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How to Take a Free Mini-Vacation Right Now!

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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Do you need a vacation?  Does one day seem just like the next?  Are you bored with life?  Why not take a mini-vacation right from the comfort of your own home and rejuvenate!  Here’s how I do it…

I found myself a bit bored with the everyday grind of life one day recently.  As I left work that day, I was looking for excitement, but at the same time felt tired and just ready to go home and veg out in front of the TV.  My friend turned to me and asked “Well, where would you go if you could go on vacation right now?”  I, of course, decided I’d go on an ocean cruise, as the ocean is my favorite place to be.  So later that evening, we each relaxed and took a min-vacation.  Here’s how mine went:

I took a seat in my favorite chair and began to relax.  I took about 3 deep breaths and settled into the experience. Then I took a few more deep breaths, set my intention to travel to a cruise ship on the ocean.  I placed my focus on the energy of love circling in my heart area/chakra and infused it with my intention.  Soon, after just a few more deep breaths, I felt the familiar wave of love and peace wash over me and off I went…

I boarded the cruise ship for my mini-vacation from my favorite port location (in San Diego as it’s so close to where I live) and immediately headed to the food area.  (Did I forget to mention my love of food?)   I first ate a large pizza oozing and overflowing with soft, melted, gooey cheese and lots of huge circles of pepperoni.  Next I moved to the desert bar and whipped up my own cream cheese cheesecake (Recipe to come soon in the Healing the Body Section. Yes, that’s the great benefit of energetic trips, you can cook and enjoy your favorite meals with no dishes!)  I could actually feel the sweet, crunchiness of the cashew and almond pie crust and the luxurious, dense, tasty texture of the cheesecake in my mouth.  My actual mouth began to water as I sat meditating in the chair.  Next I had some chicken wings with French fries, more cheesecake, a cauliflower crust pizza with more cheese and tons of veggies, and then finished off with a great, big, juicy, rare hamburger.  Mmmm, Mmmmm that was good!

With my food cravings satisfied, I then felt myself called off the cruise ship to the ocean, where Jesus was waiting for me and invited me to sit on the water with him.  We sat in silence for a bit as I got used to being able to sit on the flowing waves without sinking.  It was awesome!  Then, as my friend turned his loving, understanding and accepting eyes upon mine and held the gaze in a loving embrace, I proceeded to share with him how I was feeling, what was troubling my heart, my trials, my tribulations and the challenges of living life at this moment.  My energetic and physical eyes began to tear up as I expressed my pain, longing and feelings to the most peaceful, comforting and understanding presence I’ve ever known.

My friend shared some stories with me of our past times and travels together and encouraged that I lighten up, have some fun and not take things so seriously.  He reminded me of how helpful it is for me to actually write about the many, beautiful blessings in my life, explaining that would help me shift my focus to what I wanted to explore and have more of in my life.  He then asked to give me a hug, and as we did so, I felt smooth, nourishing waves of energy exiting his heart area and entering mine as we hugged.  (I felt the energy on a tangible level as was sitting in the chair meditating during this experience and I’m still feeling that nourished, complete, peaceful and settled feeling over an hour and a half later as I’m writing this.)

Knowing my great love of the ocean, my friend then asked if I’d like to go play with him down under the water. I, of course, said yes, and hand in hand, we dove into the water.  As he had forewarned me of before we jumped into the water, he melted away as I entered the water and I immediately became enthralled with the new, beautiful, glorious surroundings.

Soon, another friend of mine, a blue whale named Wilbur, who sometimes comes through in my channels, came gracefully sliding by to say hello and asked me if I’d like to go for a ride.  “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I breathlessly shouted out loud, for I’ve experienced the thrill of rides on Wilbur many a time before!  As I laid my entire body down across what would seem to be just an inch of Wilbur’s massive, long body with smooth, dark, blue-black skin (Have you ever felt a dolphin?  Wilbur’s skin feels like that), a fin magically appeared for me to hold onto and off we went!

Wilbur took me on a roller coaster ride of deep dives to the depths of the ocean followed by exhilarating climbs and jumps high into the air above the water’s surface.  I felt just like I was on a roller coaster ride, complete with feeling an unbounded joy as we rose higher and higher from the depths to the ocean surface and butterfly tingles of anticipation in my stomach as we approached and completed the arcs on the way back down.

Wilbur and I finished the adventure by taking a fast ride together through large, individually colored areas of water, whose colors matched those radiating through my chakras.  First red, then a dense area of brilliant orange, then bright yellow, gorgeous green, sky blue, deep violet and finally brilliant white.  (As we moved through each colored area, I felt a warm, tingling, energy radiating through each corresponding area of my body as I sat in the chair.)

Needless to say, after this adventure, I felt enormously refreshed, as if I’d just spent a full day on the ocean!  What a wonderful experience!  I plan to take more energetic trips just like this on those days when I’m feeling down or worn under by the daily grind of life.

Here’s what I do when I want to take a fabulous, FREE, mini-vacation:

  1. Decide where I want to go – my heart is always so happy to share a beautiful vacation spot with me.
  2. Relax – in a chair, on the ground, on a bed – wherever I’m most comfortable.
  3. Breathe – taking at least 3 deep breaths helps center and relax me even more for the adventure!
  4. Ask spirit guides to join me – they help me open up and assist in intensifying the experience for me.
  5. Move into the Heart – My heart is my own private jet that takes me wherever I want to go, anytime!
  6. Go for it!

If you’re game to go on a vacation yourself, don’t forget to pick out a vacation spot that really moves you.  You and only you are the best judge of what will be exhilarating, refreshing and exciting for you.  Next, really feel into it.  Really get into the physical sensations of what’s happening:  taste the food, inhale the scents, feel the textures of the place – really see, hear and feel into wherever you decide to go.  Connecting with my physical sensations enlivens my body and increases my participation level, which then helps activate my other, intuitive senses.

Mostly, know this:  YOU CAN’T GET IT WRONG! Even if you’re conscious mind says it doesn’t remember, you know how to do this.  We all travel just like this while we sleep. It’s just that now, in today’s times of higher energy, we can all do this on a more conscious level.  You know how to travel energetically and your guides, angels and those in Spirit await the opportunity to share a glorious experience like this with you too, anytime you want!

Recalling the advice for me from my most beloved friend, I now ask you:

Are you ready to relax, lighten up and have some fun?  Have you been longing for a vacation?  How about taking one right now, right where you are?  For free!



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