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Diego the Parakeet Proves the Power of Love

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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Here’s what a beautiful Parakeet named Diego taught me about the power of Love.

Diego is a black hooded nenday parakeet that I spend time with sometimes. [*]

Recently Diego shared a message with me that was so uplifting that I was inspired to share it with you.



Diego the Parakeet

Here’s the backstory:

I first met Diego a couple months ago and had visited with him about 4 times before the date of the experience I share below. 

During my visits with Diego, I will usually sing to him and he squawks to let me know he’s aware I’m there, or to say hello, or he’s ready for his food, or he wants a peanut, etc.

Diego loves peanuts!  I love to watch him eat them!  To do so, Diego stands on his water bowl with his right leg and holds the peanut in the claw of his left leg.  Then with his beak he bites off a bit of the peanut with his beak and dips that bit and his beak into the water bowl to soften the peanut up.  Talk about great balance!

Meditating with Diego

A recent visit with Diego started off like usual.  I sang to Diego and he sang back to me through his squawks.   Soon it was time for me to go and I said goodbye to Diego and left the house.

Suddenly, as I’m standing outside the front door getting ready to go to my car, I hear a voice encouraging that I go back inside and spend more time with Diego.  “Maybe you two would like to meditate together,” that still small voice inside says.

I listen to it and go back inside.  I sit down in the chair next to Diego’s cagehome and find some inspiring messages to listen to on my phone.  I love Matt Muckleroy’s site here, so I go there and play a message on my phone.

Soon into the meditation, I notice a difference in the energy in the room.  It was even stronger than I normally feel when meditating on my own.  I liked it!  It was like a soft massage from fingertips of love energy!

There was no distinction between my energy and the energy around me.  All was flowing together.  So the flowing energy didn’t feel like a tangible, physical massage per se.  Instead it felt like my energy system was a pile of dough and the water in that dough was love and light energy.  As the dough (my energy) was being rolled around by the love and light energy in the room, the water in that dough lit up in recognition of oneness.  It felt very blissful!

Then I noticed a difference in Diego too.  He was puffing his feathers and body up in a different way than Diego’s physical body normally does when I feel he’s scared or trying to mount a defense of some sort.

It was shared that Diego was changing his appearance as a way to let me know his thanks and gratitude that I was recognizing him as a sentient, divine being at One with me and All.

Diego’s Message

Then, Diego began to talk to me directly.[1]

He thanked me for singing to him.

He thanked me for truly seeing him, not as just a bird lacking of intelligence or sentience, but as a beautiful bird creation of Creator, at One and on an equal level with everyone and everything.

Diego shared that it wasn’t that he required my recognition of such, it was just that we could have so much more fun together when I recognized he was not “just a dumb bird.”

Diego shared with me on a few other personal topics that confirmed for me that was aware of my thoughts even though I had not expressed them out loud or directly to him.

Diego also seemed aware that I had concern for him as I understood he was to be alone in his home for over 3 weeks with me as his only physical visitor during that time.

To that unshared concern, Diego responded:

“Don’t worry about me.  While it may appear I am alone here in the house, I am never alone.  I am connected with everyone and everything through my heart.  I talk to my brethren, animal and human alike, across the world.  I am very joyful.  It is a joy to be alive and connected with everything.”

The deep, intense, blissful energy in the room intensified.  I basked in it and Love radiated from me out to Everything.

Later, Diego shared the following:

“Sometimes your expectations of life keep you from realizing the same joy of living I experience.  Your expectation can serve as a block between you and your joy.  For while you have that expectation, your focus is aligned there and remains there until you get what you think you want or need.  While that occurs, you can miss all the good the Universe sends you each moment.”

At the time, I was missing spending time with a dear friend of mine.  Diego reminded me that while I was focusing on what I was “missing” and having the expectation that what I wanted should be in my life, that choice of focus prevented me from experiencing all the joy available to me in each moment.

