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I Choose

by LaTonya in Awaken Your Spirit

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As I awoke this morning, I felt myself being cranky and irritable, so I decided to do some self-reflective writing in my journal to release what appeared to be lots of pent up energy.  Afterwards, I was able to realize I was feeling out of control in my life and helpless.  That’s not the case, just what I was experiencing and feeling.  So after acknowledgment of my emotions and releasing through the journaling, I decided to focus on what I do want in my life and thought I’d share it with you…


I choose to know and actually feel to the depths of my being that I am loved by God and all that surrounds me.  I am perfect.

I choose to experience creative abundance.  I choose to create something and see it prosper and manifest.

I choose more love, light and joy within my being.  Afterall, I am beautiful, I am wonderful, I AM.

I choose  more compassion. More compassion for others, more compassion for myself.  Instead of judging, I choose to simply observe and inquire within about “What opportunity is presenting itself to me from this circumstance?  What can I learn from this situation about who I am and my connectedness to All That Is?”

I choose more connection with others.  I choose connection with my own Divine Self in greater measure.

I choose vibrant, beautiful, sexy health and vitality.

I choose that my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are combined in unity and operating at optimal levels.

I choose to go forth today, right now, in this moment in peace, joy, love and light.

I Am That I Am.

I choose to have a fantastic, glorious weekend!

Hope you enjoy yours too!

Love, peace and blessings,



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Jia Jun April 4, 2011 at 2:44 am

Yup. We got the freedom of choice. We can choose what we want in life.
Some people tend to blame it on other factors, like job, family background, friends, everything around as the reason they don’t have the freedom to choose.
Yet they trap themselves in a box that = they choose to let surrounding to block their way.


LaTonya April 7, 2011 at 2:17 am

Wonderful point, Jia Jun! I recall spending so much of my life in that very box you speak of. That led to alot of anger and feeling helpless. In some ways it seems harder to understand that I’m actually choosing and creating what surrounds me in my experience, but ultimately it’s much more freeing to understand that I have the power to choose AGAIN if there’s something I’d like to see changed in my life. Thanks for stopping by Jia Jun!


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