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Guatemala says no to GMOs

by LaTonya in Global Ascension,Heal the Body

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Here’s a wonderful update regarding GMOs in Mexico.  Go Guatemala!

One thing before we get to that…


In truly free and conscious living, we know that we can heal the body through consciousness (awareness) and intent. I have chosen to invite my physical body into my body of awareness, my consciousness, my I AM Presence.

I recall Spirit sharing recently that “It’s okay if you don’t eat fully organic.  In fact, it doesn’t really matter what you eat, as long as you transform it beforehand.  We’ll help you.”   So know that we can ask that Spirit help and transform the energy of our foods before we ingest them. I have found this practice to be extremely helpful in today’s times where GMO foods are not currently labeled.

Here’s what I ask for before I eat:

Thank you Spirit and Encodement Specialists for transforming and clearing all low vibration energy, negative energy, GMO energy, viruses, pathogens, bacteria or fungus from this food. Please clear or transform those energies into the highest  energy that it would be for my highest and best good to ingest.  Please add to this food the energy of the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, neurotransmitters, and hormones that I need in the proper dosages and potencies for my highest and best good.  Thank you to the plants and animals making up this meal and blessings to all whose hands have brought it to my table.

Everything is energy and we can work with Spirit to transform unhelpful energies into those that serve our highest and best good.

Humanity has tired of allowing food manufacturers to distort and create unbalanced food for us to ingest.  We are right now standing up and demanding better.  Right on time!  Again, go Guatemala!


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Mexico’s judge turns Monsanto’s dream into nightmare

Sept. 04, 2014

Last year I was told that Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Carlos Slim went to Mexico with $20 million in hand to bribe Mexico’s lawmakers into allowing Monsanto to bring GMO seeds to Mexico. Then the president of Mexico discovered that a major university in Mexico had been developing a much better way to feed the world with old-world seeds, including corn that would produce up to 13 ears of corn per stalk. (Normal production is just 2 ears.)

I have seen the pictures of this super-corn having 10 ears on one stalk. DNA tests show that under the right conditions, God created it to produce up to 13 ears of corn. They are using frequency technology to energize the water and seeds so that it will outproduce anything on earth today. The University plans to make Mexico the breadbasket of the world–that is, unless the GMO’s spoil the environment and the big seed companies succeed in their plan to take control of the world’s food supply.

By the way, 44 of the top experts on corn seeds are in Mexico and are grads from this university. None of them want GMO seed corn in their country.

It was reported to me by a faculty member of this same major university that after the distribution of the bribe money, the Mexican president could not stop the lawmakers from passing the law to allow GMO’s, but he instructed his good friend, the judge, to block the law on constitutional grounds. Monsanto now has to conduct years of tests to prove that it’s GMO’s are safe to the environment. It is doubtful that they will be able to prove this.

That is the story as I heard it from my faculty friend from the agricultural department of the university.

It appears that the following news article is about this situation.

The latest country to put a spanner in the works is Mexico. This past week the country’s Federal Court voted to uphold Judge Marroquín Zaleta’s 2013 ruling to suspend the granting of licenses for GMO field trials sought by Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Pionner-Dupont and Mexico’s SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Ministry). Zaleta’s ruling was in response to a suit brought by a collective of 53 scientists and 22 civil rights organizations and NGOs.

In defending his ruling, Zaleta cited the potential risks to the environment posed by GMO corn. If the biotech industry got its way, he argued, more than 7000 years of indigenous maize cultivation in Mexico would be endangered, with the country’s 60 varieties of corn directly threatened by cross-pollination from transgenic strands. Monsanto’s response was as swift as it was brutal: not only did it – and its lackeys in the Mexican government – appeal Zaleta’s ruling, it also demanded his removal from the bench on the grounds that he had already stated his opinion on the case before sentencing.

However, Monsanto’s bullying tactics failed to impress the Mexican judges. On August 15, the court convened to review Zaleta’s alleged bias ruled against the U.S. corporation’s legal suit. Also spurned by the Mexican courts was the world’s third largest GMO seed manufacturer, Syngenta, whose reapplication for a license to run test trials of its maize crops was rejected this week by the Federal Court.

The full article is worth reading. Perhaps we might have a mystery guest speaker at our conference in October to tell you more about what is going in Mexico’s fight against GMO’s.

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