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Feeling Part of Something Big

by LaTonya in Calm the Mind

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On occasion lately, I’ve been feeling that the changes that I’m ready to see manifest in our world are not happening fast enough. I mean come on already! I’ve heard about the shift, I know we’re in the middle of it and I’m experiencing time speeding up as much as the next person, but I’ve wanted to see more happen, more quickly.  I’ve also been a bit hard on myself lately regarding the expansion of my business, feeling like I want to do more NOW!  At times, I feel I’ve expanded so far and at others, I feel, oh my gosh, I have so far to go!

All of this began piling up within me and I found myself becoming more and more pessimistic and frustrated than I’d like. So I decided to go within to discover what was going on in order to nip this unhelpful pattern in the bud.

The Divine Within is the Spark

In doing so, here’s what I’ve learned about myself:

My reaction to these situations is and was about me.

My impatience was coming from the fact that I wanted to feel part of something, important to someone or something big, appreciated by someone or something big. I wanted to feel as if I was helping someone.   Essentially, I was looking outside myself for satisfaction and fulfillment.

But what I remembered was that I must first choose to feel that same way about MYSELF before the Universe will reflect it back to me.  First and foremost, I need to feel connected to myself, important to myself, appreciated by myself.   And I can choose to feel these ways about myself without relying on something outside of  myself to help me feel that way.  My sense of fulfillment, my sense of worth, my sense of I am Love Incarnate, I can love and I am lovable, must come from within and be sustained by the spark of the Divine WITHIN ME.  Igniting the Divine Spark within me allows me to stand in my authentic, Divine power and allows me to BE what I often seek outside myself for fulfillment.

Learning how to find and access my own inner joy and Light without relying on anything outside myself to do so gives me freedom!

So, I choose to remember that:

I AM part of something – I AM part of this Grand Universe, this Grand Experiment of Life.

I AM important to someone – I AM a part of the Whole.  I AM a unique, individualized part of God and, as that, I am appreciated and loved and honored and cherished by All That Is.

I AM helping someone and can help someone –  I know that I can help myself by loving myself, honoring myself and cherishing myself and the beautiful creation of God that I AM.


  • Helping the world comes about when we first learn to help ourselves.
  • Loving another comes first from our being able to truly and unconditionally love ourselves.
  • Loving ourselves shows others how to do the same for themselves.
  • Then, our unconditional love for others really functions as an extension of our love for ourselves.

Our Awareness Helps the World.

I remember that it is also true that I can help the world simply by my awareness, by being aware.  Aware of who I AM, aware of my connectedness – to God, to my Divinity, to everyone else.

Dan Brown’s new book, “The Lost Symbol” starts off with the following interesting quote:

To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.  The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

My being aware raises my vibration, which raises the vibration of the planet, which spills over and makes it easier for others to, in turn, raise their own vibrations and that of the planet.

As I move closer and closer to a state of simply being – to a state of being aware and expressing my joy, my passion, my Love of life in all that I do, be, say and think – that awareness and simple state of being will move mountains and help in enormous ways I might never see with my physical eyes.  Have you ever seen how one calm, peaceful, fully aware being can transform the energy of a room?

So, as I am thankful for those who paved the way for civil rights and women’s rights, etc., so too am I thankful for those who have paved the way for me to obtain the level of awareness I have now.  Both the Masters of the past, such as Master Jesus, Buddha, etc.,  AND the humble, the quiet and the meek, who day by day, moment by moment, live their lives in the glory of their Divinity and allow their Light to shine forth as a beacon for all to see.

Our awareness of who we are and our connectedness can help change our home, our street, our community, our city, our state, our nation and our world – in that manner, one person at a time – without us saying even a word!

I have made a personal choice to continue experiencing, expressing and expanding my awareness and by this writing so again declare the same to Spirit.

We’re all Part of Something Big!

How about you?  Are you willing to remember that:

*** You too are part of something – You are a part of this grand Universe, this Grand Experiment of Life.

*** You too are important to someone – You are a part of the Whole.  You are a unique, individualized part of the Creator and, as that, you are appreciated and loved and honored and cherished by All That Is, just as you are – perfect.

*** You too are helping someone – You can help the world and everyone in it by helping yourself, loving yourself, honoring yourself and cherishing yourself and the beautiful creation of God and the Creator that you are!  By raising your own awareness and your own vibration, you can help others raise theirs and we can each thereby help raise the vibration of the planet as a whole!

Whatever you may be going through, dear one reading this, know that you are loved, your are honored, and you are cherished.  You have a right to be here just as you are, going through whatever you are.  And you are here right now, above all else, expressing through your  experience. You are here right now expressing and helping through your own level of awareness, whatever that may be.  And you know what.  So am I.  And so the way I see it, that makes us both part of something BIG!

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy,


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LaTonya December 30, 2009 at 1:47 pm

We have the same sort of feelings and seem to be on the same level. Patience is a virtue. I don’t mind waiting…..How about you?


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