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  • Connect to your Joy and Feel the Bliss!

    Connect to your Joy and Feel the Bliss!

    We are joy at our core.  Sometimes the hectic pace of everyday life can distract us and we temporarily lose our conscious connection with that most natural part of our beingness.  When we lose our connection, life can seem to ...

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking

    4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking

    Part One:   The Question Part Two:   3 Important Things to Remember Part Three: 4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking Part Four:   You Can Do It! Are you one who can't stop thinking?  Are you tired of thinking negative thoughts that just drag you ...

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  • Universal Light – A Magic Elixir for your Ultimate Energetic Expansion

    Universal Light - A Magic Elixir for your Ultimate Energetic Expansion

    * Expand Consciousness - Connect with Cosmic Energies - Rejuvenate your energy and being!  * Attend the "Universal Light Explosion" event for an opportunity to Fill your Heart with Love & Connect with the Warm, Healing, Expansive, Energizing "Universal Light" ...

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Topic: Calming Your Mind

Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.

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Excellent post from The Light Sanctuary on how to calm the mind, awaken the joyful spirit and have a great day, everyday! ———- Shine Brightly: High Vibrations. Posted on March 3, 2015 This morning I had a mini panic when I noticed that some money I was expecting to receive had not reached my account. […]

Topic: Healing Your Body

Healing with the Andromedan Healing Team

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Did you know that you can call upon your own I Am Presence, the Healing Angels, Spirit, or any being or consciousness with whom you feel connected, to achieve specific energetic healing treatments? Well, yes, you can! Today, I’d like to share with you about some of my experiences working with the Andromedan Healing Team […]

Topic: Awaken Your Spirit

Time Travel Technique

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Time Travel has existed for a very long time, mostly in the hands of a few. As the vibrational energies here on Gaia and our levels of consciousness are increasing, and as more and more connect with their own multi dimensionality and time travel abilities,  I suspect that soon time travel will become more commonplace. […]

Topic: Inspiration

5 Lessons

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5 lessons to learn in our lives Author:  Tab A great lady sent these to me, reminding me that the most important things Are really the little things we do for each other….not the big ones…. 1 – First Important Lesson – Cleaning Lady.   During my second month of college, our professor Gave us […]

Topic: Global Ascension

Why Love Will Heal The World

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Why Love Will Heal the World By Marcia Sirota MD Let me explain why love will heal the world. I was just reading this weekend about the likelihood that there will soon be a mass extinction of many animal species. Scientists are stating that this global devastation is being driven by humans: the result […]

Topic: Miscellaneous

Elderly Elephant Waits for Friend

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Here’s yet another example of compassion, deep friendship and love. As GoldenLady, a friend of mine recently shared: How remarkably well God made all of his creations & what lessons we can learn from each of them!  Let us endeavor to learn them very well. Enjoy!