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4 Steps for Activating Powerful Choice and Manifestation

by LaTonya in Awaken Your Spirit

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I’ve been thinking about the power of choice lately.  I, like you, have a magnificent creative ability.  To create, we have to choose.  I can exercise my power of choice to manifest that which is desired.  I often wonder, though, how can I more effectively use my abilities to choose and create to improve my life?  What makes certain things I desire show up, while others do not?  What makes some things show up faster than others?

I’ve noticed that the power of choice and the subsequent manifestation are activated by the power and magnitude of my emotional feelings around my choices.

Our Feelings are Just One Component

Now, before going further, I’ll add that the area of manifestation has many components, most of which I won’t go into here for the sake of brevity.  The Law of Attraction, limiting beliefs, life contracts, soul agreements, specific visualization, acceptance, etc., all affect what shows up in my life.  But today I’d like to share with you about how accessing my ability to feel and generate feeling within me improves my ability to effectively choose what I’d like out of life and manifest (create) it.

One night in 1995…

I recall a time a few months after I had just graduated from law school, around 1995.  One night, like many others before it, as I laid down to go to sleep, I was troubled about where I wanted to go in life.  And then suddenly it came to me:  “Hey, if no one else is hiring you, why don’t you just open your own office!”  Immediately after that came “Oh, that’s silly, LaTonya, you can’t do that.  No one opens their own law office right out of high school.  Who do you think you are, anyway?”

I’d been hearing that internal critic long enough, and with nothing else to do that night and unable to get to sleep anyway, I decided to ignore that voice and instead daydream about what it would be like to open my own office.  “Oh, that would be so wonderful”, I thought.  I concluded that having a law office would be like the “store” or “office” I’d dreamt of as a child.  (I was one of those children who played “store” and “office” throughout my childhood, complete with imaginary calculators and cash registers and everything!  Staples and OfficeMax are still two of my favorite stores!)

As I continued to engage in this “conscious” dreaming, I noticed stirrings within my body:  my heartbeat started to get faster, I felt lighter all over and there was this joy-filled feeling that rose up out of my heart and through my body that said “Yes, Yes, Yes, LaTonya.  Do it! You can do that!  Wouldn’t that be so fun?”  I enjoyed the feeling so much that I decided to dream a while longer, picturing myself in my own office, seeing myself doing “attorney” things, speaking in court, helping others, saving the world, carrying the lawyer suitcase, etc!

At that moment, while lying in bed that night in 1995, I made the decision that, “Yes, I was going to do it – I was going to open up my own law office!”

Little did I know it then, but I was actually exercising the true, Divine power of choice and Divine creative ability.  The energy created by the heartfelt movement within me on a feeling, emotional level combined with my specific visualization was enough to trigger the Universe into action creating the object of my heartfelt desire.

Is there something you’d like to manifest in your life?  Is there something you want so badly that when you think about it, you can feel it in your body?

I’m convinced that the true origin of sayings such as “no pain, no gain,” “you have to want it bad enough,” etc., is the remembrance within us all that our emotions, our feelings, our sacred Hearts, are where the true power lies in our creative abilities.  It’s part of what makes us as the Divine angels that were are… Human.  And believe it or not, many of our extraterrestrial friends are without emotional, feeling bodies.  They are just as loved and Divine as we are, but it’s our Humanity, our Hearts, our Hearts and our emotions and feelings and ability to create from them, that peaks the interest of so many across the galaxy!

4 Steps for Using Feelings to Energize Choice and Manifestation

So here’s what I’ve come to learn are effective components for accessing our Sacred Hearts, our emotions and feelings, to exercise our Divine power of choice and Creative Manifestation abilities:

  • Find Quiet time –

Finding quiet time for self-reflection helps me cut out the noise and outside distractions that often tend to drown out the still, quiet voice within that is my true, intuitive nature.  We can still find quiet time even in today’s busy lifestyle.  How about on the walk to the car, in the shower, before rising or going to sleep?

  • Ask for Assistance –

We all have guides and angels who eagerly await to assist us and provide guidance, information and support helpful to our paths.  But we have to ask for their assistance.  I’ve experienced the benefits of asking for Spirit’s assistance time and time again.  If I can’t come up with anything specific to ask about, I just ask “God, Spirit, what do I need to know now.”

  • Moving into a State of Feeling –

Next, I go within and connect with how my body is feeling at that moment.  If I’m happy with how I’m feeling, I delve into what I can feel even more deeply to help expand the feeling within me even more.  If not, I connect with how I’d like to be feeling right then,  etc., joyful, encouraged, supported, calm, etc.”  I’ve found that the most helpful state for creative manifestation is balance.  Getting into a feeling mode is important for the next step.

  • Feel as you Visualize Already Having what you Want –

I focus on generating the feeling within me of how I’d feel if I already had what I want.  As we are Divine Creators, our choices always manifest.  To get the experience of the manifestation into this plane though, the Earth plane, we use the power of our emotional body in combination with the capabilities of our physical, spiritual and mental bodies.  I’m most able to create in line with my desires when I actually believe I can have what I want.  So, the way I see it, it’s not only “You’ll see it when you believe it”, it’s also “you’ll see it, when you feel it” as a truth within your being for you and your life.

As it turned out, I did indeed find myself experiencing exactly what I so joyfully envisioned for myself that one night that I had the courage to dream a dream of wonderful possibility for myself.  All that I consciously dreamt that night did, indeed, became a reality for me, here on the Earth plane, just a short time later.

The same can work for you too!

Now is a most opportune time for attracting to ourselves the experiences we’ve only dreamt of in the past.  We are all Divine Creators, creating our experiences and lives each moment of every day by exercising our power to choose, either consciously or unconsciously.  The refusal to make a choice, to decide to move this way or that in our lives, is still a choice, it’s just an unconscious one.  I’m ready to live my life as a Conscious Creator.  How about you?

Are you willing to consciously dream your dream life into existence?  What would it bring you the most joy to experience in your life right now?  Have you found using feelings to be beneficial in manifesting?  Are you ready to be a Conscious Creator?

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