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Updated: Have you Seen the New Triangle Star Cluster in the Sky?

by LaTonya in Global Ascension

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Update to Post:  Have you Seen the New Triangle Star Cluster in the Sky?

Click Here to See Radar Pictures showing Triangular UFO (Andromedan?) presently inhabiting our skies.

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Have you Seen the New Triangle Star Cluster in the Sky?

Posted  by LaTonya
August 13, 2012

There’s a mysterious new triangular “star cluster” in the sky!  Have you seen it?  If so, what do you feel it is?   I’ve seen this new triangular cluster of “stars” over the last couple weeks and am overjoyed to share with you what I feel it is and represents!

First, a bit of my history behind this …


I enjoy looking at the sky and watching the stars.  Upon moving to Sedona, AZ last year, I was amazed at the closeness and brightness of the stars.  For example, the little dipper now sits very close to the horizon from my viewpoint in Sedona (approximately 4,400 feet above sea level) – as opposed to being way up in the middle of the sky from my viewpoint from my old home in Scottsdale.  Plus, when viewing the stars from Sedona, they actually sparkle and twinkle brightly, which is a view of the sky I haven’t seen since I was a child.  It’s as if you can reach out and touch the stars!  I love it!

So I’ve spent most of this summer star gazing, with my head cranked high, staring up at the sky.  While engaging in this worthwhile activity, along with noticing the incredible beauty of our stars, I’ve also noticed that several seeming stars move – from left to right, or up and down or in circles. Still being of a very logical / scientific bent and not wanting to jump to conclusions, I decided to research whether the moving stars were satellites.  See the note below for more info on the research I completed that showed these moving stars were NOT satellites!  [1]

Next, I wondered if these were ships and (after going within and connecting with my heart), I began communicating with several of the “moving stars”, asking questions such as “If you are a Galactic Federation of Light ship, please move to the left… no, not your left, my left …”, etc.  Amazingly, the ships (and Star Family on them) responded.

(Note:  The questions I asked and process I went through to confirm these were starships and Star Beings I was communicating with may be different from what you would engage in.  As those who have witnessed and communicated with star beings and star ships know all too well, the recognition of intelligent response to our questions is something that is incredibly hard to explain to another and is instead unmistakably “felt” and “known” by the viewer/contactee.  What I can say is that it was amazing to experience that connection and the joy inspired within me from re-establishing my connections with Star Family on a conscious level.)

It has been shared by the Galactic Federation of Light that, for those who take the time to look, Star Family is indeed now openly present within our skies in large numbers – so much so that soon humanity will look back and question how we could have missed such an open and obvious display of their presence to anyone willing to look.

Some Seeming Star Clusters are Starships

In fact, here’s an excerpt from a recent message from the SanJAsKa (of the Pleiadian High Council) through Wes Annac on that very topic [2]:

… For example, dear souls, we are making ourselves known in your skies in quite clear ways to those who are willing to pay attention and see the signs.

Especially during your night time, we have been posing as stars for those who only take a first glance at us and assume that we are so; but for those who have trained themselves to look, to be discerning and understanding, we have made specific personal movements around your skies to let such souls know that we are here with you and while we cannot yet land and be with you on your surface for a myriad of different reasons [though time is running out and deadlines have now been reached], we are maintaining close energetic links and bonds with all of humanity.

Interactions between Starships

SanJAsKa goes on to share more about the clusters of starships posing as stars and the loving interactions between the ships [3]:

We have been striving for so very long to help you see out the ascension of your world and of yourselves and we are again, making ourselves known in your night time to those who will be open to the signs. We say that we particularly enjoy posing as clusters of stars while moving around and changing form, to let one know that we are a cluster of Light ships posing as stars while we perform much clearing work in your skies and atmosphere that is needed…

… We are not yet able or authorized to make ourselves known in too bold of ways in your daytime, and have just recently been authorized and given the permission to make more brazen and bold night time sightings. Those who are experiencing a rapid and accelerated, fruitful opening of your heart chakras and your pineal glands will begin to feel the impressions of the work we are doing, via seeming interactions between the ships one might be viewing, that will seem to be presented in one’s own third eye.

What we mean by this is that many of you are experiencing the Light and colors in your third eye whenever closing your eyes, entering meditation and attuning to the frequencies that give you such boosts of perception, and when many are looking upon our ships at night and noticing the interaction between them, we notice some tending to assume that it is simply a vision they are being given in their third eyes at this time, which is overlapping their physical eyes’ perceptions of our ships and appearing as if the ships are interacting with each other in some untraceable energetic way.

