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How to Quickly and Easily Release Your Karma

by LaTonya in Awaken Your Spirit

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Myth:  Karma is our personal experience of retribution and punishment for past sins.

Myth Buster:  Karma is just energy attraction, based on cause and effect, that we’ve picked up along the way of our many incarnations and can be easily and quickly released.  We can simply set our intent to  “take out the trash”  and by doing so, lighten up not only ourselves, but our entire world!

Here’s how to quickly and easily release your karma and thereby ease your ascension path…

Karma Defined

The idea of Karma is often characterized by phrases such as “what goes around comes around”, “you reap what you sow”, “violence begets violence”, etc.   Out of all those, the phrase “what goes around comes around” comes the closest to defining the ’cause and effect” aspect of karma.

Remember:  Everything is energy.  We are constantly sending out and receiving in energy each moment of our existence.  Yet, we are not alone.

Here’s one way to understand karma:  The Cosmic Breath flows out from the center of the cosmos (‘exhales”) and the particular energy vibration we put out flows into and conjoins with that Cosmic Outbreath rippling out into across the Cosmos.  Eventually the Cosmic Outbreath (“exhalation’) becomes an inhalation and the Cosmic OutBreath becomes a Cosmic Inbreath and begins its journey back into the Center (inhale).  Through the law of attraction, all the energy we’ve put out that originally joined and mixed in with the Cosmic Outbreath energy returns back to us and, through the law of attraction, that same energy we put out is attracted back to us on the Cosmic Inbreath – just like iron particles being attracted to a magnet.

 For those that like math:

* The Cosmic Outbreath = Creator Energy Exhalation = Causation Energy

* The Cosmic Inbreath = Creator Energy Inhalation = Effect Energy
(This effect energy causes an effect, or experience, in our lives that matches the energy we originally put out)

Karma is about cause and effect and our perfectly, pre-planned (but not pre-destined) life experiences.  Karma can be viewed as the gift of life experience we gave ourselves in order to experience opportunities of growth and expansion.  When we get to the point of truly understanding and knowing that we are the Creators of this karmic loop, we can, through our heartfelt intent and knowingness, decide to exit our self-created karmic loop and those in charge of maintaining this karmic loop for us will gladly, lovingly and joyously  exercise the mechanics necessary to clear our karma.

How to Quickly and Easily Clear your Karma

Here’s a  simple how-to exercise for clearing karma called the “Karmic Dispensation Meditation”, shared by Archangel Michael and Linda Dillon during the Heavenly Blessings radio show on 8/30/12.

Archangel Michael “The New Earth will be far More Magnificent than you Imagine”

Excerpt Only.  Read the full message here:

… Phil: Well I recently had a session with a well-known individual who I don’t want to name and I was told that I was a starseed and I was helping channel a lot of energy and light right now and my question is “How do I work out karma that I’ve acquired while here doing this work? Is there a special way for me to clear any karma before the Ascension?”

Linda Dillon: Hi there and this is a great question, thanks for bringing it up. And Michael is still talking; this is what happens when I’m channeling, I get to share a little bit of space. We were given, and I say we, all of us, were given during this period of time a wonderful meditation that I would like to share with everyone tonight, because it’s important and it’s a meditation called Karmic Dispensation.

We are in a period right now of karmic dispensation. Now karmic dispensation doesn’t just happen, you have to ask for it. The last time that we had this kind of a gift was at the time of around Jesus, Yeshua; you know there’s that whole Christian, Catholic thing ‘oh he died for our sins’. Well actually what they’re really talking about is that during that period of time we got a huge karmic dispensation. It was like wiping the slate clean. It’s a rare gift and it’s an important gift so I’ll share with all of you what I do and how it’s been given to me and how I share it with you.

Go into meditation, anchor into your heart. How I picture it is I’m going down a hall, a long hallway and I always invite my guides, but if you have someone that you cherish, Michael’s correcting me, you can bring them along too. So say you have a partner or anyone you love, bring everybody, and you go to this thing and you’re going to see on the door “Karmic Dispensation Board”.

You know, when I walk in, probably due to my background, but it feels quasi-judicial, it’s like there’s a big boardroom table in front of me and on the far side of the table is the Karmic Board, you know those beings and I usually see between five and seven and you have to ask. So what you do is you request that all karma that you have incurred, or that has been incurred by either actions that have been done to you or that you owe. So it’s not only what you owe, it is also what is owed to you.

