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How to Have a Great Day

by LaTonya in Calm the Mind

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UPDATED:  Thank you to spirit and Abraham and Esther Hicks for this most delicious tidbit update on “How to have a Great Day”.  Scroll to the bottom to see the update.

Are you tired of having bad day after bad day?  Do you wake up sad instead of feeling light, joyful and excited about your day?  Here are a few tips for calming the mind, awakening the Spirit and having a fabulous day every day!


Did you know that it’s our most natural state to combine love, thought and emotion to manifest success, joy and fulfillment in our lives? As you may be aware, experiencing joy in life really comes down to a simple idea that has been shared with us by Spirit for a long, long time:  “There’s nothing more important than that you feel good.”  [1]

When we don’t feel good, we’re off track, we don’t think beneficial thoughts, we close ourselves off from sharing love with others and life can get sticky.

When we feel good, we’re on track and in a high vibration.  When we feel good, it’s easier to manage and think positive thoughts, we enjoy our lives and we are open and sharing of our love with others.

So when we feel good, we’re on track.   When we don’t feel good, we’re off track.  Simple.  (Oh, believe me, I know…we sure can complicate this simple premise up quite a bit, can’t we?  I often do! And When I say “feel good”, I’m talking about true inner joy, not a temporary, drug induced high, or the often empty, illusory joy that sometimes comes from acquiring money or physical possessions, etc.).


We’re all going through a lot with the energy changes accompanying the Shift.  We’re experiencing changes in our DNA, the makeup of our physical bodies (moving from carbon to crystalline, less water, 2 to 4 stranded DNA), changes to our energy levels, our vibrations, our relationships, communities and, I dare say, our overall way of life.

Yet, I realize that if I feel good, I’m more likely to attract more of that throughout my day.  On the other hand, if I feel bad, I’m more likely to attract more of that instead throughout the day.

I’m finding that it’s helpful for me to manage my outlook and state of optimism before it manages me!  This is important because whether we happen to feel good or not on any particular day can become a self-repeating pattern that repeats day after day eventually bringing us either great fulfillment or great despair out of life (with lots of shades of grey in between).

I figure that I have a responsibility to manage my vibration or energy level so that I’m attracting more of what I want in my life and not more of what I don’t want.  So I’ve been contemplating ways of raising my vibration and keeping it high throughout the day (without the use of drugs! LOL!).

That reflection led me to consider how I start my day.  How do you start yours?


Take a quick look below at 2 possible states of mind that we could have at the start of a day.  Which way most closely resembles how you start your day?

Option 1:

I wonder what’s going to happen today?  I wish I could stay home because I don’t want to go to work. Why do I feel so tired? [sigh.]  It’s too hot outside.  I better go check and make sure the a/c is set properly so that my bill is not too high.  What should I eat for breakfast.  I’ll skip it, but I really wish I could have a bagel or one of those great big muffins I like so much.  But I don’t want the calories.  $*&*, I’m late!  Why am I always late!  Since I’m late maybe I shouldn’t go in to work today.  Why do I have to work at all!  It’s not fair.”  And so on and so on.

Option 2:

What would happen if we got up and looked in the mirror and instead of the above, said something like:

Good morning, sunshine! What a beautiful day you’re going to have.  Let’s have some breakfast and see what fun we can stir up next!

Which of the two versions are you most using these days?  The two versions sure have different energy don’t they?

Which version feels the best to you… the most empowering?

I must admit I found myself falling into a repeat of version 1 above way too often!  So I decided to do something about it.


Having a great day can indeed be pre-planned and manifested by us!  While we can’t control a lot of what happens in our world, what we can control is our own state of mind and how we respond to what’s happening in our life experience.

I’m most able to create a fantastic day when I start the day off by feeling good.  By the time I walk out of my front door, I want to be just oozing joy, peace, optimism and a high vibration.  I figure that if I can get myself into feeling those states at the start of my day, I can look forward to the law of attraction working the entire rest of the day to bring into my experience even more joy, peace and delicious goodness.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we create our life experience based on our ability to love, our thoughts and our emotions.  So here are a few quick ways that we can exercise self-love combined with positive thoughts and emotions to start our days out fabulously!

Sleep State Programming – The night before – set your intention as you are drifting off to sleep that you will sleep peacefully.

You could say something like “I choose to have a restful, rejuvenating, peaceful nights sleep and wake up refreshed, energized and ready for a great new day.  I ask my guides and Spirit of the highest vibration possible to assist me in making this so.”  Say what feels right for you.