We say that you are viewing real, energetic interaction between our ships that many unawakened souls would not be able to consciously see or notice, and your mere perception of this happening is a result of the opening and expanding that you who are noticing such things have reached in yourselves. You are beginning to find an inherent Multidimensional perception that has been there with you all along and with doing so, you are able to see energetic interactions and impressions, even between us while in our ships in your skies, that others would not be able to readily and consciously perceive of…

I feel the “interaction” referenced in the above message refers to something I’ve seen quite often while watching the ships in the skies.  When I breath, connect into my heart and allow my intuitive vision to open, I’ve seen energy beams or trails of light that consistently go back and forth between the ships or, alternatively, jet across the sky towards some unknown target/space.  From the distance I’m viewing these beams from, they appear as a translucent beam of white light that shoots from one ship to another and across the sky.

When I’ve questioned Star Family in the Skies about what that light beams between the ships are all about, I’ve received the following messages back (which I know is just a partial understanding of what these interactive beams are all about):

  • The beams are a physical manifestation of the love and light energies the beings on the ships and the ships themselves are sending each other (Imagine if you visited another planet where the planet’s inhabitants wouldn’t officially recognize your existence, wouldn’t you appreciate loving support from your team?)
  • The beams are a means used to energize “fuel” the ships not docked on a mothership “mid-air”  (just like our military fules its airplanes mid-air as well)
  • The beams are energy patters sent out to clear, cleanse and uplift our atmosphere.

So I feel the light beams I’ve been seeing going between the ships and/or across the sky are one part of what is being referred to as “interaction” in the above message from SanJAsKa.  Perhaps you’ve seen something like this too?

So that’s a portion of my star gazing history relevant to this new triangular shape cluster of stars that’s suddenly appeared in the nighttime sky.  I’ve been enjoying my star watching and communicating with Star Family in the sky and I and encourage all who feel the call to explore this beneficial activity for themselves.


Before we get to further discussion on this new cluster of “stars”, and at this point, I ask you to ask yourself the question of a lifetime:

Are you willing to look?  For those not yet convinced of the existence of Star Family:  Is it possible, that there’s more to our world and our existence than you’ve previously consciously known and if so are you open to and willing to explore that?  For all, are you willing to make contact with your family in the skies showing up here and now to let you know of both their love for you and of their willingness to beneficially assist humanity at this time?

(Okay, that was more than one question, but they were all important.  J )


One day within the last 2 – 3 weeks, I all of sudden noticed a brand new set of stars in the sky.  They were of an almost perfect triangular arrangement, with no other surrounding stars, appearing in the northwest sky from where I live.  The fact that the star formation showed up before it’s gotten dark enough for almost any other stars in the sky to be seen was one of the first things that caught my attention about this new set of stars in the sky.  [4]

The first night I saw this new star formation, I thought perhaps it was just another set of stars I hadn’t yet noticed or seen.  So, I decided to check back the next night to see if it was there again at the same time and in the same place.  (The daily routine of life happened and I was able to check that very next night, but sure enough I’ve seen the same triangular formation several other nights over the past few weeks.)

My curiosity was up and I did what I normally do when I go within and can’t seem to discern an answer to a question – I asked to receive confirmation from Spirit as to what this new set of stars were and asked to receive the confirmation within a week and I sure enough got it!

Note:  In my experience of asking for this type of confirmation on other topics, I’ve found that the confirmations can come through a variety of ways, some of which are:

  • A certain knowingness of the answer to my question might settle within me out of the blue, or
  • The answer will come to me in my dream or meditative state, or
  • I might run across the answer and confirmation I’m looking for while surfing the internet, or
  • I’ll run across a friend who verbally shares the answer with me as part of something they’re wanting to share on their own, or quite often
  • I’ll run across the topic being discussed in a channeled message I just happen to run across.

As it turns out, this time, my confirmation (about the new triangular cluster of stars) came indirectly through a post by Stephen Cook on and directly through a channeled message from Amuna Ra.  Check it the excerpt from Stephen’s Cook’s 8/12/12 post on listed below [5] and you’ll probably see what I mean.


The Olympic Spirit (Part 3): London Closing – Let the Galactic Magic Begin

By Stephen Cook – 12 August 2012

… What I can also reveal is that a new ‘star constellation’ appeared in our skies this week.

I saw it on my Tuesday night to the north east of my home in Sydney, Australia. I knew instantly what it was.

I have since had this confirmed by others, including leading Lightworkers and Galactic emissaries who live on the west side of the United States and elsewhere, and from where this ‘star constellation’ appears in the south-western sky.

Nancy Tate, who is my guest this coming week on The Light Agenda, even included mention of  this news in her August 10 message from Hatonn: “Take the new awareness of the triangle of stars in the south-western sky that is being seen all over the world. That is a fifth dimensional ship from Andromeda. Many of you are seeing it because it is there to help guide you to the reaches of the outer world that you are seeing reflected from within.”