These reminders from Diego were not new to me.  But I needed to hear them and be reminded of these Truth as in my state of sadness, I had temporarily forgotten my power.  I was rolling around in the muck, having temporarily forgotten my power to transform muck into Light!

I felt a heightened state of energy while Diego and I were communicating.  The energy was palpable and felt different than at other times when I connect with the Healing Angels or Spirit.

What I really loved about the experience with Diego was that I was not encouraged to stuff my feelings.  Diego seemed keenly aware of the deep level of sadness and grief I was experiencing.

Diego didn’t tell me I shouldn’t feel that way.  He didn’t approach me with judgment.[2]  Instead, the power of Diego’s love, the Power of Love, simply transmuted the sadness and grief to a higher vibrational energy.

I found myself crying and then soon after felt a huge emotional release, like a ton of bricks had been lifted from my chest.  I was breathing easier and more freely than I had in a long while.  (In fact, later evidence proved that I released a whole 2 pounds of physical weight from just that encounter).

At the end of our conversation, Diego shared that he has the ability to connect in with me even when I am not in the same room with him.[3]  He encouraged me that, if I wanted to, I could focus on connecting with him even when I was at home.  We have been connecting in that way with each other regularly since then.

The Power of Love

Words cannot express the depth of this experience for me.

It wasn’t as if the Love in the room pushed the sadness and grief away. It wasn’t as if the Love beat the sadness and grief down until it left.  Instead, it was like the sadness and grief energy within me just melted.  In the presence of the energy of Love radiating from Diego, the sadness and grief simply chose to “melt” and was effortlessly and painlessly transformed from darkness to Light.

It was as if the sadness and grief within me simply chose to recognize what it truly already was at its core and decided all on its own to revert to its most natural state – Love and Joy.

The experience with Diego taught me so much, especially about the power of the energy of Love to transform or transmute ANYTHING.

We hear that all that time, don’t we?  “The Power of Love can transform anything.”  I have personally and physically experienced this Truth many times.  Now this time, I was reminded of this great Truth through the help of Diego, the Parakeet!

Our Plant and Animal Friends

While I haven’t figured it all out yet, this experience left so much to be said about the great healing abilities of our plant and animal friends.

It left so much to be said about the great gifts our plant and animal friends came here to share with us.  Yet, I understand that since we have free will, those healing gifts won’t be forced upon us.

So it seems that so many of our animal friends simply wait.  They hear, they see, they watch all that is going on with us and simply wait.

Perhaps, it is our own recognition of the plant or animal’s Oneness with us or our own willingness to engage on an equal level with them that might inspire the plants and animals to participate and share their great healing abilities with us.

My experience with Diego the Parakeet has been so profound and so meaningful for me that I’ll now think twice every time I run across the birds while sitting outside the neighborhood grocery store!


[*]  The picture included herein is not an actual picture of Diego.  It’s a placeholder picture of a black hooded nenday parakeet that I got from  I’ll replace it with a real picture of Diego as soon as I can get the pictures of Diego uploaded from my camera.

[1]  I have been communicating with cats, dogs and horses telepathically for quite a while.  Diego is the first bird that I have communicated with. ( Actually, “to this level” I should say.  I recall communicating with a group of swans back in the early 2000s.  They helped me to locate something on the Earth that I was looking for at the time by flying over a particular area of interest and sending me a telepathic message inviting me to follow them to find what I was looking for.  I followed them and found what I was looking for. )

[2]  One way to recognize the vibrational level of any message we receive from Spirit is “How do I feel”.  Connect in with your Sacred Heart.  Do the words being shared encourage you to feel sad, unempowered, guilty, not good enough, etc., or are you feeling more empowered, more joyful, more at peace?  Our own Sacred Hearts never lead us astray and serve as our own truth and accuracy meter anytime and anywhere!

[3]  The abilities of those in physical form (animal or human) or in Spirit to “track energy” (connect in with particular energies over long physical distances) varies.  It’s a skill we all have within us, but just like any intuitive gift, how accurate we are in using that skill varies based upon experience and our own spiritual path.

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