Breathe / Stretch Lightly – Upon awakening, do some deep breathing and stretching right there on the bed before you get up  to get your juices flowing.  As you’re breathing and stretching, you could think about what you’re grateful for at that moment or thank the Universe for your life and the new day.

Use Aromatherapy to Set the Mood – Upon awakening, light incense or essential oils to envibe your home with refreshing, rejuvenating scents.

Love Yourself – In the bathroom before you brush your teeth, develop a habit to first look in the mirror and smile at yourself and say something positive, affirming and loving to yourself.  Examples could be “I love you”, “I accept you just as you are”, “you are perfect in every way”, “you are beautiful inside and out”.

Does the above sound silly to say to yourself?  Well, as Spirit shared in a recent message: “… [I]t may sound silly, forced, or even stupid in the beginning, but keep it up and you will create new pathways of thought in your brain. These pathways will begin to become habitual, feed you positive energy, and attract new and positive experience into your life every day.” [1]

Take an Invigorating Shower/Bath  – As you take your shower or bath, you could engage the power of visualization to envision the water flowing over you as God-white light releasing all tension and stress and filling you up with love, acceptance and joy, all the while placing yourself in anticipation of the great day you’re going to have.

Move the Body / Basic Stretching –We all travel in our energy bodies at night while we sleep.  Plus, during these shifting times, many of us are doing some serious heavy duty healing work at the same time.  So often when we wake up, we might feel unexplained tightness, tension and soreness, almost as if our spirit body is having to again get used to inhabiting the tight confines of our physical body.  By taking a walk outside in nature or doing some light stretching, we’re able to wake up the physical and release some of the energy we might have built up while sleeping, as well as incorporate more photon energy into our being which will help raise our spirits and outlook.

Journaling – Engage in journaling in the morning to recall the meaning of your dreams, release repeating thoughts that clog the mind and set goals for your day.  It’s amazing how much lighter and more joyful we can feel after clearing the mind!

Ask Yourself for Guidance and Be Spontaneous – Although connected as one, we are still diverse.  Every day is different, and we each have our own way of finding joy.  So don’t hesitate to go within and ask your own Sacred Heart what might best serve you on any particular morning.



The steps above are merely suggestions.  I encourage you to establish a routine or set of practices that work for you, bring you joy and make you feel great!

The main goal is to set out a routine, a way of being, where you give yourself love in the morning and stay in charge of your mindset and experience when you wake up.   A mind left unchecked can easily fall into focusing on the past or worrying about the future, instead of rejoicing in the now moment.

If we are consciously directing what we are going to think about or experience in our early waking moments, and consciously setting aside time to love ourselves and place our being in a situation where we can actually feel love and joy inside, then our mind doesn’t even have time to get started on its ramblings.

I’ve been engaging in the activities listed above these past few mornings and have found that these steps help me start my day in joy.  I don’t do them all every day as I like to change things up based on what I have going on and how I’m feeling on a particular day.

There’s more than one game in town and so if you have a morning routine that brings you joy, please share it with us!

What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Love, peace and blessings,


UPDATE:  Thank you to spirit and Abraham and Esther Hicks for this most delicious tidbit on “How to have a Great Day”.

“Morning Process”

Here’s a step we can take each morning to empower our lives…

After waking up each morning and getting comfortable being back in the body, pull out your journal and create your day.  Choose and share with the Universe what you’d like to experience for that day.

You could request such things as:

– Bring me ideas

– Help me Ren-de-vous with other like minded people

– Help me be aware of my power

– Guide me to thoughts that are in harmony with my core desires

– Bring me evidence of how this all works in comfortable, humorous and delicious ways.

– Whatever comes to you …

We can start our day by making choices about what we want out of life and then sit back and watch Heaven and Earth, our Divine Staff, jump into action to bring our wishes to us!

“Your job is not to carry the basket. Your job is to decide what you want” and allow the Divine to bring it to you.

Try this for 3 days and Watch your life transform!

Love, peace and blessings,


Extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop: Maui, HI – 1997.12.14. All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For more information on Abraham, Esther & & Jerry Hicks please go to their website:


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[1] Blog Article based in part on: “Your Resonance Has Lifted”, Sarrin and the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe in Sedona Journal of Emergence, April 2011.

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I thank you humbly for srahnig your wisdom JJWY


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Thanks Candy! This post was a pure joy for me to write and share. I thank you for sharing your light with this site. I am blessed by it!


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