I also ‘knew’ instantly it was a giant ship and I have since been ‘told’ it has just arrived and that it is not alone. I have also been ‘told’ it is over 150 miles wide… and is watching over everything, ready to make its true presence known at exactly the right – or is that the Light?- moment.

Then, there is this message today, August 11, from a channel I do not know, but who goes by the name of Amuna Ra, and which contains a similar message to mine. This one is said to be from the Star Councils of Light. Please note, it says “if the conditions are favourable”:

Amuna Ra

“Tonight we come close to you as we have said. We wish to show ourselves tomorrow if the conditions are favourable, and we wish you all to prepare to meet us within your beings. Meditate and pray for our favourable reception and welcome, dear ones, for we need your help. We need the assistance of all Lightworkers on your planet who know of our existence and have pledged themselves to work for the forces of light.

And it goes on: “We are now completely within the atmosphere of the earth, breathing along with Gaia, and we wish to breathe along with you in all consciousness, dear Lightworkers! Become conscious co-workers with us, by giving us your unconditional trust, dear ones, we pray of you.

“Your consciousness makes a very big difference to the frequency of the earth, for every vibration which emanates from you affects the whole. Let your light shine out with pure love and with the trust that all will work out for the good in the best way possible. Then we may be welcomed when we are able to reveal ourselves to your planet Earth. Our gratitude to you, dear ones, in advance for your help.”


When I ran across this message today, I felt the all-too-familiar “click” inside and received my confirmation that the triangular star constellation I’ve been seeing is indeed the same ship mentioned in Hatonn’s message.

So there you have it!  Is the new triangular cluster of stars in the sky an Andromedan ship?  For me, I know this to be true for it rings forth as such in my own heart and discernment.  Is this true for you?  Only you can decide that …

I shared this message today for a few reasons:

  1. A way to express my joy over the presence of yet more of Star Family in the skies;
  2. As encouragement of the point that whenever we have questions, we can go within and ask and the answer WILL be provided (“seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be answered”);
  3. As empowerment for both those who’ve noticed Star Family in the skies and for those who have not yet noticed but would like to; and
  4. To encourage that we all, if we feel called to do so, concentrate on sending love and light to humanity and all on our world and thereby assist in manifesting Disclosure and the upliftment/ascension processes of not only ourselves but all who choose such experiences for themselves at this time.

While I am always in joy to see our Star Family in the skies, they cannot and will not do our work for us.  It is up to us to take the steps necessary for both personal and planetary healing, cleansing and upliftment. [6]  Yet, for me, evidence of the presence of our Star Family is a wonderful part of this magnificent journey and I find great joy in sharing about it.

Indeed, it’s a wonderful time to be alive and kicking on planet Earth.  Evidence of our Star Family and the significance of these extraordinary times is all around us.  We just have to look!



[1] My research regarding the movement of satellites revealed the following:  There are a lot of different types of orbit…like some will orbit with the earth staying above the same spot the whole time…others can move in an orbital way, the most common being an elliptical pattern where the satelite over a span of time moves across the earth in an elliptical pattern.  What I learned is that one thing satellites don’t do is stop, change direction or suddenly alter speed.

Satellite orbits are maintained by a gravitational constant and will not defect from their elliptical orbits.  A satellite changing its orbital pattern is not possible because satellites are in space and in space there is no gravity, thus no wind and anything else that can make something move slower/faster/in a different direction (other than a collision with something else). Satellites only travel circularly or elliptically around the earth as this is the result of it’s gravitational pull.

So from my research, I learned that  anything we see in the sky that stops, changes direction or suddenly alters speed is not in space, it’s in our atmosphere instead and is some type of aircraft/starship.

But don’t take my word for it, google it and see for yourself!

[2]  SanJAsKa: Internally Validate what you Feel to be Truth, 8/6/12,

[3]    SanJAsKa: Internally Validate what you Feel to be Truth, 8/6/12,

[4]  Those familiar with astronomy may be aware that there’s a “Summer Triangle” of stars that often appears in the sky during August each year. The triangular cluster of stars I’m referring to is not that and differs from the “Summer Triangle” often seen high overhead on August evenings (described here) in the following ways: There are no other stars visible in the cluster like with the Summer Triangle, the stars do not rotate as the 3 bright stars of the Summer Triangle do and the triangular cluster I speak of is found is found lower on the horizon versus the “high overhead” position of the Summer Triangle.

[5]  The Olympic Spirit (Part 3): London Closing – Let the Galactic Magic Begin, by Stephen Cook, 8/12/12,

[6]  If you would like energetic support on your path of upliftment and ascension, Book a Session with Charles or LaTonya or check out the 15Chakra Energy Blast System, an easy tool you can use to clear and balance your traditional 7 chakras, activate your new chakras, and energize your entire being for full, glorious expression of the magnificent being of Love and Light you truly are!.

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