plus One is One

I used to be able to separate awareness from love years ago, but nowadays, when I tune into my awareness, love arises with it.

Noticing this came about in the course of looking more deeply into my core issue of self-importance/entitlement, so as not to be swept away by the Reval.

When I went to expand my awareness, I experienced the flow of love. But I hadn’t called upon love. I’d called upon awareness.

I then realized that love and awareness travel together – provided we can vibrationally recognize and welcome them to begin with.

I’d known awareness before, but much of my learning about love has been much more recent. I hadn’t associated the two before. It just never occurred to me.

But how could awareness be everything and love be everything and awareness not be love? Everything plus everything is everything, is it not? One plus One is One.

A very simple consideration of the matter suggests that the situation couldn’t be any other way.


Perhaps two years ago, I saw that awareness was not neutral but dissolutive. All I needed to do was to rest in awareness of a vasana and its elements for it to disappear.

Now I see that awareness and love are one.

Some people say we should raise our core issues to awareness; other people say we should love them. As matters stand at the moment, with awareness and love being one, both sides are shown to be right.

Seeing this was for me the first incident of the day that was startling. The second came on the bus and was so novel to me that it surprised me.

For the first time in memory, I sat facing a man whom I smiled at without having anything going on with me or any conditioned reaction. I was completely empty – at that moment – of reactivity. I was surprised at what it felt like. I almost wanted to stand up and shout “Hooray!”

Until that time, I’d look on someone else ready to flinch or turn aside. Always defensive, always protecting myself. My wife called it my “scared-wolf look.” And that was pretty accurate.

I marveled at feeling totally in balance for the moment, absolutely neutral in response but loving in initiative. It might soon disappear and I’d be my ordinary somewhat-isolated self again, but it was eye-opening while it lasted.

Each one of these mini-breakthroughs is like a milestone on the path up the mountain, telling me we’re getting somewhere.

An Invitation

Is there an area of your life experience you’d like to transform?  I encourage you to observe it, set your intentions and then watch your own I AM Presence get to work bringing forth the transformations you seek.

You can do it!  Start right now!




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