LD: OK, so we’re asking for a clearing of everything. So it’s a blessing not only to you but to many and you ask that all karma be cleared. I’ve never run into a situation where the board hasn’t said immediately “Yes”. So you take a minute, you go into your heart and you thank them from the bottom of your heart and you leave.

And that’s that. Now we all do things, me-a cul-pa, me-a cul-pa, we all do things from time to time that we think ‘oh gosh, I really shouldn’t have done that.’ So don’t hesitate to go back and ask for further dispensation. It’s not license, it’s forgiveness and it’s dispensation and it’s a huge gift; it’s one of the many things the Company of Heaven is giving us at this time to help us with this Ascension process. So thank you for asking this question. I know it’s going to help a lot of us…

My Most Recent Experience with the Karmic Dispensation Board

So basically, we can easily clear our karma by meeting with Karmic Dispensation Board and asking them to assist us in the process.  I’ve done this before, and this time was surprised that the Board asked to share a bit with me before I asked for the karmic clearing.  They then asked that I continue sharing my heart with the world and encouraged that I not be afraid to openly express the love I feel within with others even in those situations where I would normally cloak my love agenda – such as in a workplace environment where I know that those around me are not yet open to the ideas of ascension, energy work , accepting the existence of Star Family or their multidimensionality, etc.

I was reminded that I can BE love and share love without explaining anything at all.  A part of me wishes never to force my beliefs on others and I was reminded by the Karmic Dispensaton Board that sharing love is not forcing anything onto anyone.  By being the Love that I AM and sharing it, I am simply being me.  I’m bringing light into the room and just letting it sit there as on open invitation for anyone else who chooses to share in it.  No one is forced to do so and I really don’t even have to say a word.  I can just be the Love and let the Love take care of everything else. Simple, huh?

After that, I petitioned the Karmic Dispensation Board, was granted release of karma owed by me and to me, and then left the room with my guides.  As I walked back down the hallway away from the Karmic Dispensation boardroom, I then stepped into a side room with another guide of mine and had the opportunity to share further questions I had on some of the other more mundane aspects of life – such as my car and a situation I’m currently experiencing at a place of employment.

The entire experience was nourishing, uplifting and inspirational!

We can all do without the entanglements of karma at this time as we step into greater and greater unfoldment of our unlimited, eternal Selves.  Are you ready to release your karma?  If you feel in your heart that this is right for you at this time, why not take a moment right now, anchor into your Sacred Heart and visit the Karmic Dispensation Board to request release of your karma?


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Ernest Segui June 15, 2014 at 7:28 pm

Thanks amara


Ms. Stewart March 8, 2015 at 12:26 am

I am requesting the release of my karma.


LaTonya March 8, 2015 at 11:05 am

Congratulations Ms. Stweart. Good for you for choosing, deciding and setting your intention on this.

I find it wonderful to know that we are all in the process of a type of karmic clearing, whether we are aware of it or not. We’re doing it in the particular job we have, we are clearing it through our closest and sometimes even most trivial relationships, we are doing it by simply being on the planet and breathing at this time of transition between ages on the Earth.

For those interested in helping to clear global karma on behalf of humanity as a whole, here’s a wonderful guided meditation brought forth to us through the Company of Heaven and the beloved Patricia Cota Robles:

Violet Flame Invocation
Patricia Cota Robles


Marsha August 4, 2016 at 5:56 am

I am requesting to release my Karma.


LaTonya August 5, 2016 at 8:03 pm

Wonderful, Marsha. Congratulations! Blessings, LaTonya


Shaun August 17, 2016 at 8:15 am

I don’t have bad karma, but I don’t have real good Karam either. I kind of have ‘meh’ karma. I work on it though, so any little boost of good karma is much appreciated and welcomed. Blessings!


LaTonya August 17, 2016 at 9:58 am

Hi Shaun, thank you for sharing! The interesting thing to me about all of this is that the energy of karma also comes forward with us to this life from past/parallel/future lives. So I won’t necessarily know what my karma is unless I have complete access to all details of all of my lives. Right now, I don’t have all of that information. My I AM Presence does though, as our I AM Presence is aware of the details of all of our lives. The members of the Karmic Dispensation Board also have access to this information.

So, the neat thing about this is that by working with our I AM Presence and the Karmic Dispensation Board, we can effectively release negative karma without even knowing where it originally came from. We just set our intention, send out the request to clear and Spirit will oversee the process for us.

Like so much in our journeys, I find it to be both a simple and complex process all at the same time! Definitely worth it though. And we are always so guided and supported that I find Spirit side so lovingly handles most of the heavy lifting!


Regina February 16, 2018 at 6:33 pm

I am requesting to release my karma.


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