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Connect to your Joy and Feel the Bliss!

by LaTonya in Awaken Your Spirit

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We are joy at our core.  Sometimes the hectic pace of everyday life can distract us and we temporarily lose our conscious connection with that most natural part of our beingness.  When we lose our connection, life can seem to be become more dim, slow, hard, and even for some, confusing, traumatic or violent.

The message in the video below shares helpful tips on how we can use the model of things around us in our everyday life, such as children or pets, to help us connect to our own, inherent, natural state of joy.

One of my favorite ways to connect to joy begins with me recalling myself during a joyful time in my life.  For me, sometimes it’s a time when I was standing on a street corner in Mesa, Arizona staring up at the sun and what that day appeared to me as the most beautiful, clear, baby blue sky filled with brilliantly bright, white, fluffy clouds I felt I could reach out and touch. I remember on that day staring up at the sky, feeling a state of pure bliss, and just thanking God and the Universe for my life and for being alive and connected with everyone and everything on Earth.  I was one and the same with the air, those clouds, the Sun… everything.

So when I’m looking to connect to my natural state of joy, sometimes I’ll feel and see myself back on that corner and really allow my physical body to feel the state of joy I felt in the body then, NOW.  Soon the waves of joy and bliss I felt then begin rippling through my body NOW and my entire vibration is uplifted.

Perhaps there’s a time in your life when you felt true, pure bliss.  You can use that time and how your body felt then to connect to your joy now.  Your body remembers that feeling and you can use those past feelings, piggyback on them, and bring the feeling into the body now.

That’s just one way I use sometimes to connect with my joy.  There are many.  Find the one that’s right for you.

5 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Own, Inner Joy:

1.  Go to a Park and Watch Young Children Playing.

We can learn to connect with and express our joy by watching the children around us.  For example, I recall the utter joy I felt as I participated in an Easter Egg hunt a friend organized for me and other adults this past Easter.  Magically, our egg hunt took place at the same time as an egg hunt organized for several children next door and I found that hearing and connecting with the energy of the children’s laughs, giggles and joy magnified my own experience.  For me, it wasn’t about finding the eggs, it was about giving myself the freedom to approach my life with the innocence and joy of a child.  It was a magnificently freeing experience!  If you don’t have children nearby, visit a park or playground and simply watch and sit amidst the energy of children playing.  This can help us connect with that playful, joyfulness already present inside us that’s just waiting to express.

 2.  Interact with a Dog Friend

It never ceases to amaze me at how easily my dog friend, Lucky Lady, lives in joy.  Whether it’s greeting me and others at the door, knawing on or chasing a bone, or playing with other dogs or cats, she is instantly able to live and express in utter, unabandoned, intense, natural joy and bliss. Our animal friends share with us a great gift and can show us how to let our own natural state of joy out to play – without fear, guilt or judgment.

3.  Connect with the feeling of Joy in the Body from a Past Event – as described above or in any way that comes naturally to you.

4.  Listen to Lively, Classical Music and Ride the Waves of Bliss

Another great way to connect to our inner joy is to listen to uplifting music (without vocals).  I see the music as notes dancing in the air in front of me and imagine the lively notes I see are actually my own cells dancing in bliss and joy.  From a place deep within, dance with the notes, seeing them jump, hop and flow through pure energy, as pure energy.  If your experience is similar to mine, soon you’ll feel your own cells dancing in joy as well – along with the notes, as the notes.  Slowly increase the amount of time you engage with music and sound in this way and soon you’ll be able to trigger the feeling of joy within by simply doing number 5 (see below).

5.  Say “Joy, Joy, Joy” or “Bliss, Bliss, Bliss” and Allow the Feeling of Joy to Express within You.

With practice, many find they don’t need to go back to the past or focus on any particular event or music to connect with joy. With practice, we can simply say “joy, joy, joy” and the body will produce the feelings for us.  We can then melt into that energy and experience short or prolonged states of bliss, on call.

When we learn to allow our natural state of joy and bliss to express within us, it then flows out and expresses in our lives and we begin truly living life and creating our states of being, instead of reacting TO life and allowing the circumstances of life or what we see with our physical eyes to dictate how we feel.

Learning to connect to our natural state of joy is a worthwhile process.  Connecting to our joy helps us more easily release low vibration energies that are no longer serving us, and it clears cords and attachments, deepens our connection to our Sacred Heart, connects us more easily to ascension energies, increases our feelings or inner peace and bliss and helps us access our natural creativity for greater manifestation of that which we desire in life.

If you want more joy in your life, I invite you to try these or other techniques that you resonate with.  You might be surprised at how easily your natural state of joy bubbles up and out from within, when allowed and invited to do so.

Here’s that video sharing more messages and tips about connecting to our inner joy.

A Message from the Council of Orion on Connecting to Your Joy and Happiness


12th April 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood




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