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LaTonya’s Gratitude Journal – Issue #3: Dancing the Dance of Life

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take part in something like this?

Here’s a little something…

… that is for those joining me in play today!

… that reminds me of our interconnectedness.

… that lightens my heart and reminds me that we are all in this, the Journey of Life, together.

Here’s a little something … that confirms for me that all I need really do is BE…living in the NOW…as I AM.

As I watch this video, my Heart beats, my Heart sings to me that as I live in the Now, in the present, expressing as the the Love Incarnate that I AM, I join together in unison, with all others doing the same…and our Hearts beat as ONE, together, in Love. Rising, shifting, and twirling together, as One, towards unlimited Love, Light, Joy and Expression!

Today, I feel so grateful and thankful and feel so blessed to be on the same planet as Matt! He is me, and I am he, and we are One, as all are One. (Learn more about the video below and Matt at: I thank you Matt for sharing this beautiful, inspiring, invigorating, and passionate expression of Life with me. Watching it, I laughed, I cried, and I to jumped up and down in joy together with you and all those around the world.

What does watching this video inspire in you? How does it make you feel?

Earlier I asked “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take part in something like this?”
Well, guess what, we are! It’s called the dance of Life. And we’re all doing it, participating in it, every day of our lives, whether we know it or not.

We see what we focus on. I choose to focus on the Love, the Peace, the Joy…for that is what I choose to attract into my experience. How about you? What do you choose to focus on? Remember that no matter what sadness, anger, or fear we may feel surrounds us, the joy is there as well…the laughter is there as well…the companionship is there, the friendship is there…and the Love is there as well… dancing all around us. I’m ready to continue dancing and am so happy and grateful to have so many partners!

Love peace and blessings,

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