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Simple is a spirituality blog and self help site offering tools, tips and inspiration for calming the mind, healing the body and awakening the Spirit for fantastically joyful, conscious and empowered living. It’s like a one-stop shop for taking your life wherever you want it to go!

No matter where we’re starting from or want to go in life, getting there is easier if we learn to access the intuitive wisdom of our Sacred Hearts and approach our lives in balance and with unity of Mind, Body and Spirit.  We are not just our minds and emotions.  We are not just our physical bodies.  We are not just our Spirit.  I’ve found that for the greatest joy and empowerment, we address all three and add in a dash of play and inspiration to keep our passionate fire for the joy of living lit.


This blog is a catalog of resources, tips, and inspiration to support you along the way as you remember and awaken to your natural gifts and abilities.

Here, you’ll find thoughts about the practical side of living joyful and empowered lives, such as:

  • Calming and decluttering the mind
  • Balancing the emotions for a more peaceful life
  • Connecting with nature
  • Managing relationships with loved ones
  • Healing the Body
  • Raising your energy and vibration
  • Living as the real you
  • Expressing your passionate inner fire, your Spirit
  • Embodying your full Divine potential
  • Living joyful and fulfilled lives
  • Enjoying supportive and empowering books, music, and movies

The items listed above are all areas that I’m currently exploring and expanding on in my own life.  So this blog is also my playground.  I find great joy in the simple act of expression.  What’s happening with me, what I enjoy, my challenges, my passions, my favorite parts of life.  If I’m doing what I hope to do, you’ll find this blog comforting, encouraging, practical, fun and inspiring, as, more than anything it’s the sharings of another fellow traveler traveling the journey of life with you.

When we find solutions for living a more joyful and empowered life, we’re helping not only ourselves, but our family, our community and our World.  You and I are One, yet each of us is a unique, individuated expression of Creator.  Without you and your unique self, the picture is not complete.  My world is not complete.  Wholeness and Oneness are not complete.

What I express here is not the only way, it’s not the best way, it’s just a reflection of my way, my truth, as I’m living it at any given moment.  My goal is to express and share what I’ve found helpful for me and to, likewise, hear from you about what you’ve found that works for you.  In that way, we all learn, grow, remember, awaken and move forward together.  So please feel free to share, leave a comment or contact me if you feel called to do so.

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Or you might begin with the “Recent” listed at the bottom of the page, or you can also browse the articles by topic/category by clicking a selection in the “Topics” menu on the right hand side.

I know that most of us are busy, and don’t have a lot of time for lots of heavy-duty blog reading on site after site. So my goal is to save you time on your path. I hope you find a nugget of encouragement here, apply it to your life, and then pass on your acquired wisdom and knowledge to another who might benefit from it.

After all, the World needs you.  And YOU are the hero you’ve been waiting for.



My name is LaTonya.  I’m a friend, daughter, sister, writer, blogger, professional speaker, child at heart and Divine Angel in disguise. I believe in the unity of all life and that each life is a Divine Expression of Creator.  I love great food, walks at sunrise and getting face licks from my cat friend, Ebony, and my beautiful dog friend, Lucky Lady.  I AM Love Incarnate and I love life!  I’m also the founder and editor of this site, which I started as a way to express and share the stirrings and callings of my own Sacred Heart, which beats in tandem with yours.  As a former attorney, real estate investor and founder and owner of several, successful businesses, I’ve decided to put those endeavors aside for the moment to explore the joys of writing, blogging, coaching and just plain living and enjoying life.  I am available for professional speaking engagements in the areas of self-improvement and empowerment and am also the founder and owner of Sacred Heart Healing and Coaching Center, which offers one on one and group coaching geared towards increasing self-awareness, self-action and self-love.

I hope you enjoy this site and find something useful for creating and empowering your life into all that you want it to be.

Love, peace and blessings,




Meet Charles

Meet Charles… an author, spiritual advisor, motivational speaker, clairvoyant, life coach, healer, instructor and conscious channel for The Collective, ascended masters and other beings.  Charles is known as a modern shaman – adept at combining the physical with the spiritual in a way that can assist you in transforming, balancing and healing your life.

As a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years in the business world and over 35 years of research and personal experience in metaphysics, Charles walks between the 3rd dimensional world of humanity and the boundless realm of spirit and universal truth. His commitment is to guide, motivate and support you to follow your own personal paths to your highest potential and Truth, thereby achieving personal freedom and Heaven on Earth.  The Divine Intent of Charles’ work is to support humanity in greater clarity, understanding and freedom of expression as we progress through these wondrous, but sometimes challenging times on Earth.

Charles’ philosophy on healing and the assistance he and Spirit provides is…”I assist by helping you to focus on what is right in your life and expanding on that until there is only room for happiness and joy in your life and nothing else.   Pain is created when we become resistant to change, which is the only constant in this world and throughout the universe.  When we become resistant to change and search for an unchanging reality in an every changing world, we feel stagnant and begin experiencing unnecessary confusion, pain and suffering.  My work is about introducing play, joy and light into your life so that you can see the beauty of it, the perfection of it and expand on that more and more until it’s the only thing you see and experience in your life.  That’s the Heaven on Earth I’ve seen since a child and I enjoy assisting others to remember and reclaim that as their reality too.

A message from Charles to you…

Don’t let anyone tell you how to be or not to be.
It is your time to shine!
Will you let your sun shine bright so all can see?
It is time to Be!

For an appointment for an individual reading or healing session, coaching session, animal friend reading or home clearing with Charles, please visit our Services page or email Charles at

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